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If you are looking for a professional photographer to capture all your memorable moments in Paris, you are in the right place. Let create great images that last forever with your Paris photographer.


Why Is Having A Paris Photoshoot

Always A Good Idea?

Many Beautiful Places 


The fame of Paris not only lays on a variety of famous places, such as Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Champs-Élysées, Notre Dame de Paris, Montmartre Hill but also its typical Haussmann's renovation of Paris architecture. You will be amazed by the romantic streets in District 4th or the poetic bridges that cross the Seine River. Compared to other European cities, Paris although less green space but not lost its beauty. The two famous gardens of Paris, the Tuileries, and Luxembourg have added a gentle touch to the magnificent Paris. You can see more beautiful locations for taking photos in Paris here.


Keeping Your Wonderful Memories


Have you imagined how happy you would be when you looked at the photos of the moment you and your love enjoy the beauty of Eiffel Tower in Paris? Seeing those photographs will also remind you of many unforgettable memories. Choosing the best Paris photography studio in is always a good idea.


How To Have Your Paris Photoshoot?

Step 1

Search For Ideal Paris Photos You Want To Have

There are many types of photography in Paris that you can get inspiration from Pinterest, Google, or social networks. These are the most popular ideas for a beautiful set of photos in Paris
Let’s go straight to the point with the following options!

& Engagement Photography
Paris Proposal Photography

Step 2

Chose The Time To Come To Paris For A Photoshoot

Having a Paris photoshoot in every season is beautiful and fun, because each time, each season has its own charm due to the weather and scenery.


Spring is in mid-March to mid-June. It is the favorite season of the French. Cherry Blossom is one of the best images in Paris in the spring. You will want to save these moments in a fantastic Paris photoshoot.


Summer is around mid-June to mid-September. This season is the most visited period of Paris. Having photos in this period is a great idea, but you should consider how to avoid crowds at famous places. To make it easier, hiring a Paris Photographer who is a local expert is a perfect choice. Early morning session from around 6:30 am is an excellent choice for that who want fewer people in the photos.


There is nothing more romantic than walking under the rows of yellow leaf trees. It is also the season of the white night festival and the wine festival in Paris. Fall of France makes people drunk with beautiful scenery, a pleasant atmosphere with exceptional celebrations and cultural events. 


While the sun is scarce, the weather is frigid but usually above freezing temperatures of about 7 ° C (45 ° F). In this season, if you are lucky, there will be snowfall. It is indeed a very romantic scene for taking pictures.

Step 3

Find The Paris Photographer Matched Your Requirements

This step is considered a complicated step to have a Paris photoshoot because you will have to pay attention to the photographer's style of shooting and your preference. 

​Besides, price and language are also factors that influence your search for photographers in Paris. The price for a photo shoot may vary depending on the experience of the photographer, time for shooting, requirements for the post-production. Make sure you prepare a suitable budget for a photoshoot in Paris. It is essential that you and the photographer Paris can use the same language to understand the wishes of each other while working together. English is one of the most popular languages in the world, therefore, having an English speaking photographer in Paris is a great idea because. Consider carefully whether the photographer's availability is appropriate for your time.
Another factor you should consider when finding a Paris photoshoot is searching for a review of the previous clients. One of the best ways to find the review is by going to Google Maps and searching for the name of the photographer. You can see an example here of how others talking about Février Photography here. You can find information about famous Paris photographers through social networks like Facebook, or Instagram.


Don't forget to learn more about our photographer and the team here.

Step 4

Discuss How Long You Want For Your Photo Shoot

Many options are depending on the type of image you want. It may start from the Paris photographer mini session in a half hour to multi-hour session. However, each period will have certain benefits.

A Half Hour Session

It's fast and convenient. You should choose a mini session in case you don't have much time, and just need a few outstanding photos with famous places in Paris to keep memories.

Three To A Half-day Session

This option is often the best choice for couples who intend to have pre-wedding or engagement photos in Paris. Shooting in multiple locations and having more than one outfits require more time for transportation, changing, and energy. But in the end, you will have your best and unforgettable photos in Paris for your one-lifetime event. 

One Hour Session

This is also an excellent and suitable choice for who want to have photos at one or two nearby locations.

Multiple Hours Session (over five hours)

You are such passionate about Paris. This choice is for those who want to save the best things about Paris in photographs. This option can take place all day and night, which helps you not miss any fantastic scenes of Paris. Having an excellent support team with experience in Paris is a must for this mission.

Two Hours Session

This option is the most popular choice for a couple or family Paris photo shoot because, during that time, you can go from two to three locations. More time shooting means you become more comfortable and confident in front of the camera, which makes you create candid photos.

Flexible Time Session

It's difficult to decide if Paris is more beautiful in the day or night. If you're not sure about that, having flexible time photo shoot is your best option. Early morning, sunset, and evening are the best time to have a photo shoot in Paris. What is better than having short sessions to cover all the best moments in Paris?

Step 5

Booking & Secure For The Date

This step is after you have found a suitable photographer in Paris and agreed on a specific time and place of shooting photo Paris. An agreement or contract can secure the booking. If it is a contract prepared by a photographer, you should read the agreement carefully to understand the terms. There have some photographers who will require a deposit, and someone does not. Please read the terms related to using images correctly because you may not want your photos to appear in many public places or social networks. You should also pay attention to the cancelation terms to avoid bad cases from happening.

Step 6

Prepare For Your Photo Shoot

It would be best if you kept in touch with your Paris photographer for the preparation. Email, WhatsApp, or whatever message flatform can be an excellent way to communicate directly with the photographer. In the process, try to ask for advice about the dress to match the style and theme of the Paris photoshoot.
If you have a specific idea or inspiration for your photos, don't hesitate to tell the photographer to put a general plan for the photoshoot together.

Finally, don't forget to discuss your favorite locations where you want to take photos in Paris. Guess what, we have a comprehensive guide for you. Check out the link below!

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