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Alex Nguyen Founder of Fevrier Photography

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Alex, founder & lead photographer of Février Photography. I am so glad you're here! I am a professional photographer based in the city of lights, Paris. If you are planning for a pre-wedding shoot in Paris, I am here to help you. I'd love to get to know more about your love and to capture the images that you will adore for years to come.

Let' find out how to have a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris!




Pre-wedding photoshoot is one of the occasions when you and your lover can have stunning photos. There is no better backdrop than the City of Love itself – Paris. Let fall in love again in Paris.


The city has the most magnificent locations, which can help create outstanding pre-wedding photos that you can keep for life. Of course, you wouldn't miss the Eiffel Tower being the symbol of love and passion.

Pre-wedding photos are an essential part of your wedding event. They remind you of those times when you and your sweetheart are in love in Paris.
A pre-photographer in Paris can help you take prewedding photos that you can hold on to for the rest of your life!

You want more pre wedding photos inspirations? Don't forget to check out our most recent works.

paris pre wedding photo at night eiffel tower lit up in the background


A perfect pre-wedding shoot in Paris can truly captures the love of couples. Those beautiful photos will serve as a remembrance of that special feeling that couples have as they wait for the day of their marriage. To have perfect photos, here are some pre-wedding photoshoot tips:

01. Look for an Excellent Pre-wedding Photographer

The photographer that you hire will have a significant contribution to the success of your pre-wedding shoot. Therefore, looking for somebody who excels in this field is a must.

02. Choose Great Locations For Your Paris Pre Wedding

The perfect location for your pre-wedding in Paris depends on the theme that you would like to have.  In the capital of France, there are so many magnificent views that you can use as the backdrop of your pre-wedding photos. Do you wonder where are the best pre-wedding locations in Paris? 


03. Carefully Select Your Pre-Wedding Outfits

With this one, you have the freedom to pick anything that you like. But as much as possible, try to match the theme. It is also essential that you prepare your dresses before the pre-wedding photoshoot to avoid any hassle in the photo session. We highly recommend that you hire a makeup artist too.

paris pre wedding couple on the street near cafe recrutement eiffel tower
pre wedding photo at chateau de fontainebleau

04. Set a Suitable Pre Wedding Timeline

But to ensure a stunning output, it is essential that you set a suitable timeline for the photoshoot. Pre-wedding photography can certainly do wonders for your wedding. It would be best to do the photoshoot either in the early morning, sunset, or evening hours in Paris. Depend on the seasons, you should ask your pre-wedding photographer for the best time shooting in the day to plan a suitable timeline. 

05. Boost Your Mood
Your Paris photographer is whom you can trust in your photo shoot. He can work from various angles and will even guide you on how to poses in front of the camera. But there is one thing that he needs from you – to give your sweetest smile. 
Just be you and happy!

06. Avoid Distractions

Your family and friends are surely excited about you getting married soon, and they probably want to see your photoshoot as well. However, this may actually distract you. Therefore, it is better to be just you, your fiancée, and the photography team that day. 

07. Get Some Rest

Doing a prenuptial photoshoot can be very tiring too, especially if you have to go from one location to another.  With this, it is crucial that you get as much rest as you can the day before so you will have the energy to pose in front of the camera. Previewing some fun and lovely pre-nuptial photoshoots in Paris is also a great way for you to relax before your actual photoshoot. Being well-rested will also bring out the best in you during the pre-wedding shoot.

08. Eat Well and Stay Hydrated
Aside from getting enough sleep, you have to ensure that you eat a full meal and drink plenty of fluids before the photo session. Keeping your energy at high levels is essential for a perfect photoshoot. 

paris pre wedding photoshoot couple at a parisian cafe

Find out why Février Photography can be your pre-wedding photographer in Paris!

pre wedding photo at chateau de chantilly


Before the wedding
Usually, couples have a pre wedding photoshoot before the wedding. We highly recommend that you shoot 3 to 6 months before your event to have enough time for the post production and print pre wedding albums if needed.

What is the best time of the year to having pre wedding photoshoot?
You can take pre wedding photos at all times of the year. However, spring and autumn are the two most favorite seasons that many couples choose for pre wedding photography because this is a very beautiful and suitable time to take photos.

What time of the day is suitable for pre wedding photography?
The best advice for you is to start shooting early in the morning to avoid crowds. In some cities, such as Paris, sunset or evening is also a very suitable time to have a pre wedding photoshoot. Because of that advantage, having a sunset photoshoot in Paris has been a dream come true for many couples.




