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Civil Marriage | A beautiful same-sex wedding in France

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

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A beautiful same-sex wedding in Paris

Each love story is unique. Every couple is different. But there is one thing that everybody wants once they decide to take their relationships into the next level: GET MARRIED. And there is no better place wherein you can tie the knot than the city of love and romance itself, Paris, France.

Same-Sex Marriage in Paris, France

Since France had legalized same-sex marriage in 2013, thousands of people have been heading to the said destination to get married. This gave way for more individuals to celebrate their love as they enter a lifetime union.

As a Paris photographer, I have serviced and have been a witness to a same-sex wedding in Paris. One of which is that of Many and Yves, who are both gallery owners. Many owns one in Paris, while Yves manages another one in Bangkok.

Precious Civil Wedding Moments

The civil wedding ceremony took place at the third arrondissement Paris City Hall, and it was a beautiful day. And, of course, I made sure that every moment is captured so the couple will have something to look into every time they want to reminisce about the happenings during their big day.

As the couple entered the hall wearing a matching outfit, a cellist played a beautiful wedding song, and it filled the room with so much love and happiness, especially Many and Yves.

Their closest friends and loved ones were there to witness their wedding. And to give inspiration as the couple starts their new journey, some of the guests read poems to them.

After the civil wedding ceremony, the reception took place at a nearby restaurant. The couple received several gifts, and they also exchanged vows and gave their love speech, which made the occasion even more memorable.

This day is something that Many and Yves will cherish for the rest of their lives. It was, indeed, a dream come true in Paris.

Capturing Each and Every Single Wedding Moments

Being in the photography industry, our professional photographer does understand that couples would love to look back to every single moment of their wedding day. This is why I see to it that I don't miss anything. These candid photos will surely remind you of that day when you and your significant other said: "I do." They will serve as a remembrance of that moment when you exchanged your vows and marked the beginning of your new life together.

Just like Many and Yves', every same-sex marriage or any wedding for that matter should be documented creatively. And I, as your Paris wedding photographer, will do just that and then some. You can expect the best photography services on your wedding day from the time you walk down the aisle, to the moment you say "I do" until you express your gratitude to all your guests at the reception.

Together, we shall make your Paris civil wedding an unforgettable one!

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