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What to Wear for Engagement Photos? | Ultimate Guide by Seasons

Updated: Dec 5, 2023

Congratulations! You are engaged! Your dream has finally come true, ladies. We understand that your engagement photos are a timeless representation of the love and connection you share, and choosing the perfect outfits is a crucial step in creating beautiful and memorable images. Take the opportunity to immortalize this great moment of happiness through a photo engagement session. You are probably wondering how to dress for this occasion? All the answers to your questions are in this article!

1. Some Tips to Get Started

You are so excited to announce this big event to all of your peers that you decided to make an engagement photo shooting. You will cherish your futures memories for the next few years. That's why they have to be perfect; you must have the best spots, the best framing, and the ideal outfit. Indeed, picking the right outfit is a tough decision, and it requests thoughts and patience. It's also the perfect occasion to show everyone your new brilliant engagement ring! You can also use this experience to practice posing in front of your photographer and be more confident for D-Day.

2. Seasonal Outfits

It's maybe the most important thing, and you need something seasonally appropriate. Indeed, your outfit will change according to the weather, the shooting locations that you'll choose. Therefore, a wide range of possibilities are available to you, and you should take advantage of this!

According to the seasons, you can match your outfits with different styles, match the tissues of your clothes, and wear specific pieces. Of course, you will not wear a winter jacket under 30 degrees. That's why we are going to see together what outfit you could choose for each season.


  • Go, Pastel, Go!

Spring is the time for pastel colors. Do not miss this season to add pastel to your engagement photo outfits. Soft hues are as classical as timeless enough to wear them year after year.

To be super trendy and cool for your big day, here you have three ways to wear pastels.

  • Monochrome

Firstly, monochrome. I advise you to choose one color and stick with it. Do you want some ideas? I like plain pastel colors like aqua, baby blue, or salmon pink. Have more inspirations with these five monochrome outfits.

  • Mixed Pastels

Secondly, mixed Pastels. One thing does not forget to match at most three colors together for a soft yet bold look. Let found out how to wear pastels.

  • Neutrals

Thirdly, neutrals. You have to keep the rest of your color palette simple if you want to make your pastel piece pop! Don't forget to check out styling neutral outfits here.

Now that you know that there are many ways to wear pastel clothes, how to choose THE piece? You can opt for a lovely fluid pants mint, pink, or mauve. This goes very well with a beautiful cream shirt or only with a white tee shirt.

  • Have elegant foot-wears

Lightweight clothing can be accompanied by tiny summer shoes such as patent leather derbies, loafers, or white sneakers. You can also prefer to stick with the basics with low heels or to be elegant with a pair of the high heel, as Coco Chanel recommend keep heels, head, and standards high.

  • Colorful Or Patterned Scarves

Some spring must-have for sure beautiful colorful or patterned scarves. Several possible variations are worth considering: around the neck, in the hair with loose hair bandeau style, or as a scrunchie for a nice ponytail! You can also look like some trendy Parisians by tying it on your purse. It will undeniably give a fashion touch to your outfit, thanks to this original piece. Definitely, a scarf is your best friend at this time.

  • Jewelry

Last but not least: jewelry! It can enhance your hands but also your neck. If you have selected an item of simple clothing, jewelry can add a little edge to this softness with brightness. Chose them carefully.

A luxury cuff bracelet can be the right choice; it does not right on the wrist. It has a gap or open area on the inside of the wrist. Moreover, it only needs to be adjusted once and not bent each time!



To have a chic ensemble, I could recommend to you long dresses with nice heels. Several types of dresses exist like bareback, with or without straps … But I think that you already know that!

When it comes to fashion, a chic, and statement-making appearance, an all-white ensemble is a perfect option for your engagement photo outfits. White is as understated as a bold style. As such, it is an excellent choice for a special occasion. It appears light and bright in summer; you will be rocking glorious with these flawless couple outfits.

  • Start by choosing if you prefer matching top and pants or skirts.

Finally, complete your fashion look by matching it with a fashion clutch or shoulder bag. The chain style of the bag will create a glamour touch.

