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Updated: Oct 28, 2020

couple sunset at louvre museum

Golden Sunset Photoshoot

Sunset is probably the best time of the day for the romantic couple photos. The golden lights bring a magical space that many photographers look for. As a photographer in Paris, I've been fascinated with the sunset for a long time and am very passionate about couple photoshoots at sunset.

Paris sunset time

Knowing the Paris sunset time is important to have an effective photoshoot. I used the Sun graph to learn about the sunset time of where I plan to take the photos. The best time to start is before the sun goes down for about 1 hour. But there is no exact formula, I have gone to many places, I find that each area is a little different, so let's start when you feel the sunlight is smooth enough and there is the golden color you're seeking for. For me, the golden time is half an hour before the sun sets, which is when the sunset sky begins to gradually turn purple. Take the opportunity to have the best sunset photos before twilight.

Scout for the best locations for a sunset photoshoot

Personally, I like places with complex architectures, because the sunset will bring out the edges, thanks to the contrast between highlights and shadows. In Paris, the Louvre is one of my favorite locations for a sunset photoshoot. The vertical pillars, pyramids, or statues are really great backgrounds for couples photos at sunset.

couple silhouette sunset

Have intimate Silhouettes photos

The sunset will not be too harsh, and it is a chance to take sunset couple silhouette. I think there is no time better to photograph silhouettes than sunset time. To set up a standard silhouettes image, you need to do the following.

  • Find a place where you can see the sky clearly.

  • Let the couple stand a little higher than you, it could be on the stairs, railing. Choose a position lower than the couple, point the camera against the source of light, here is the sky.

  • Set up to couple standing with an exciting pose.

  • Switch the camera to Manual mode. Focus on the couple. Adjust shutter speed, iso and aperture to make the couple completely dark. I prefer to increase the shutter speed. Adjust the camera to make sure the outline of the subject clear.

  • If you shot against the sun, then leave the sun behind the subject.

couple sunset photoshoot in Paris

Blur your sunset images

Now, instead of taking sharp photos, trying to pan your camera for blur effects. It can create motion effects to make your couple photos more interesting.

couple silhouette sunset

Photograph against the sun for magical effects of sun stars

I like the star effect when taking photos with a small aperture, usually from f/16 or higher. To do so, select the location to capture the sun behind the couple. Adjust the camera position so that the sun can show through the outline of the subject. At that time, you will be able to take photos with sun stars.

couple city sunset paris

Take sunset city photos

To me, a beautiful photo set is not only the couple's images but also the place where they go through together. To have a series of stories, I often take photos of streets and landscapes to describe the couple and the scenery.

Have your Paris Sunset photoshoot

I love Paris very much, and especially Paris in the afternoon, red and purple. Paris sunset brings a romantic and immense feeling at the end of the day. It was a time when the day was about to end. People slowed down a bit, watched the sun went down in the west, and gave themselves a gentle step under the sunset. That is when we feel both peaceful when holding the hand of the person we love and touch with the beauty of the sunset in Paris. If you want a perfect place for sunset photoshoot, come to Paris.

I was very fortunate to welcome Ellen and Thibaut to Paris on the afternoon of their sunset couple photoshoot in July. This is a particular time because after what we have been through, the past months of lockdown, meeting people with emotional harmony with beauty and love is really precious. We did not choose the Eiffel Tower, the most iconic place in Paris for a photoshoot, but a Paris sunset walking from the Louvre to the Seine Riverbank, to slowly enjoy the most beautiful and peaceful time of the city.


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