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Best Ideas To Propose In Paris

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Like a love song of Ed Sheeran resounding in the air, you are lucky enough to find the love of your life and decide to turn your dream proposal into once-in-a-lifetime memory in Paris. When it comes to making a big life decision, there will be an endless number of ideas to choose to pop up in your mind. Whether private moment matters to you or you are up to a big surprise in a perfect place in the city of love, Février Photography is going to help you from concept creation to capturing your events to make sure that your Paris proposal will be absolutely perfect.

Are your feet itching enough to explore a list of best ideas to propose in Paris with us?

Surprise Photo Proposal

Needless to say, Paris, an old-world charm, is famous for well-known attractions namely the Louvre Museum or the Eiffel Tower where are considered as the best places to propose. Most love birds prefer to choose these locations for their big moments, but do you know there are so many other romantic secret spots in the less touristy corners of Paris where you can capture a beautiful Paris engagement? Let’s take a walk around the city of love, stroll down small alleys while leaving behind the hustle and bustle of the crowds and voilà, create a surprise-proposal moment with your partner. No worries or stress, we are here to accompany with you to find the best place in Paris responding to your request and ensure your surprise proposal go as smoothly as possible. Check out this blog to see how to do a surprise proposal in Paris. 

Paparazzi photo proposal

A secret proposal photoshoot is one of the clever ways that work perfectly in popular attractions like Paris. Secret photographers will be hidden away or blended in with the surroundings and pretend to be a traveler while you and your soon to be married girl enjoy the private moments. This idea to propose works well if you spend enough time in advance with your photographers on finding a way to hide your plan.

Proposal with musicians

Is your partner a music lover? What better way to show her you care than an amazing proposal with musicians in Paris? You name it! There are countless creative ways to integrate music into your big moment, from a flash mob musical performance, dancing together in the metro station while listening to music performed by pretended homeless musicians to taking her to a music festival to pop the question. If you are planning a proposal in Paris, make sure these unique ideas are taken into consideration and don’t forget to capture the memory of your musical proposal on photos.

You want to find a good musicians? Margot, a talent singer, and her "proposal and elopement in Paris" can help you with your surprise proposal in Paris.

Dinner proposal

Since the Grande Dame is still in your wish list of the marriage proposal but you are afraid of the overcrowding, here is another idea for your unforgettable moment in Paris that hits all your requirements. Imagine first, take the hand of your lover and then walk down the banks of the river Seine towards the dock where the dinner boat is waiting for you. A special private table backdropped by the spectacular view of the Eiffel Tower has been reserved offering you an amazing chance to dine as the light of the city pass by. Get a yes in Paris is never easy like this when you plan ahead with Février Photography to bring her a romantic dinner proposal on boat.

Private Sunset Proposal

It is undeniable that no list of the best ideas to propose in Paris is completed without a private sunset proposal. The moment when the sun completes its final journey before touching the thin blue line far away is worth sharing with the most important person in your life from now and forever. In a special place like the city of love where it has truly embraced the sunset, you can find a hidden charm of popular attractions coated by the last glimpse of the sun. When thinking about Paris proposal ideas, let your imagination go wild and don’t hesitate to ask for help from us choose the best place to watch the sunset while saying those four words to your partner.

From breathtaking views of ancient buildings to hundreds of private romantic spots – this pulsating city is always a great idea to save your big moment. If you are craving to organize the perfect Paris proposal, reach out to the equip of Février Photographer and let our consultant craft your tailor-made plan right away!







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