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Best tips & locations for Paris night photography - Update [2024]

Updated: Jan 29

Are you looking for the perfect spot to capture Paris’ magic at night? With its iconic landmarks, twinkling lights and romantic atmosphere, it’s no wonder that so many photographers flock to the City of Lights in search of unforgettable shots. But with a seemingly endless array of places to explore, knowing where and how to take the best photos can be overwhelming. Don't worry – we've got your back! In this article, we'll give you our tips and tricks on locations and techniques for capturing stunning night photography in Paris.

So put down your camera bag and come along with us as we guide you through some of the most unique spots around town. From picture-perfect panoramas across the Seine to secret nighttime hideaways tucked away from sight, these are just some of the must-sees spots in Paris. Let's get started!

Whether you're a novice or an experienced photographer, there's something here for everyone. We'll go over essential equipment needed for shooting after dark, share insider knowledge about some lesser known areas around town, and provide advice on getting creative with lighting effects like long exposures and star trails. So if you want to make sure your pictures stand out from all the rest – read on!

5 Best Tips For Paris Night Photography

The beauty of Paris night photography is undeniable, but that doesn't make it any easier. How do you capture the right composition and exposure to bring out the unique nighttime charm of this city? With some careful preparation and a few simple tips, anyone can become an expert in paris night photography.

Select time to shoot at night in Paris

To begin with, timing is key. The golden hour just before sunset offers amazing opportunities for capturing vibrant colors. Similarly, consider taking photos during 'blue hour' - when twilight turns into darkness - as this creates stunning silhouettes and low-light effects. Make sure your camera settings are adjusted accordingly to maximize these magical moments. Moreover, evening time in Paris changes with the seasons. In summer, it will not be dark until 10pm, while it is already dark at 5pm in winter.

Bring a tripod

Bringing a tripod is an indispensable item for any night photoshoot. When shooting in low light conditions, you will need to use longer shutter speeds to properly expose the image. This means that any slight movement of the camera will result in a blurry or shaky image. To avoid this, it's important to use a tripod to stabilize the camera and keep it still during the exposure.

A flash will help you in many cases

When using a flash, it's important to be mindful of your settings and avoid overexposing your subject. Start by setting your flash to a lower power and gradually increase it until you achieve the desired effect. You can also try using a diffuser to soften the light and create a more natural look.

Playing with Angles and Elements

When shooting at night, look for interesting angles or perspectives to help highlight the architecture and atmosphere of the city. Try incorporating elements such as street lamps or trees into your compositions for added depth and texture.

Capturing Motion

Also, be aware of motion blur; long exposures will create beautiful streaks from passing cars or pedestrians that could add a nice touch to your photo. Utilize natural light sources like windows or open doors whenever possible to avoid using flash which may ruin the moodiness of a scene.

And of course, choosing a location for Paris night photography is also very important. Here is our list for you.

1. Carousel Eiffel Tower

2. The Seine riverbank near Eiffel Tower

The twinkling lights of Paris at night cast a magical spell, beckoning photographers to capture its beauty. Starting with number one on this list - the Seine River Bank near the Eiffel Tower – is where adventure awaits! A photographer can truly be mesmerized by capturing incredible shots along both sides of this historic river. With long exposure and a tripod, it’s possible to create stunning images that show off Paris' romantic atmosphere during evening hours.

3. Pont de Bir Hakeim

paris night photgraphy pont de bir hakeim eiffel tower

Ahhh, Pont de Bir Hakeim - the perfect spot to capture those stunning Parisian night photos. You can feel all of the passionate energy and romance radiating up from this iconic bridge. As you pass through, it’s almost as if time stands still and you're able to take a step back in history. Imagine standing here at dusk with your camera ready to snap some breathtaking pictures of Paris at night!

The views from Pont De Bir will blow your mind away – especially during golden hour when the sun is setting on the horizon and illuminating everything around it. The reflections of light shimmering off the water create an unforgettable atmosphere that no words could ever do justice for. This is one place you won't want to miss out on capturing those dreamy paris pictures at night!

4. Louvre Museum

paris night photography louvre museum

Ah, the Louvre Museum. It's one of Paris' most iconic landmarks and it can make a great backdrop for night photography. After all, who doesn't love taking pictures next to the grandiose glass pyramid? The surrounding gardens are also worth exploring - they provide an interesting contrast with their lush trees and manicured lawns against the structure's stark modernity.

