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Unique Paris Engagement Photos

Congratulations, you're engaged. This is one of the very important and meaningful events for you, let us help you get the best photos for your Paris engagement.


Being engaged is the best feeling ever! But celebrating the engagement in Paris is even better! You can go to the City of Lights to save all the moments that you want to include in your Save-the-Date as well as the wedding invitations later on. This is also the perfect opportunity to have a Paris engagement photographer capture your authentic love moments as a couple and document all the details of this precious time in your life.

At the heart of your Paris engagement experience is the importance of capturing the best photos. Paris is not just a city; it's a symbol of romance, elegance, and timeless love. The unique charm and beauty of this city create a backdrop that elevates your engagement photos to a whole new level. Our goal is to ensure that every photo reflects the magic of your love against the iconic Parisian landmarks, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Speaking of memories, a Paris engagement photographer plays a crucial role in capturing those authentic moments. Beyond just taking pictures, they are storytellers who freeze time, preserving the laughter, the stolen glances, and the tender embraces that define your love story. Their expertise lies in turning each frame into a narrative, making your engagement album a visual journey through the enchanting streets of Paris and the journey of your relationship.

Why Paris is a perfect destination for your Engagement photos

There is no place on Earth that is more romantic than Paris. No matter what the season is, it’s the best destination to shoot your engagement photos. The atmosphere is filled with love, which helps create wonderful memories and images of you and your significant other. 

Without a doubt, Paris offers the most beautiful backdrops for unique memories and scenic engagement photos. With its picture-postcard streets and amazing architecture, you and your partner can enjoy romantic walks as your dedicated photographer takes candid photos of you. The most attractive Parisian landmarks will certainly inspire your engagement and make it a very memorable one!

Be it spring, summer, fall, or winter, Paris will never fail your Paris photoshoot. Each season provides a wonderful backdrop. And as long as you are well-prepared with the help of your engagement photographer, you can expect a blissful engagement photo session and unique pictures. 

Why Paris

Best Time For Paris Engagement 


Spring Engagement Photos (March to May)

Cherry Blossoms are stunning, and if this is the backdrop that appeals to you the most, then you might as well have your engagement photoshoot when the spring season comes, which is from March to May. The weather is nice, and you won’t have to cover up anymore. 


Summer Engagement Photos (June to August)

Temperatures in Paris in the summertime can go up and the days are longer. If you intend to do your engagement photoshoot in June or July, you should be well-prepared because these are the hottest months. August is ideal since this is the time when Parisians go on vacation, and you can expect the place to be less crowded.


Fall Engagement Photos (September to November)

If you are aiming for a golden vibe for your engagement photo shoot, then the fall season would be the best time to do it, which is from September to November. You can capture the colorful trees and leaves towards the end of October until the middle of November. 


Winter Engagement Photos (December to February)

Because of the coldness, you can easily create a romantic and unique backdrop during the winter season, from December to February. Sometimes, there is snow and it could get really cold, so make sure to prepare your winter outfits. 

As you plan your engagement photo session, consider the specific themes and vibes associated with each season. Whether it's cherry blossoms in spring, golden hues in fall, warmth in summer, or the enchanting winter landscape, each season offers its own unique charm. Explore fall engagement photo outfit ideas, outdoor fall engagement photo ideas, and what to wear for engagement photos in February. 

Want more inspirations? Check out our magic works!

Do you want to schedule the best date for your Paris engagement?

Tips for having unique Paris engagement photos 

01.Allocate Enough Time to Capture the Best Moments 

A Paris engagement photo session should never be rushed if you want to achieve excellent results. You need to give enough time so your Paris engagement photographer can capture the best poses. The length of time that you’ll have to spend on it highly depends on the number of locations. The best formula for Paris engagement is that every location you should spend at least an hour to get the best photos.

paris engagement couple walking eiffel tower_.jpg
paris engagement couple street photo eiffel tower.jpg

02. Prepare Well for the Day 

• Your photo shoot may take quite some time to accomplish, especially if you are shooting in various locations. Make sure that you stay hydrated, especially when the weather is too hot. 
• It is highly recommended that you create a checklist so that you won’t forget anything. Lip balm, lipstick, hair comb is one of the items that should be in your checklist. Pack ahead of time and avoid doing it at the last minute. It is also advisable that you organize your stuff so that it will be easier to gain access to them when needed. 
• Because Paris engagement usually starts early in the morning, so it’s better to get enough sleep the night before and wake up early on the day itself. 

03. Prepare Outfits According to Your Style 

Your outfits will certainly make a huge difference when doing an engagement photoshoot in Paris. Basically, your attire will depend on two things: the season and your personal style. 

Loose-Flowing Dresses

Loose-flowing dresses can help create a wonderful effect with the wind as you walk or run. They can add movements to the images, which is essential. With this, you should choose something that is made with light fabric, such as silk.

Tiny Prints

Floral prints are excellent, especially during the spring season. But as a general rule, you should stick to small prints and avoid the big ones. 

Matching Styles

In every engagement photoshoot, matching outfit styles is essential. Your wavelength should be the same as that of your partner. Never wear contrasting colours or prints.

Black and Red

If you intend to do your photoshoot in the evening, it would be a good idea to wear a long red dress while your future groom put on a black suit. Black and red are timeless, and they always look elegant.

paris engagement couple walking on the street eiffel tower_.jpg

For years, we have always tried to create engagement candid, authentic and emotional photos. And the secret behind the whole process is the investment in photography techniques, communication and couple instruction in the shoot. Part of the shooting technique we use is the couple poses, and we are proud to send you a complete and very practical guide that you can use and find more inspirations for your engagement photoshoot in Paris.

