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So, your Propose Day in Paris is coming close and it is time to pop the question to the women of your dream. However, it is totally natural that preparing for the turning point of the next chapter in your life can be intimidating, probably you won’t want to find yourself standing in front of your girl without knowing what to say or choosing a wrong moment to down on one knee with roses in one hand and the ring in the other, right? The good news is that we have put together an easy-to-follow guideline to arrange a successful propose session in Paris covering all essential tips below. Ready? Let’s take a look!


Step 1: Find the best proposal ring that fit her perfectly

First and foremost, before thinking about the style of the ring that you want to buy for her, you might consider to ask your future bride’s father if possible for his blessing as the way to show the respect and seriousness not only for your upcoming time of your life but also for the girl you want to be with.

Purchasing an engagement ring might be your first experience in the world of jewelry, but luckily you are in Paris with hundreds of choices of brands that fit your requirements and conditions. Let’s start thinking about your budget before stepping into a jewelry store and make sure that you get the right size for your girlfriend’s finger as well as her preferable style. Depending on all of these categories, you might take a look at several famous brands in Paris ranging from Tiffany & Co., to Dior, De Beers or Chanel.

Step 2: Prepare for the speech

Perhaps there is no one on earth knows what to say on this occasion better than you. Indeed, all you have to do is looking back to your unforgettable moments, your feelings and more importantly, the reason why you want to share the rest of your life with her. Take your time, arrange your words and practice in advance will help you a lot. Don’t forget just to be you. Keep it simple and natural, you will be just fine.

Step 4: Plan for the day

The more you know how you want your big moment to surpass, the clearer the plan you should make and the smoother it will be. The location is one of the most important decisions to find following by several options of your proposal photographer. Once you choose a suitable proposal package, it is better to discuss with your photographer and listen to their suggestions to ensure that you get the best place, the perfect time, costume and arrangements for your D-Day.

Step 5: Well checking a day before the day

After a while for preparation, here comes the day you get down on one knee and pop those four words. Don’t let the preoccupation ruin your decisive day while it is supposed to enjoy this once in a lifetime moment. Take a deep breath and verify your checklist, practice your speech in advance to make sure things go well the next day.

Step 6: On the day, chose the right moments to do the thing

Depending on the real situation during the D-Day and the type of proposal that you want ranging from paparazzi style, surprise event or dinner proposal on boat, you will want to catch the perfect moments once you are ready. Keep in mind to give the photographer some opportunity to take the shot.

3 Things to remember when proposing in Paris

- Location: it is much better if you can clarify the spot that you want to make things happen. Google street view or going ahead to scout out the surroundings if possible, will help you a lot. If you wish to organize your proposal in some popular place like restaurants or private deck, remember to make a reservation and get ready for everything.

- Expertise: ensure that you can make use of your proposal photographer from choosing a perfect moment to get the best lighting to tips to pose in front of the camera.

- Costume: since you might want to keep the secret till the last moment, it is not easy to tell your girl how to dress. A sweet lie here won’t hurt anybody. You might say that you are going to a romantic dinner or a concert together. Last but not least, don’t put anything in your trouser pockets. You will thank us later because it doesn’t look good in photos when you get down on one knee with your wallet or cellphone.

Most importantly, don’t feel intimidated! If you are still wondering how to start your proposal plan, reach out to the equip of Février Photography and let us help arrange your next big thing right away!







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