For a pre-wedding photoshoot, there are a lot of inspirations for you to have unique pre-wedding photos. Here are some best pre-wedding photoshoot ideas for you.

paris pre wedding photo in the evening at the louvre

01. Pre Wedding Photoshoot At Night

Paris is not only beautiful in the day but also the evening. Having your pre-wedding photoshoot at night is one of the best things to do in Paris at night.

If you don't know where to take photos at night in Paris, we have good news; our photographer had prepared a list here for you.

paris pre wedding couple on the street with Eiffel Tower in the background

02. Paris Street Style

How about having chic sets to wear in Paris? It looks like you're in Paris Fashion Weeks. This is one of pre-wedding photo ideas you should try! Would you like to add some effects to your pre-wedding photoshoot on the streets with a romantic rain? The idea of capturing pre-wedding photos in the rain on the streets of Paris is also something you should consider trying.


03. Pre-wedding Photoshoot In The Castle

Pre-wedding photography in Paris is not just about The Eiffel Tower or The Louvre Museum. Let move to the next level with an exclusive pre wedding photoshoot in the Château de Fontainebleau castle.


04. Traditional Wear for Pre Wedding Photoshoot

We have been such honor to welcome couples around the world, from different cultures, visiting Paris for a photoshoot. Why bring some unique traditional customs to your pre-wedding photoshoot. A Korean Hanbok, Vietnamese Ao Dai, Japanese Kimono, or Chinese Cheongsam works perfectly for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

paris pre wedding at Eiffel tower at sunrise

05. Paris Sunset And Sunrise 

Paris sunrise is the golden time for taking photos, and Paris sunrise is perfect for romance and love. Don't forget to ask your Paris photographer about the best time for a photoshoot in the morning and twilight photoshoot to have the most intimate photos.

Don't forget to check out our guide for a Paris sunset photoshoot.

pre wedding photo at the Louvre in black and white

06.   Black And White Pre-Wedding Photos

Black and white photography is one of the ways to get rid of unnecessary distractions and retain really important emotions and objects in a photo. So black and white pre-wedding photos is one of the options included in your pre-wedding album. You will be surprised by what black and white photos can offer.

Returning to the basics of photography, composition, contrast, and tone without color, you get a true pre-wedding picture with classic photography.


07. Double Exposure Pre Wedding Photos

re wedding photography has no limits on creativity. With a few post-production tips, the photographer will be able to help you achieve very special double exposure shots.

bride veil portrait

08.   Make the best wedding photos with Bridal Veil

It's true, veil is one of the most important and useful prop for creating exceptional photographs. The texture of the beautiful veils will give this photo great effects.


paris pre wedding photo at the Louvre museum pyramid

"Capturing the moments of today that will wow your heart tomorrow"


Pre-wedding dresses seem to be one of the most important factors of pre-wedding photography. Understanding the topics surrounding wedding dresses will help you make the best choice when coming to Paris for your pre-wedding photos. 

paris pre wedding photo at Eiffel Tower


It depends on how much time you can spend to prepare for a pre-wedding shoot in Paris. Some bride has her own designed wedding dresses for the photoshoot. Nothing better than a perfect fit dress that is tailored to you. However, bring your dress may take effort and time. Many couples choose to rent wedding dresses when they come to Paris. 


Luckily, you can find many great options for a wedding dress in Paris. Here are some of the wedding dress vendors that I have the opportunity to work with. And I'm sure, you won't be disappointed.

TopParis Bridal


​C'est ma robe


During a pre-wedding photoshoot, it is not only the theme and location that matters.

You and your partner are the stars of the day.

This is why you should care about what you will wear for the photo session.
If you are still unsure of which ones to pick, here are some great tips that can help you out:

Consider the Theme and Location of your Paris Pre-wedding Shoot

The most crucial factor that you have to consider is the theme of your engagement shoot. White wedding dresses work best for a photoshoot in the day while a more colorful dress which ideally assesses your body shapes work best in the evening.  

If you are aiming for a romantic bohemian pre-wedding photoshoot, then look for a free-flowing printed dress. But if you want your pre-wedding in Paris to be more elegant, you might as well choose that cocktail dress or long gown that would make you look like a celebrity in the City of Love. 