Best locations for Paris Engagement

paris engagement couple twirl_.jpg

We are proud to send you this list of beautiful photography locations for your Paris engagement. Favorite locations recommended by our Paris photographer are:

  1. Place du Trocadero - Most iconic view to the Eiffel Tower

  2. Pont de Art - One of the best photography locations with Paris sunset

  3. Palais Royal - The hidden gem in Paris

  4. Montmartre - The most romantic area of Paris

How We Travel Between Locations 

When allocating time for your Paris engagement photoshoot, you should also consider the travel time, particularly if it requires you to go from one place to another. 

If the locations are close to each other, you can just walk. This will give your Paris engagement photographer another great opportunity to take snapshots of you and your sweetheart. On the other hand, you can utilize the Metro if the next destination is far. But if you want to have a more convenient mode of transportation, taking Uber is strongly recommended. 

When To Take Paris Engagement Photos 

01. Choose the best time of the day 

Paris Engagement Early in the Morning 

Shooting engagement photos in the early morning is a lot better because it allows you to enjoy natural light and fresh air. At this time of the day, your energy is still high. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the crowd. The only downside is that you will have to get up very early in the morning. 

Paris Sunset Engagement 

Trying to achieve a more romantic backdrop? If so, then do it during Paris sunset. The golden light alone would create a fantastic effect on your pictures. It’s very romantic! However, you can expect that most places in Paris are still crowded at this time. You will have to find a perfect timing to do your poses when the spot is clear. 

But how to choose the date and time of the beautiful sunset?

There are 2 tips for you here. Firstly, you should choose the days when the weather is sunny Paris, that day will have a very beautiful sunset. Secondly, the best time to take a photo with the golden light is about 1-2 hours before sunset.


Paris Engagement at Night 

When the darkness falls, it creates magical moments between lovers. And in Paris, this is the perfect time to utilize the city lights as a background. The city becomes more romantic at night. The only struggle is that some places will already be closed. Therefore, you have to time your photoshoot accordingly. 

The final tip, as the light, sunset, or evening times in Paris vary with the season, so to choose the best time to take photos, our Paris engagement photographer suggests using this sun graph checker.

02. What day is best for engagement photos 

Choosing the best day for your engagement photos is another important decision that you have to make. In general, it would be great to do it in the middle of your stay in Paris. By then, you should have been well-rested already and no longer have the jet lag. Also, this will give you enough time to come up with a backup plan in case it rains.

Couple poses

Must-Have Photos For Your Paris Engagement 

Best locations

You can count on our Paris engagment photographer to have timeless photos for your engagement or save the date. The following is one of the favorite shoots and ideas that you can put in your checklist.


Hold hands to go everywhere

paris engagement couple kiss at the louvre.jpg

Perfect kiss

paris engagement detail shot the ring.jpg

Engagement Ring Close up

paris engagement at eiffel tower proposal.jpg

We are engaged


You raise me up


On your shoulder

More engagement photos ideas? Check the link belows. 

Paris Engagement Photographer

The photographer plays an important role in your Paris engagement. Finding someone you can trust to work with will help you relieve a lot of burdens and be able to fully enjoy your time in Paris.


Choose a photographer whose style is right for you

This is probably the most important thing when choosing a Paris engagement photographer. Each photographer has its own strengths and style that you can choose.
Our engagement style is focused on authenticity where we are always looking for true emotions of couples. Timeless, emotional, and storytelling photos are what we are aiming for.

If that's what you seek for your Paris engagement, then we can't wait to hear from you.

Select photographers with experience in the field

In Paris, there are many talented photographers, each of whom will have experience and advantages in an area such as fashion, family, wedding, Paris elopement, engagement, couple, or Paris proposal. Trusting experienced photographers in the field is the best way for you to have the best Paris engagement photos. In addition to learning more about the engagement portfolio, you can read more about the experiences of previous clients who have worked with photographers.

And with Fevrier Photography, we are proud of the experience of taking hundreds of couples a year and we are confident to help you get timeless engagement photos.

At Fevrier Photography, we take pride in our extensive experience, capturing the love stories of hundreds of couples each year. We are confident in our ability to provide you with timeless engagement photos that beautifully encapsulate your unique journey. We understand the importance of the photographer in preserving your special moments, and we're excited at the prospect of being your photographer in Paris. Let's be friends; we can't wait to learn more about your story.

paris engagement he lift her up.jpg

Paris Engagement Packages

paris engagement couple evening street photo.jpg


01 hour

• Precious memories stand the test of time
• 2 nearby locations
• 2 adults & 2 children 
• Online gallery to share and download provided within a day after the session
• 20 edited photos (full quality for printing, clients select the photos)
• Shooting time: day-time
• Print Release
• No hidden fees



02 hours

• Precious memories stand the test of time
• 3 locations
• Unlimited people
• Online gallery to share and download provided within a day after the session
• 40 edited photos (full quality for printing, clients select the photos)
• Shooting time: day-time
• Print Release
• No hidden fees

paris engagement at eiffel tower.jpg


03 hours

• Precious memories stand the test of time
• Ultimate Guides and planning assistance
• 4 locations
• Online gallery to share and download provided within a day after the session
• 60 edited photos (full quality for printing, clients select the photos)
• Print Release
• No hidden fees

Best time go to Paris

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