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Congratulations. You're engaged!

It’s so exciting that you’re planning to elope to Paris.
For years, eloping is becoming more and more popular for couples because it’s more romantic, less stressful. Another advantage is you can get married anywhere, which adds a unique experience and even adventurous elements. 
And for sure, Paris is one of the top destinations for your elopement. 

Woman in Forest


01. A "Just Two Of Us" Experience

If a traditional wedding is not a thing with you, elopement is a perfect fit option to decide how to commit your lives to each other.  It makes a mysterious, insinuate way for a lot of couples to create their most out of control, most sentimental dreams around their wedding day come genuine without inquiring them to give up a single, insinuate minute between the two of them.
Imagine that you can run away to Paris with your partner and be free to melt into each other, focus on each other, and uniquely celebrate your love.

02. You Want To Have Your Adventure In Paris

You are unsatisfied with the existing state of affairs and are willing to discover the world. You know about Paris but haven't tried to explore the unique corner of the city.  You want to see the world as a put full of opportunity. 
And you accept that they exist here within the world to develop, to memorize, to find, to be inventive, and to encounter association and fulfillment in one of a kind ways.

No matter what you're doing, what your work is, where you live—Paris can be seen as one of the most breathtaking adventures. And definitely, you can be adventurers in your own way in Paris.

03. You Value Experiences Over Stuff

Paris is a dream destination for weddings and elopement. It's not a place for spending on a budget, but it's not a thing. You want to come here to spend on different experiences, to invest in your one in a lifetime day differently. A big ballroom for hundreds of guests will not be on your list.

Instead, you will go to a beautiful private chateau with a mysterious garden near Paris, and with just a few close friends or even only two you.
Elopement in Paris will allow you to not invest in value experiences over stuff.

04. Amazing Elopement Photos  

Because you invest in experience for the real element that important for the two of you, therefore, the Paris photographer will have the opportunity to capture the real and intimate moments of your elopement.

And guess what, Paris has more than just the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre Museum, whatever you can dream of, from an adventure in the forest to whimsical nature in the countryside, you can have them in France for you Paris elopement

Wedding Couple in Nature
Bride and Groom


Having elopement in Paris is a dream of many couples who love adventure and beauty. Here is our completed guide step by step to make your dream come true. Let sit back and scroll. 

01. Check the France Marriage Law

02. Book Your Travel & Find Your Vendors for Paris Elopements

•    Paris Officiant & Celebrant
•    Elopement Photographer
• Makeup & Hair Stylist for Paris Elopement
•    Vintage & Luxurious Cars
•    Paris Elopement Locations

03. Plan the Ceremony

•    Elopement Planner
•    Flower & Bouquet
•    Musicians for Elopement

04. Celebration!

•    Find best Paris Restaurant with views

05. Send Those Announcements


Civil Wedding In France

The Only Way To get married legally in France, you have to get married in a city hall, so-called "La Marrie."  Fortunately, it is allowed to do so even if you don't have French nationality.
Unfortunately, you will have to prepare some papers and time to have approval from the government.

For a lot of couples, the most difficult challenge is to prove to have at least 30 days staying in France before having a marriage. Read more about how to get married to foreigners in France

PRO TIPS: You should have a civil wedding in your home country. It can happen before or after you come to France. Without worrying about legal paper, you can freely celebrate your special event with a Paris elopement, destination wedding in Paris, or dream wedding in France.

Symbolic Wedding

With a symbolic wedding ceremony, you'll be able to have the service wherever you like. You may take a Paris elopement, a beautiful wedding in the chateau, or getting away in an adventure elopement in the countryside. 
The good news is you don't need to have a legal wedding before your symbolic ceremony. If you truly care about the unique experience and authentic moments in an elopement in Paris, don't make papers works bother you at all. 

 Religious Wedding In France

It's a little bit different from symbolic wedding ceremonies. You need to have a civil service in your home country before having your religious wedding in France.  However, it is not enough.