Add More Texture To Your Pre Wedding Dresses

While satin and silk may seem alluring, wearing something with more texture will undoubtedly make you look a lot better in your pictures. For this reason, you should get a dress with intricate details.

Your pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris happens somewhere with natural lighting, it would be good to go for a semitransparent dress or naked wedding dress, as this will create excellent effects.

couple dance in Paris in the evening with the Eiffel Tower lit up in the background
elegent bride at Eiffel Tower Paris

Get A Comfortable Pre-Wedding Dress

No matter how elegant a dress is, if you are not comfortable in it, then that won't help. It will only make you look uneasy in your Paris pre-wedding photo. It is then essential that you pick one that you can wear with confidence.  The more comfortable your dress is, the better you would look in your photos.

Remember to Match the Colors

For your pictures to look more cohesive, you must remember to match the colors of your sweetheart's suit too. The combination of a black suit and a white wedding dress is classic but never gets old.

Try to Go Bold

A pre-wedding photoshoot is not an everyday thing, so why not put on a dress that is a bit extraordinary? A naked wedding dress or plush wedding dress is something you should think about. It will even make you stand out in your photos. You can go to one that is sexy looking. You may also add some feathers if you wish, too, depending on your theme.

You're ready to make your dream come true in Paris?  

paris pre wedding photo at arc de triomphe


Pre wedding photoshoot prices may vary depending on the photographer's experience, the city in which you plan to shoot, and the specific needs you want during the shoot. To help you estimate costs, here are the things you need to take into account when calculating pre wedding photoshoot average cost

pre wedding paris couple dancing on the street of Paris - Eiffel Tower in the background

01. Pre wedding photography costs

This is usually the biggest cost of pre wedding photoshoot. This fee is the cost you pay the photographer for pre-wedding.

Discover more about the 2-hour Paris pre-wedding photography package to help you visualize the details and make decisions more easily.

02. The cost for pre wedding dress

Although the pre wedding dress will not be as expensive as the wedding dress, it will also be an investment you need to consider.

03. Investments for different vendors

besides photographer, you may be working with makeup artist, hair dresser, videographer, florist. Don't forget to include this fee in your pre wedding photoshoot budget.

04. Transportation fee

This is an additional fee that may be incurred during the pre wedding photoshoot. You should be clear about this cost when working with your photographer. Also you will be able to pay other costs for props for the photo shoot.


Congratulation, you are so ready for a pre-wedding shoot in Paris.

And we can't wait to help you document your best pre-wedding photos in Paris. 

Février Photography

You can trust us as your pre-wedding studio in Paris.

Unique Paris Photoshoot

Your photographs are unique. We do it more special by our technique in post-production and color grading.

Inspiration for Pre-Marriage Photoshoot

We want to know more about you, listen to your story, requirement, and whatever Idea you want.

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We have lived in Paris for years and have all your answers about Paris. You definitely ca trust our wedding photographer.


Thanks Alex for the great service in arranging the makeup artist and driver for us . Alex is very professional in taking the pics and we do not have to worry how to pose . I want to thanks the makeup artist for following me taking my sweater when I’m taking the pics, especially in such a cold weather. Definitely recommend fevrier photography for any wedding or couple shoot as it is definitely worth the price :)





Ultimate Guides & Planning Assistance

•    To make things as easy as possible to you, we will help you to make a comprehensive plan with personalized location scouting, timelines, outfits, vendor recommendations, and more. Just to be sure, we will have a perfect pre wedding photoshoot.
•    We want when you see the pre wedding photos again, you will have the heartwarming feeling, that why we will have multiple calls & questionaries' to know what you are dreaming up. 
•    There is no limit to the creativity to show your love.

 Fun & Stress-free

I focus on your experience working with our team, I promise it will be stress free and very fun pre wedding photoshoot.

Timeless Photos & Emotional Moments

•  Fully edited photos as our artistic standard 
•  Online gallery to download full resolution photos 
•  Print Release
•  No hidden fees
•  Pre Wedding Photography coverage starting from 2 hours 

Featured Pre Wedding Galleries

paris eiffel tower pre wedding photo couple walking


couple at parisian cafe take pre wedding photo


paris pre wedding photoshoot at palais royal


Pre-wedding Photoshoot Package


There is no limit when you come to Paris for pre wedding photography. So we love to customize the package for you. Our Pre Wedding Photoshoot starts from 600 euros.

Leave us a message to receive our most updated offers for your pre wedding in Paris.

We can't wait to welcome you on board!


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