• Alex Nguyen

Best tips & locations for Paris night photography - Update [2020]

Updated: Dec 18, 2020

Paris is not only beautiful during the day but also very beautiful in the evening. For that reason, this is a great location for night photography.

3 best tips for Paris night photography

- Bring a tripod: this is an indispensable item for any night photoshoot.

- A flash will help you in many cases: maybe you will shoot the couple at night, so carrying a flash will help you capture the important moments.

- Select time to shoot at night in Paris: Evening time in Paris changes with the seasons. In summer, it will not be dark until 10pm, while it is already dark at 5pm in winter.

And of course, choosing a location for Paris night photography is also very important. Here is our list for you.

1. Carousel Eiffel Tower

2. The Seine riverbank near Eiffel Tower

3. Pont de Bir Hakeim

4. Louvre Museum

5. Parisian Streets near Palais Royal

6. Pont Alexander III

7. Petit Palais

8. Pont de l'Art