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Paris – a surprising perfection for a memorable Christmas

Updated: Nov 21, 2018

There’s a saying that “Christmas is the day that holds all time together”. It’s truly a festival when all of us wish for the fullness of everything in our life and, of course, want to celebrate it in a place of “perfection”. However, arise the questions: Does that place exist? How can we define the perfection? Surprisingly, Paris is the answer; and Paris is the standard, too.

In Christmas, more than ever, Paris lives up to its name “the City of Light” – both literally and figuratively. Arriving at Paris, you will be fascinated by the illuminations in every single street here. Champs-Élysées - the all-time symbol of a magnificent Paris, is even more fabulous and attractive in the festive atmosphere with exciting colors and decorations in all corners. The feeling of happiness spread widely as an aura around everyone’s faces, like the light from the inside. Christmas in Paris, in a nutshell, never seems to fall in darkness.

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Moreover, Christmas in Paris will brings you a surprising feeling of warmth, which is totally different from any other places in Europe or even all around the world. Paris is not really cold in late December but still enough to make people coming closer, inhaling festive joy together. Delicate and throbbing, the warmth in Paris will never let you be lonely in the Christmas months.

Warmth in Paris during Christmas is also a connection among hearts. It seems that Christmas in Paris is a drop of glue healing every crack in relationships, a spot of fire awakening loving feelings which are sleeping. It’s not only an affair between men and women; it’s also a chances for a family to treasure each moment together, for a lonely wanderer to stop in an embrace of a stranger, or for a couple to capture their utmost originality in an always-novel city.

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Paris in Christmas is still a Paris treating everyone with overwhelming illumination, super-big feasts from the first to the last day as well as a warmth from cozy atmosphere and friendly hearts. Paris itself is always a live-long perfection which surprising even the Parisian whenever Christmas comes to town – a natural, original attraction of a city never fading into memories.

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