  • Hair Accessories

I have a favorite for hair accessories like small clips, hair grip, and headband. It will create a lovely elegant style—my advice: pin up your hair with a pearlized or glittered barrette. Otherwise, you can be a real fashionista with a flower or diamond brooch. Let sweep your hair with 16 lovely accessories.


  • The Trendy Boho Style

The Boho chic is trendy during the summer season. It is characterized by ethnic touches or embellished flat sandals. The look is often layered and colorful. There are lots of beaches look to follow and be inspired by. For example, you can choose fluid long or short dresses. Otherwise, why not trying maxi skirts? My advice: floral print. You can find beautiful colorful patterns and prints for your strong piece. This will make you look bolder.

  • Never forget about accessories and jewelry

Once you have your engagement outfit, again, never forget about accessories and jewelry! I like to see ladies who appear with chunky jewelry, accessories, and vintage headpieces. If you want basics: beach or straw bags are summers must-have.

My advice: ankle jewelry. Just as women wear engagement rings, ankle bracelets once symbolized marital status. Traditionally, they were a gift from the groom to the bride to make it known to the world. I think it can be a nice wink to the past for your engagement photo shooting.



Now, my favorite season of the year, I mean fall, of course! It's finally the time to get out coats and jackets back.

  • Mix Materials, Patterns, And Colors

However, the temperature decreases are to our advantage because it allows us to wear beautiful, unique pieces in this season. Don't be shy and dare to mix materials, patterns, and colors. Indeed, this season, the colors to be preferred are cold colors such as brown, green fir, Bordeaux, navy blue.

A cool look is the one composed of a beautiful skirt. It is the feminine and elegant piece; it will enhance your beautiful legs.

  • Chose Raw Materials Such As Suede, Velvet Or Leather

Choose raw materials such as suede, velvet, or leather. It's very trendy and chic. Don't forget to accompany it with lovely opaque black tights. There are some very pretty with embroidered patterns. To complete the look, a nice light cotton sweater with a jacket type perfecto in leather or blazer jacket. About shoes, a nice pair of flat or heel boots, according to your tastes, will fit you very well.


  • The touch to your outfit

A key piece of the Parisian wardrobe is undoubtedly the hat. And yes, ladies, this allows to accessorize and give THE touch to your outfit. There are lovely felt hats, more or less large and wide. But the undisputed piece is undoubtedly the beret, and it will become your best friend this season! It matches any type of outfit, jeans, skirt, or dress. There are different materials and for all styles and tastes. You'll be a real fashionista!

  • The Gavroche

Another flagship hat that can be seen in the streets of Paris is the Gavroche. This vintage chic accessory has come back very fashionable. As the beret, it will match very well to your outfits and will make you feel very feminine! Why don't you check out ten ways to pull off breget to make your outfit look perfect now?

Your future husband will fall back in love with you like the first time, I assure you... To complete this look very Frenchy, I advise you to perfect your look with beautiful dangling earrings that will bring out your pretty face. Opt for earrings such as creole or ear cuffs. It will combine elegance and femininity. Finish it off with a lovely necklace or a nice watch, and it will be perfect!


  • Choose the perfect & trendy winter coat

The coat will be the masterpiece of your outfit. It is the piece you will see the most. You may wonder how to choose the perfect winter coat? This part will help you!

Let's master the art of purchasing in the perfect coat, which is worth your investment. The benefit of the coat challenge is that once you've found it, you can keep it for a very long time. The perfect winter coat should keep you warm and look good. You must have it all, and it does not have to be too long for your body!

Always look for quality with beautiful materials like suede, velvet, felt, or cashmere. Speaking of cashmere, read every label carefully. Even if it's from a designer with high prices, it can be made out of cheap acrylics. Moreover, find what suits your body best: calf-length, knee-length, tie waist … It will ease the process by eliminating coats that don't fit you!

Once you have the perfect coat, I recommend you match it with pantsuits, either trousers or skirts.


  • Here too, accessories are essentials.

That's why it is necessary to finish the last look with a beautiful belt. Even if it is imposing, it does not matter as long as the combination is simple and with one color. Why not wearing a hat to try the fancy wool headband? It's glamorous! Winter is conducive to pretty gloves, so make this accessory your ally! There are very chic leather, wool, suede, or velvet. A little tip: put a lovely bracelet on top, it will do it all!

