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Photographers for your photo-shoot: Santa Clause with the most surprising presents!

Updated: Nov 16, 2018

After deciding to capture memorable moments of your life in Paris during Christmas, the next thoughts coming into your mind must be Which crew should we choose to take our treasuring pictures? There are numerous professional photographers in Paris; and it’s maybe a time-consuming job for you to select the most suitable one if you don’t bear in mind the following “S-S-A” criteria.


Each photographic crew has their own style of choosing angles, building the settings or blending & retouching, which affect the vibe of pictures and the story that you want to tell. Therefore, you should be clear about this general vibe of all the photos, the emotions you want to show and the story-line of your final album; then search as much packs of works as possible of about 15 – 20 crews to shortlist around 5 – 7 ones’ having the similarities with the whole picture that you’ve create in your mind. Remember to take priority on the crew having many jobs in X-mas or winter in general, because this may be their strength.


Any photographers can produce one shockingly beautiful picture; but not all of them can create masterpieces again and again. The best crew for your photo album must be someone who always have an artistic eye in every single places and know how capture all the best moments with your most original emotions shown; especially in Christmas in Paris when a big mixture of feelings just allow each of them to show for a few second a day. This is demonstrated in the diversity of angles and settings in their previous products – which can be easily observed and analyzed through their websites or Instagram account. Narrow down your list into 2 – 3 photographic crews then follow the next step.


After having 2 – 3 crews in your mind, let’s contact them to discuss about what you want to have in your memorable album. A suitable photographer group may not be the most professional or experienced one, but must be the most energetic one to work with, even in the cold of Paris's Christmas. They should be patient listeners to give you the suitable comments, challenge-lovers to suggest outstanding ideas and surprise-makers who are “crazy” enough to deliver out-of-this-world but still right-in-emotion pictures during your photo-shoot. The chosen crews, after all, should be like a Santa Clause – always be happy and give you surprise gift in your finest dream.

Paris in Christmas is a wonderland and you will definitely want to have the best-album-ever in your life here. But before think about the fantastic final products, remember to choose the right photographic crews first!







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