What we're about!

We specialize in wedding, travel and portraiture photography. Paris is where we start our journey of making timeless products. 

What makes us special? To us photography is about people being real, it is not just about the appearance but also about the true real stories and real moments. That is why we will spend the time to know about you, our customer, and treasure every story you share with us. Being excellent storytellers and having a sharp eye for detail we will help you build your own and unique story with our artistic expression. We not only care about the perfect photographs you receive but also the whole process to make it become so convenient for our customers.

We are incredibly blessed to have a team of photographers who work with us on any given weekend.

We would love to visit with you by phone or in person and talk about you and your lover, or your portrait session.

Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Meet our team

Lead Photographer, Founder 

Alex is the founder and our leading photographer. While marketing is his career, photography is his life passion.  Sound different but both these two domains need great creativity and profound understanding of the objects that he works with for the best outcome. Alex blends the psychology and conceptual design techniques of marketing into his creation of unique stories via photographs.
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Email: leo@fevrierphoto.com | Tel: +337 55 73 53 73