In order not to get sick, don't forget to put on a pretty cashmere or wool sash and a hat!

  • Don't forget the power of the boots

Another must-have is the boots. Whether in leather, suede, or other material, this is the pair of shoes to have. It will help you face the winter and help finalize your outfit. Whether it's a heel, flat, nails for a rock side, it's necessary to have some. For the tallest among you, a key piece by far is the thigh boots. Do not hesitate to wear them; it will make all the charm.


In this section, you will find all the tips you have to remember before your shooting.

a. Timeless Pieces

The beautiful white shirt, the famous little black dress, the leather jacket or the trench coat, the choice is yours!

b. Bet On Accessories

No matter the season, you have to find bags and jewelry more or less conspicuous to match with your outfit.

For your bag, a handbag or shoulder strap is always a good option. If your outfit is enough to sober, you can opt for an original one.

Different materials and styles are available. Why not try a very trendy crocodile pattern carried shoulder or hand?

c. Choosing The Right Make-Up

When it comes to makeup, be careful not to overdo it! Makeup either the eyes or the lips in a strong way. For example, if you chose smoky eyes, you need a nude lip. Conversely, a beautiful red lip needs more natural eyes.

Below are some little tips depending on your skin or eyes.

  • If you are a brown-eyed brunette, opt for warm colors. It will bring light with e.g., khaki, copper, gold, or brown?

  • For black skin: matte, iridescent pigmented eyeshadows should be intense. Do not hesitate to use flashy colors.

  • An eyeliner line is always a good option. It will give you a cat-eye effect.

  • If you have green eyes, I suggest you plum, eggplant, or violin tones.

  • If you have blue eyes, focus on simplicity, orange pigments, copper, or bronze, for example.

  • If you have grey eyes, I recommend you plum, khaki, or purple hues. Above all, avoid tone on tone, layers on layers, or pastel colors. Instead, wear pretty nude lipstick or gloss, fresh, and light makeup. Be natural and elegant!

  • Finding the right hairstyle can be challenging. Whether it is loose, braids, ponytail, no matter what, stay true to yourself.

d. The Worst Fashion Faux Pas

  • Ballerinas

  • Flesh-colored tights

  • Abuse of printed materials

  • Wear only black

  • Matching to many colors

  • Wear accessories in the same color as the outfit

  • Fall into vulgarity with a risky crop top

  • No too much

3. Outfits Suggestion

  • For Her: A knee-length A-line dress with a floral print, paired with Mary Jane heels and a vintage-inspired handbag.

  • For Him: High-waisted trousers, a crisp button-down shirt, suspenders, and classic oxford shoes.

  • For Her: A glamorous flapper dress adorned with fringe and sequins, paired with T-strap heels and a feathered headband.

  • For Him: A tailored pinstripe suit, a bow tie, and two-tone wingtip shoes

c. Timeless Outfits

  • For her: A floor-length, sleeveless gown in a deep navy color with a subtle sheen. The dress features a classic A-line silhouette, a cinched waist, and a slight train for an elegant touch. Accessories include a string of pearls, a small clutch in a matching shade, and simple, classic pumps. Hair is styled in soft waves, and makeup is kept sophisticated with a red lip and subtle eye makeup.

  • For him: A classic navy blue or charcoal gray suit with a well-tailored fit.Pair the suit with a crisp, white dress shirt and a silk tie in a subtle pattern or a solid color. Opt for black leather dress shoes that complement the suit. Add a sophisticated touch with a coordinating pocket square and a sleek wristwatch. Consider a classic leather belt that matches the color of the shoes.

d. Elegance Outfits

  • For him: A tailored black tuxedo with a peaked lapel and a crisp, white dress shirt. The ensemble is completed with a black silk bow tie, cufflinks, and a white pocket square for a polished look. Trousers are well-fitted, and shoes are classic black patent leather oxfords. Optional accessories like a classic wristwatch and a sleek black leather belt can be added for a finishing touch.