You'll find plenty of opportunities here for creative shots in light-filled spaces. Look up at the museum's impressive architecture or capture people enjoying its beauty after dark from different angles. Then move outdoors and explore the reflecting pools that flank either side of the pyramid - you're sure to get some amazing reflections! Don't forget about capturing long exposures too; if there's enough moonlight around, you'll be able to create mesmerizing scenes out of this classic location.

The Louvre Museum is definitely a prime spot for your night photography adventure in Paris – so don't miss it on your list! Now let’s turn our attention to another place where we can capture amazing images: parisian streets near Palais Royal.

5. Parisian Streets near Palais Royal

If you’re looking for a night photography destination that is as romantic as it is captivating, then the Parisian streets near Palais Royal are your perfect match. This dreamy location evokes the feeling of a fairytale, making it the ideal spot to take stunning photos with ample lighting and incredible backgrounds.

Stepping into this area feels like entering an enchanted world, a place where time stands still and beauty prevails all around you. Here are some tips to get the most out of your experience:

- Maximize available light sources such as street lamps or open windows in nearby buildings.

- Experiment with shadows by standing at different angles to capture unique perspectives.

- Try using slow shutter speeds to blur motion in your shots for dynamic effects.

- Utilize reflections from nearby puddles or glass surfaces for creative compositions.

The combination of lush architecture, cobblestoned roads, and the subtle glow of dimmed lights will leave you mesmerized every step of the way on this unforgettable journey through Parisian nights!

6. Pont Alexander III

As a beacon of Parisian night photography, the Pont Alexander III is a jewel in the city’s crown. For anyone striving to capture some of the most stunning sights in Europe, this bridge offers endless possibilities. Whether you want to take an iconic skyline shot or get creative with abstract light trails, here are three tips for making your photos stand out:

1) Take advantage of the golden hour and use the soft setting sunlight to bring out the vibrant colors of the bridge.

2) Make sure to set up your tripod on one of the best angles so that it captures all its details perfectly.

3) Try experimenting with different shutter speeds to create unique effects such as silhouettes or starbursts!

The unbelievable views from this structure will leave you breathless as they transport you into another world full of beauty and magic. You can also explore around other landmarks like Petit Palais and Grand Palais which offer equally amazing backdrops for unforgettable shots. And no matter what time of day or angle you choose, there's always something special about capturing life through lens at Pont Alexander III – a timeless experience that's simply breathtaking.

7. Petit Palais

The next best night photography location in Paris is the Petit Palais. Located at the crossroads of Avenue Winston Churchill and Rue Rabelais, this majestic building stands tall with its neo-classical architecture and grandiose facade. With over 25,000 visitors passing through each year, it’s no surprise that the stunning beauty of the Petit Palais has made it a prime spot for photographers.

At night, when illuminated by professional lighting, the bright colors of this historic monument are revealed in all their glory—creating jaw-dropping scenes one can only find here. From street level to aerial shots—the glowing windows and intricate detailing make capturing breathtaking images easier than ever before. Plus, after dark there's usually less people around so you won't have to worry about crowds getting in your way!

Whether shooting landscapes or portraits, the Petit Palais will give you an unforgettable experience while offering up some amazing photo opportunities along the way. So why not take a trip down memory lane tonight and capture every moment? It may well be worth it

8. Pont de l'Art

paris night photography pont des arts

Let’s take a romantic stroll across the Pont des Arts. This iconic bridge crossing over the Seine River is one of Paris' most beloved photo spots! You'll get stunning views of both sides of the city's skyline, with the Eiffel Tower standing tall in the background. The picturesque setting makes for great night photography opportunities and will surely be something you'll never forget.

As if it couldn't get any better, there are also plenty of street lights along this bridge that can create some interesting lighting effects on your photos. From here, you can capture beautiful reflections shimmering off of the river as well as captivating shots of couples enjoying their time together while holding hands or embracing each other against the backdrop of glorious architecture. It's truly a magical place to visit at nighttime and your experience won't soon be forgotten! And speaking of unforgettable experiences...onward we go to Moulin Rouge!

9. Moulin Rouge

It's a complete coincidence that I'm writing about the Moulin Rouge next! As iconic as the Eiffel Tower, this cabaret is one of Paris' most renowned attractions and an absolute must-see for night photographers. The building itself stands tall with its gilded domes and unique architecture, making it both visually appealing and photogenic.

The interior of the venue can be even more captivating than outside – from the ornate interiors to the extravagant costumes of performers on stage. Capturing these moments in time will leave you with stunning photos that are sure to draw attention. Whether you take your shots inside or out, there is something for every photographer at the Moulin Rouge—from close-ups to wide angles to light painting. So grab your camera and hit up this landmark spot for some unforgettable night photography!

