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Hi there, it's me, Alex.

Throughout the years, I have been documenting love stories for clients from around the world coming to Paris for their wedding. Becoming a storyteller through photos has continuously been my purpose. My objective exceeds delivering outstanding wedding photography,

and I strive to offer excellence in the process of making timeless photographs. If you're looking for a Paris wedding photographer to document the happiest day of your life, and to have photographs that stand for the test of time, let meet, share and create a fantastic story together.


To us, the most important element of a great wedding photo is the ability to communicate with the viewer. It should have the ability to tell a story, evoke emotion with its composition, lighting, and, most significantly, its subject matter.

Paris Wedding Photographer

The Natures of  Our Wedding Photography

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Evoke Your Emotions

As a wedding photographer in Paris, I love rustic and uncommon city scenes. All these places of the Charming Paris have something beautiful in my pictures: the passages, the streets, the cobbled roads ... are a dream setting and make me a blessed witness of your love. I travel around Paris, France, and also the world to associate with you on your special day. Above all, I like to capture the highlights of your life. A wedding is unique in that it unites an extraordinary amount of emotions. All these emotions, which I want to catch so much: laughter, tears, joy, excitement, pride, gratefulness, and many others, are the ideal cocktail to make authentic wedding photos. A wedding day is an occasion where every moment has particular relevance that should be caught.

Candid & Authentic


No other day includes a lot of love, laughter, and tears than the day you say "I do". I approach each wedding with fresh eyes, prepared to capture real moments and raw emotion, as candidly as possible to create something extraordinary. I wish to utilize natural wedding photography to capture authentic moments as they unfurl, not interfering at all with the flow of your special day. It appears that nature does things well ...

Throughout the lens of the wedding photographer, I favor to give unlimited freedom to emotion, to your natural attitudes, and I continuously attempt to put you at ease for unasked images, even more, open and, in my view, much more stunning. The natural has that something ephemeral that makes wedding photography so priceless, the intact reflection of the moment lived, of your day so strong in feelings!

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Creative Colors

Colors have a considerable effect on the mood of the wedding photographs. That why a wedding photographer will utilize color grading as a photography technique to enhance your photos and make them unique. What makes your wedding ephemeral comes from the accents of the style or theme chosen by the couple (Boho, Rustic-chic, minimalist, classic, fashionable, or others). There are additionally the colors of the region or country of the wedding, the combination of the origins or beginnings of the groom and bride and guests, the colors and shades of the outfits, costumes, and other accessories. I will choose one of the most appropriate color plates to bring the most distinct to your wedding album.

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We believe, a digital photo is like a script that is never performed or a musical composition that is never played.
The photos taken and printed will become part of
your history. It is part of the legacy you will leave to the next generation.
Therefore, our mission is to use photography as a medium that turn your moments into


“Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.”

— Aaron Siskind

Our Wedding Photography Service 

Before the wedding: the very first exchanges with the future couple in some cases also begin before knowing the wedding date: on the event of your marriage proposal. It is an enchanting moment; In most cases, it is essential for me, as a Paris wedding photographer, to meet two of you before the wedding and to learn more about your background and your love stories. I want to build mutual trust and a pleasant environment so that you can fully appreciate your special day and be as relaxed as possible on D-Day. This conspiracy will undoubtedly add to the smooth running of the day and will be the little added for a lively and natural coverage.

The wedding day: when it comes to the bride and groom, a special day is, for the photographer, a day like no other. This needs professionalism and reliability and discernment but likewise, experience in mounting and shooting to capture defining moments of the day.
The wedding can be short. It can begin with a couple photoshoot, or Paris engagement, after that a civil wedding ceremony at the Townhall, then followed up by a small party to celebrate. This type of wedding generally lasts from 2-3 hrs.
For a whole day wedding, the day generally begins with the prep work, then comes the ceremony, the couple photos, the cocktail, the decoration, the dinner, the setup room, the opening of the ball, and ultimately the night. And a wedding session like that can be from 10 to 14 hours of shooting.


After the wedding: When the marriage ends, then comes the post-production phase, this work is also necessary given that it will identify the creative process of the wedding photographer. I process each color photo and a part of the black and white images. In my viewpoint, to transcribe a wedding is to tell a story: your story. The vital action for me is both the job of colors and locating the therapy that will sublimate these photos. In a second action, I offer a web gallery with all the wedding photos.


It is important to hire a wedding photographer who will certainly be able to adapt to all light and weather conditions and the time constraints imposed by the day. Despite the length of time the wedding is, I always prepare ahead of time with you and your partner to make sure that you will feel most comfortable on the day.

My primary purpose as a wedding photographer is to be able to capture the candid expressions of the new bride and groom and your family members and visitors. It is likewise important for me to bring my sensitivity and creativity to it to deliver one of the most beautiful memories possible. In my viewpoint, shooting the entire day with the strategy of photojournalism, i.e., in a documentary and spontaneous method, will permit you to relive the event entirely with its extreme and moving moments.

To ensure I can provide you my very best, I just take on limited weddings annually. Every wedding is unique. After finding out more about your event, I offer you a bespoke custom-tailored collection, based on your demands. All wedding collections include high-resolution images on a flash drive. Nonetheless, I do believe in printing your photos instead. After that, let them stay on your computer. An heirloom album can be included in the collections.



After all, those are the moments you'll remember forever in life.


I’ve got several packages that will match most of your needs – from minimum from two-hour coverage for smaller weddings to all-day coverage with all the added extras, or even a second Paris wedding photographer. If you have specific requirements, no problem, I’m happy to customize the package to suit your needs.


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