You still have a few more hurdles to go!  You can find more information here about planning a religious wedding in France. 

Same-sex Elopements

If same-sex marriages are legal in the country you're eloping to, you won't have a problem.  In France, same-sex weddings are permitted, so your marriage will also be valid when you return home.

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When choosing locations for eloping to Paris, think of a place that is special to the two of you.  Do you want the symbol of love? Consider the Eiffel Tower.  Are you both nature lovers? Get lost in Jardin du Luxembourg or Parc de Monceau.  Do you love the charming architecture? Tie the knot at Petit Palais. 


Symbolic Places for Paris Elopement

Clearly, the Eiffel Tower will be on the top list of the best places to elope in Paris. It is a symbol of love and the dream of many elopement couples in the world. Although many spots have impressive views of the tower, Place du Trocadéro is always the best location for your Paris elopement.

You can refer to a few other symbolic places below.
Pont Alexander III
Louvre Museum 
Petit Palais 


Nature Elope to Paris

Speaking about Nature Elope to Paris, we have to mention Jardin du Luxembourg. This is one of the oldest and most beautiful parks in Paris. Moreover, FONTAINE DE MEDICIS is one of the most favored spots for elopement in Paris because of the love story here. Another great place we can mention is Parc de Bagatelle, an 18th-century landscaped park & chateau, with a Chinese-style pagoda, waterfalls & peacocks. Parc de Monceau or Tuileries Garden is also one of the notable options for Nature Elope to Paris.

Spiritual Elopements In Paris

If you are religious, then Paris also has very suitable places for Spiritual Elopements. Chapelle Expiatoire is a Neo-classical style chapel temple with many historical meanings recreated in the heart of Paris. This chapel is dedicated to Louis XVI and his wife, Marie Antoinette. This will definitely be one of the best places for your spiritual elopements in Paris. In addition, the Paris France temple is also an impressive location near Paris. This temple is not only beautiful inside but also impressed by a beautiful garden. This will definitely be a great location for your elopement ceremony.

If you’re planning to elope in France, don’t forget to check out this guide about best locations to elope in France.


Paris Luxurious Hotel

Shangri-La Hotel ​

As one of the most beautiful hotels in Paris, this 5 start hotel will surely give you an unforgettable experience. Here, you can find almost all services for your Paris elopement, from fine dining restaurants, wedding venues to luxurious rooms offering stunning views to the Eiffel Tower.

Hôtel Ritz Paris

After remodeling, Ritz became one of the most luxurious hotels in Paris. It is an  elegant hotel with the finest services, restaurants, bars and rooms. If you like luxury brands, top fashion, The Ritz will bring you unforgettable experiences for your Paris elopement.

In addition to the above two hotels, Paris also has many other luxury hotels such as The Crillon, Hotel Plaza Anthénée, Paris Perfect Apartments, Four Season Hotel, George V. Each hotel has its own style and can give you a great experience for your romantic elopement in Paris.

Paris Chateaux

Yes, we are talking about enjoying Paris in splendid palaces. This is definitely an experience you are worth a try, especially while you are eloping in Paris.
Château de Villiers-le-Mahieu

Just about 1 hour away from Paris, you will be impressed by the historic exterior of this castle. The special thing here is that you can spend time relaxing, rejuvenating yourself with sports activities. Fine dining in the open air is also an experience worth a try.

Château d'Augerville

Located next to Gâtinais Français Natural Regional Park, and an hour's drive from Paris, Château d'Augerville is a 5-star hotel that will give you a very different experience for your elopement. It's a Very romantic castle converted to a luxury hotel with a wonderful spa and golf course. You will not be disappointed by its excellent service, good food and nice ambience
  But we have not finished here, do not forget to see the list of top 20 castles to elope in France.


The reason why you should have an elopement planner?