10. Place De La Concorde

paris night photography place de la concorde

Did you know that the Place de la Concorde in Paris is one of the largest squares in France, measuring 8.64 hectares? This grand and historic square has been an iconic spot for night photography since Napoleon's reign!

As a photographer, it can be a real treat to explore this place after dark when everything comes alive with light and life. The obelisk at its center is lit up by soft yellow lights that warmly illuminate the entire space. There are also beautiful fountains on either side of the square which look particularly stunning under bright moonlight. You'll have plenty of opportunities to capture interesting shots here as there will always be people around, enjoying their evening strolls or simply admiring the beauty of the city.

At Place de la Concorde, you’ll find amazing angles from every corner - not just during sunset but even late into the night. Whether it's capturing some candid street scenes or taking long exposure images with moving traffic streaks, your creativity knows no bounds here! So if you're looking for a great location for parisian night photography, head over to Place de La Concorcde and get snapping!

11. Rue Saint Dominique Near Cafe Recrutement

paris night photography Rue Saint Dominique Near Cafe Recrutement

Rue Saint Dominique near Cafe Recrutement is a hidden gem for night photography in the city of Paris. Nestled away from the hustle and bustle of big tourist attractions, this area offers a unique atmosphere that allows photographers to capture memories that will last forever. As you stroll down this cobblestone street enveloped by old buildings, one can't help but feel transported back in time; an effortless way to evoke nostalgia with your lens!

The cafe itself has been around since 1845 and is known for serving classic French cuisine as well as being a popular watering hole amongst locals. It's also just steps away from the iconic Eiffel Tower which gives it extra charm when shooting at night. With its warm yellow lights streaming out into the streets and people spilling out onto sidewalks, the scene comes alive after sunset - making it perfect for capturing timeless shots of life in Paris. Plus, there’s always something special about taking photos while sipping on some of the best coffee in town – definitely worth checking out!

12. Avenue De Camoens


When it comes to capturing Paris in all its night-time glory, the Avenue de Camoens is a must-see. It's like stepping into an alternate universe; this cobblestone street lights up with vibrant energy as soon as the sun sets. The locals come out to party and take in the sights of one of Europe’s most romantic cities.

The avenue has everything you need for spectacular photos: bars, restaurants, clubs and plenty of people milling about under the stars. There are also some great vantage points along the way where photographers can capture stunning shots of illuminated monuments such as the Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame Cathedral. Whether you're looking for that perfect selfie spot or wanting to capture breathtaking cityscapes – Avenue de Camoens is just what the doctor ordered!

13. Paris Hotel Balcony View


Picture yourself standing atop a luxurious Paris hotel balcony, the ancient city of love spread out in front of you like a glittering tapestry. The Eiffel Tower rising majestically on the horizon, its lights beaming out into the night sky and reflecting off the river Seine. This is one of my favorite spots for taking amazing Paris night photography - capturing stunning images that will stay with you forever.

The views from this spot are truly breathtaking; every angle presents something new to explore. You can get an impressive panorama shot by zooming out or capture some intimate moments between couples walking along the cobbled streets below when you zoom in. I've also had great success using different lighting techniques such as long exposure shots and light painting to create unique compositions that really bring your photos to life.

So if you're looking for an awe-inspiring location to photograph at night then definitely consider booking a room with a view at a Parisian hotel - it's sure to give you some magical memories!

Frequently Asked Questions

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As a photographer, I can attest to the fact that night photography in Paris is an experience like no other. The city's magic and mystery come alive after dark as its monuments are bathed in golden light from the street lamps and bridge illuminations. It's truly breathtaking – it feels like you're looking at another world entirely where everything has been crafted for beauty.

Paris night photography requires some extra preparation but with the right equipment, knowledge of restrictions, safety precautions, and tips & tricks, anyone can capture stunning images of this beautiful city. With patience, dedication and plenty of practice, you too can achieve amazing results. Just remember to take your time and be mindful of your surroundings when shooting in unfamiliar areas.

Night photography isn't just about capturing stills; it's also about discovering new perspectives on familiar things. Like a painter creating a masterpiece with their brushstrokes, photographers can use lights and shadows to create unique works of art through composition and creative vision. So don't hesitate – head out into the nighttime streets of Paris, find yourself a great spot to shoot from, then let your imagination soar free!


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