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What we should prepare for a Paris photo shoot?

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

How to become a precious model in your own album featuring Paris?

Someone has said “Paris turns valuable into invaluable”. Paris was born with a natural beauty attracting every look; and this appeal becomes irresistible in Christmas when the city wears a more festively colorful coat over the usual delicacy. That’s the reason why we should prepare carefully before taking a photo-shoot in Paris during Christmas because any imperfections is such a big waste and memorable moment never waits to fade into nowhere.

You should present your best appearance in the city of love

Choose the nicest place

Choosing a right place for your photo-shoot is really important when you want to produce beautiful pictures; because the settings and atmosphere of the surroundings highly affect your emotion as well as the story that you want to tell in each photo. If you want to tell a basic love story with pictures in black and white, you should choose some quiet and a little bit nostalgic places like an antique street or a private house opened for photo-shoots. If you want to add more exciting color in this story, a traditional French market in Christmas is a wise choice; and when you need some delicacy, well-designed structures like Louvre Museum should be considered. If you love colorful and happy family year-book, you can choose the most famous places which are full of light and joy in Christmas like Eiffel Tower or Champs-Élysées. Just start with right settings and your pictures will definitely be fantastic.

Best place to photograph at Paris

What to wear for a photo shoot

What to wear for a photo-shoot is also a nerve-breaking questions of every single person. Many people thought that they have to prepare kind of super fabulous or delicate outfit to match with the Paris-in-Christmas vibe when taking photos. However, remember that Paris is just the background for your story; so you should focus on yourselves and wear something that help you feel free to show your original emotions. Just note that Paris during Christmas time is not really cold; so many thin layers of outfits should be considered. Moreover, Christmas vibe will be happy and exciting in general; so a bright, open and optimistic colors like red, green or pink & blue in pastel will perfect choices for you to deliver beautiful pics.

Last but not least, don’t forget your aim is to capture memorable moments in your life illustrated in Paris, so let’s demonstrate the most sincere emotions to have an original album marking a milestones in your life with happines.

Author: T.H

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