  • For her: A sophisticated, floor-length evening gown in a rich burgundy or deep emerald color. The dress should feature a fitted bodice and a flowing A-line or mermaid silhouette for a timeless and graceful look. Accessorize with a pair of statement earrings, a delicate clutch in a complementary shade, and strappy heels. Style the hair in an elegant updo or soft waves, and opt for a classic makeup look with a bold lip or subtle smokey eyes.

- For Her:

  • Start with a pair of high-waisted, wide-leg trousers in a neutral tone, such as camel or charcoal gray.

  • Tuck in a silk or satin blouse in a contrasting color or a subtle pattern. Consider a blouse with unique details like ruffles or a pussy-bow tie for added chic flair.

  • Layer with a tailored blazer in a coordinating color or a soft pastel for a touch of sophistication.

  • Complete the look with ankle boots in a modern design, perhaps with a pointed toe or a block heel.

  • Accessorize with minimalistic jewelry, such as layered necklaces or statement earrings.

  • Consider a structured handbag or a clutch in a bold color to add a pop to the outfit.

  • For a finishing touch, style the hair in loose waves or a sleek, low bun, and opt for a natural and fresh makeup look.

- For Him:

  • Begin with slim-fit tailored trousers in a versatile shade, such as charcoal gray or navy.

  • Pair the trousers with a fitted button-down shirt in a subtle pattern or a solid color. Consider rolling up the sleeves for a relaxed yet polished vibe.

  • Layer with a well-fitted blazer in a complementary or contrasting color, depending on your preference.

  • Opt for stylish loafers or derby shoes to add a fashionable touch to the ensemble.

  • Accessorize with a sleek leather belt that complements the shoe color and consider adding a pocket square to the blazer for a pop of color.

  • Complete the look with a modern watch and subtle bracelets or cufflinks.

  • Consider grooming your hair in a classic yet effortlessly styled manner, and maintain a well-groomed appearance.

f. Bohemian Outfits

  • For Her: A flowy maxi dress with floral or paisley prints, layered with bohemian-inspired jewelry and suede ankle boots.

  • For Him: Relaxed-fit linen trousers, a loose-fitting shirt, a fedora, and leather sandals.

g. Rustic Outfits

  • For Her: A knee-length country-style dress with a checkered or floral pattern, paired with cowboy boots and a wide-brimmed hat.

  • For Him: Dark denim jeans, a plaid shirt, a leather belt, and rugged boots.

4. Conclusion

In conclusion, as you embark on the exciting journey of planning your engagement photo shoot, remember that your choice of outfits plays a pivotal role in capturing the essence of your love story. Each season offers a unique opportunity to showcase your style, and this article has provided valuable insights into crafting the perfect engagement photo outfits for every weather.

Spring, with its blossoming beauty, encourages the use of pastel colors. Whether you opt for monochrome, mixed pastels, or neutrals, the key is to embrace the soft, timeless hues that define the season. Lightweight clothing paired with elegant footwear, colorful scarves, and carefully chosen jewelry can elevate your spring engagement look.

As the temperature rises in summer, consider chic styles such as all-white ensembles or embrace the trendy boho look with flowing dresses and ethnic touches. Accessorize with statement hairpieces and jewelry to add a touch of glamour to your summer engagement photo outfits.

Fall brings a wealth of fashion opportunities, allowing you to experiment with materials, patterns, and colors. From skirts paired with leather jackets to the classic Parisian beret, this season invites you to embrace a variety of styles and accessories that reflect the rich autumn palette.

Finally, for winter engagements, the focus shifts to choosing the perfect and trendy winter coat. Quality materials like suede, velvet, felt, or cashmere combined with stylish accessories such as belts, hats, gloves, and boots ensure you stay warm while making a fashion statement.

Remember the extra tips provided in this article, such as opting for timeless pieces, selecting the right accessories, and paying attention to makeup and hairstyle choices. Avoiding fashion faux pas will ensure that your engagement photos stand the test of time.

With these guidelines, you are well-equipped to curate engagement outfits that not only reflect your personal style but also capture the joyous spirit of this significant milestone in your journey towards forever. Congratulations on your engagement, and may your photos be as timeless as your love!


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