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The Best Places To Elope In Paris

Are you planning on getting married or renewing your vows soon and you want it to be more intimate? There is no better place to do this than in the City of Love. Paris elopement may not involve beaches and mountains, but you will surely still have that intimate feeling. After all, you are in the City of Love! You just have to find the right spot.

The truth is that there are many stunning places to elope in Paris. You are free to do it in one of the famous landmarks or perhaps in a unique place. You can also do it the traditional way, like in a church, if you wish to. Read on and learn more about the best Paris elopement locations.

Famous Paris Landmarks

We can go on and on listing beautiful places to elope in Paris, but an outdoor location is highly recommended. If you are aiming for your wedding or renewal of vows to be more exciting, you can have it in a famous Paris landmark. Imagine having the Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, or Notre Dame Cathedral as the backdrop. That would be so nice!

One thing that you have to remember, though, when planning on a Paris elopement in a landmark is that you won’t be alone. Tourists are everywhere! You can beat the crowd by scheduling the ceremony early in the morning.

1. Eiffel Tower

Your visit to Paris will never be complete without seeing the iconic Eiffel Tower, which symbolizes love and romance. With that said, this landmark can be the perfect backdrop to your Paris elopement. It’s going to be a dream come true!

2. Notre Dame Cathedral

This gothic cathedral, which was built in 1163, is another famous landmark, making it one of the most stunning Paris elopement locations. A wedding ceremony can take place in the garden at the back of the church or you may opt for an intimate wedding along the Seine, wherein a stunning view of the Notre Dame can still be in sight.

3. Louvre Museum

The Louvre Museum is regarded as the world’s largest museum in the world, and it is definitely a must-see while you are in Paris. It could be your perfect wedding location too.

Like what we said earlier, there is a long list of stunning Paris elopement locations. You can also consider the Golden Gate, Arc de Triomphe, Alexander III Bridge, Sacre-Coeur, or the Luxembourg Palace.

Unique Places to Elope in Paris

Now if you want to stay away from the crowd, you can also look into the most unique places to elope in Paris. As charming as the City of Love is, finding an excellent location should not be a problem. In fact, most places in the city exude mystique. You will also be surprised to learn about their tales.

1. Le Pharamond

While outdoor wedding ceremony is fun and adorable, the weather can also be so unpredictable. The last thing that you would want to happen is to have a heavy downpour on your wedding day. With this, it is highly recommended that you consider a roofed but unique location like the Le Pharamond. This right here looks like an ordinary restaurant on the outside, but the inside, with its rich gold and velvet details, is really impressive. It also boasts sumptuous French cuisines. This could be the perfect place for your exclusive wedding.

2. Maison Blanche

This spot offers nothing but beauty. How about the impressive skyline views, not to mention the Seine River and Eiffel Tower in the background? You’d be mesmerized! Since this place can be booked exclusively for your wedding day, you can have the ceremony anytime of the day. You can even have it early evening, creating a more romantic ambiance.

3. Musee Rodin

Once a house for the works of French sculptor Auguste Rodin, Musee Rodin is now the perfect spot for a fairy-tale-like Paris elopement, especially for those who are aiming for a garden wedding. With its vintage-toned interiors, marble floors, and antique mirrors, it really is a unique location for anyone who is wishing to have a beautiful wedding in the City of Love.

Paris Elopement Ceremony Location

Although it is true that exchanging vows in a crowd is fun and exciting, some of us would want a serene moment. So instead of getting married at one of the famous landmarks in Paris, why not look for a more intimate and romantic elopement ceremony location? Parks and gardens would be your best bet.

1. Medici Fountain

This quiet spot can be found at the Luxembourg Palace. It is whimsical, especially during the summer time when it is filled with colorful flowers and lush, green trees, plus the gurgling water in the fountain.

The best time to do your Paris elopement ceremony in this spot is early morning until midmorning.

2. Parc Monceau

Sure, the Eiffel tower may be the most iconic tourist spot in Paris, but who wouldn’t fall in love with Parc Monceau? This whimsical bridge is an excellent choice for your elopement ceremony. The best time to do it here is during the autumn season. Just imagine how beautiful the backdrop would be with all those colorful autumn leaves. In fact, Parc Monceau is also very charming during the winter.

3. Medieval Castle

In this place, you can exchange vows in the secret garden, with the medieval castle in the background. This would be a great choice if you want a princess-like garden wedding. What’s good about this spot in Paris is that it welcomes you all year round. During spring, flowers are all over the place, which can make your photographs even lovelier. But to be honest, even without the flowers, the castle alone is more than enough.

4. Temple of Sibylle

The temple of Sibylle is another elopement ceremony location in the City of Love. Autumn is the best season, but you can actually get married here any time of the year. It is super gorgeous. The landscape is simply amazing!

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