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Choosing the Best Time to Shoot in Paris

Updated: Jun 8, 2021

It's no secret that Paris is truly a photographer's dream, and when it comes to organizing a Paris photoshoot the problem is one of abundance — with so many potential sites available to shoot, where does one begin?

One way to narrow down your location is by choosing the right time of day to shoot. The simple answer is that choosing when to shoot largely depends on the kind of effect you want to have. To help you narrow this decision down, below are some tips and tricks for shooting at different times of the day in Paris.


Even though you might not consider yourself an early bird, you might want to make an exception for your Paris shoot. Scheduling a sunrise shoot is your best bet for beating the crowds, which is especially important if you want to shoot in a popular location like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. Sunrise gives your shoot light and airy feel, making it perfect for an airy and dreamy shoot. To really create a light atmosphere, you should also opt for flowing dresses like this gingham option chosen Vogue's editors.

Of course, just keep in mind that sunrise varies from season to season: while the sun does rise later in the winter (at around 9 AM on average), it's also a lot colder!

Just before sunset

Shooting during golden hour is a well-known trick of the trade, and Paris during the golden hour is about as magical as it can get. As golden hour occurs an hour before sunset, it does take a bit of planning and preparation to make sure you take advantage of that pocket of time. Taking a photo along the colorful Rue Crémieux or the streets of Montmarte at this time makes the buildings and cobblestone streets look that much more vibrant.

Golden hour is also a great time for rooftop shoots, as it looks like the whole city is awash with a soft glow. When it comes to your wardrobe, a golden hour shoot is the best time for clean neutrals like a classic trench coat; dressing up in loud colors may detract from the surroundings.

Don't forget to check out this article about some useful tips for a romantic sunset photoshoot.


There's something irresistible about Paris at night, so it's no surprise that an evening shoot is another popular option. While many are often tempted to hold outdoor shoots during the day, one great advantage to an evening shoot is that it allows you to take advantage of the city's most beautiful buildings and architecture.

Even shooting inside one of Paris' many luxury hotels at night lets you take advantage of the pristine architecture and stunning outdoor views. From the lush surroundings of the Le Pavillon de la Reine to the plush setting of the Hôtel Providence, Paris' hotels prove that sometimes the best photos can occur indoors. This setting is perfect for a romantic boudoir shoot: even a simple robe and bodysuit combination are highly recommended by Pretty Me’s fashion team as a way to create an elegant look. Such a classic look is the perfect accompaniment to the elegance of Paris at night.

Whether you're in Paris for an engagement shoot or just looking to have a photoshoot to remember, there's a world of opportunities available to you even within the span of a day. From sunny sunrise settings to sultry evening shoots, the sky is truly the limit.

Written exclusively for Février Photography.

by Laura Power


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