Although elopement is a much smaller form of wedding, you will still have dozens of things to prepare for this meaningful ceremony. Book your flight, choose a venue, find a wedding dress, contact a decoration vendor, makeup and hairstylist, and more.  So whether these trifles will make you more stressed, but rather, the elopement should allow you to be comfortable and relax to enjoy the best moments of your life.  Therefore, an elopement planner will always be the option you should consider when defining eloping to Paris.

Best elopement planners in Paris



An elopement official is a person who leads your elopement ceremony. Depend on the law of the country; you chose to have your elopement; the officiant may have different responsibilities. 
In France, the only legal way to get married is at the city hall. 
Therefore, officiant in Paris will be someone who has witnessed your elopement vows and officially announced that you and your partner are husband and wife in the presence of the officiant. For a religious elopement, your officiant needs to be verified by the religious group as well. 
Because of the spiritual roles of the officiants in Paris, you can have some options to find your best officiant in Paris.

Friend Officiant

It's a real way to personalize your elopement.

If you are not familiar with church or secular ceremony, you can have your friend or family member officiate your elopement in Paris. And it's a big honor for your friend whom you chose as your wedding officiant. The ceremony will be more intimate than having a stranger officiant.

However, the role, for sure, will come will responsibilities which you and your friend officiant should know in advance to make your elopement ceremony perfect.

Friends Officiating Weddings 101: Everything You Need to Know

Professional Officiant In Paris

Another way to have an officiant in Paris is to hire a professional one. You will not have to worry about how to handle the ceremony in the right direction.

A professional officiant has the necessary knowledge, experience, and skill to help you implement a perfect elopement in Paris. Fortunately, I have a list of the officiant in Paris for you.

Laura Montorio

Jerôme Perrin


Naïm The Parisian Celebrant


Ruffled By Grace


Wedding Vows In Paris



Paris Elopement is one of the most important events of your life. You have been spending time to plan for this day. Therefore, saving your ceremony moments forever is a must, that in the next 10 or 20 years, you still have a chance to look back at these intimate elopement moments.
A professional elopement photographer in Paris is the one whom you can trust to be a storyteller in your wedding day.  But how to choose the right photographer for your elopement?  
The followings are some factors you should consider!

Photography styles meant last a lifetime

Day by day, we're amazed by new trends in photography. Retro style photography, neo light photography, drone photography, HDR photography, etc…you can name some by yourself. However, some of the trendy photographs will be dated after a few years. A great photograph is the one that can stand for the test of time. 

An experience Paris photographer

What are you looking for in an elopement photo? Getaway, Adventurous, Authentic, Storytelling, Elegant, Intimate. An experience Paris photographer is the one who can capture the authentic moments in your elopement. A professional landscape photographer can take a breath away photos of Paris landmark but won't be the best one for your elopement. An expert in wedding or couple photography with experience will be a photographer you want to drop a message. 

Photographer with reputation and recommended by previous clients

Elopement is one in a lifetime event. Taking elopement photographs require trained skills and aesthetic experience also. These skills take years to acquire. Therefore you may not want a newbie with less experience to document your elopement in Paris. Having a professional Paris Photographer with reputation and experience in the field is a must for your wedding day.  By looking at previous client's reviews or a portfolio, you can know how popular you're the photographer is. 

Professional Communication 

There and authentic moments are what you're looking for in your elopement photoshoot. 
It only can be done by the real connection between the couples and the elopement photographer. Therefore, proactive communication is one of the most skills which a photographer needs to have. To be your elopement photographer mean being an authentic communicator. The photographer has to know how to build trust and make you feel comfortable at ease. Seeing how past clients review about them is an excellent way to know how your future photographer works. 

Being Adventurous 

You chose to have elopement mean you want to have a wedding differently. Your photographer, therefore, should be in the same way. It means Your Paris photographer has no afraid of trying the unknowing, explore new locations, and take risks with you to have the best adventurous elopement photos. 

You're so ready for your elopement in Paris. Let's us document your dream Paris elopement. 

Now it's your turn, we want to hear more about you and your love story.

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