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How will you prepare for a perfect photoshoot?

Paris Is A So Unique City

There are so many places to take pictures in Paris, and it's really hard to choose just one. The good thing is that our Paris photographer knows all the best places, best times and best ways for you to have a perfect Paris photoshoot.

Keep scrolling down to learn more about taking photos in Paris, a list of photo locations, outfit tips, and steps to prepare for a photoshoot in Paris. Get inspired for a perfect photoshoot in the most romantic city in the world.



Paris Is A So Unique City

Paris undoubled one of the most romantic and beautiful cities in the world. You will be amazed by the rich culture, history, gastronomy, beauty, and arts of the city. The most romantic place of the city, Eiffel Tower, with its glittering lights illuminating the night will create memories that will last forever. You will be convinced about the beauty of the city and definitely don’t want to miss a Paris photoshoot here.

Have You Your Moments Captured By A Paris Photographer

A well-trained photographer will know deeply about shooting, editing to create timeless photos in just a small amount of time. A local photographer who knows deeply about the city will bring you to the most and unique spots of Paris. Hiring a Paris photographer for your photoshoot is the best way to save your time while having the best Paris photos.

Have Timeless Paris Photos

Years to come, how happy you would be when you looked at these moments, you and your love together in Paris? Seeing these Paris photos will also remind you of many unforgettable memories. That's why having a Paris photoshoot is always a good idea.



A trip to Paris is an exciting opportunity for you to have unforgettable moments with your partner. What is more amazing than having an engagement session at the most romantic city in the world.
Check this out to find more tips for couple photography in Paris, such as the best couple photoshoot ideas in Paris, engagement photoshoot ideas, or couple poses.


Paris or France is an extremely attractive wedding destination for couples around the words. From a wedding in the most luxurious hotel in the city to an exclusive photo session at the chateau. You can have all you dream about for your wedding in Paris. Check out how we tell your love story from Paris wedding photography here.


A perfect pre-wedding shoot in Paris can truly capture the love of couples. Paris is considered the dream destination of the bride and groom having pre wedding photos. Those beautiful photos will serve as a remembrance of that special feeling that couples have before for the wedding. This ultimate guide to Paris pre wedding will help you prepare best for your dream photoshoot.


Photos are valuable family treasures. When your family spend holiday in Paris, having a family photoshoot will always be a good idea. And to achieve the best outcome that would remind you of those sweet memories with your loved ones, professional photography is highly recommended.


If you are a blogger or a solo traveler, this is the option for you. Some portraits show style, personality, and people who have become very popular for a long time. And there's no place more suitable than Paris to get unique portraits and lifestyle photos.


You wish to bring her to Paris to pop the question, "will you marry me?" to have a "YES" from her.

If you are planning to do so, having a surprise proposal photo shoot is a perfect option. The best Paris proposal is a proposal which both of you will remember forever.
You can find the best places to propose in Paris, tips to have a perfect Paris proposal in our most comprehensive guide here.

You are ready for a Paris photoshoot, check our most updated packages here.



paris photoshoot couple at eiffel tower

The fame of Paris lies in a variety of famous places, such as Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Champs-Élysées, Notre Dame de Paris, Montmartre Hill, but also its typical Haussmann's renovation of Paris architecture.

You will be amazed by the romantic streets in District 4th or the poetic bridges that cross the Seine River. Compared to other European cities, Paris, although less green space but not lost its beauty. The two famous gardens of Paris, the Tuileries, and Luxembourg have added a gentle touch to the magnificent Paris.

5 Most Popular Places For A Paris Photoshoot

Eiffel Tower

Louvre Museum


Arch de Triomphe

Pont de Alexander III.


Check out the best locations for taking photos in Paris.


The length of a session depends on the number of locations you want for your photo shoot. It may start from the mini session in a half-hour to a multi-hour session.

However, each period will have certain benefits.

Paris Photo in the evening elegant couple at the Louvre Museum

Mini Session

A mini session usually last half to one hour. It's fast and convenient. You should choose a mini session if you don't have much time, and just need a few outstanding photos with famous places in Paris to keep memories.

Multiple Hours Session 

Two hours session is the most popular choice for a couple or family Paris photoshoot because, during that time, you can go from two to three locations. More time shooting means you become more comfortable and confident in front of the camera, which makes you create candid photos.

For couples who intend to have pre-wedding or engagement pictures in Paris, a half-day session, up to 4 hours, is a desirable option. Shooting in multiple locations and having more than one outfits require more time for transportation, changing, and energy. But in the end, you will have your best and unforgettable photos in Paris from your one-lifetime event. 

Chose your photoshoot packages



Be Creative

You can get a little bit creative by putting on a trench coat, fur collar coat, cape, etc.


For women, if you want to be more dramatic, wear a whole fur coat. It’s warm, and it gives you a luxurious vibe, so why not? Otherwise, the cape coat is a great idea. It’s also warm and has become pretty trendy recently. As for men, an elegant, small button cardigan is beautiful, cozy, and warm. It would give you a warm, friendly vibe; it is a lovely fall/autumn item.


The one thing that will always work for men is a suit, no matter what season it is, what kind of body type or even the suit perfectly shapes your body. For more creative choice, try waistcoat – the perfectly elegant and classy way of dressing for men.

Matching Style

Whether it is a family picture, couple pictures, friend group picture, we highly recommend wearing clothes if not the same color then colors that relate to each other.

Besides matching color, matching style is needed in a couple photoshoot. I would not say it’s necessary for a family photo or group photo because people can have a different style and clothing choices.


When there are more than three people in a photo, the detail will not be spotted out too much. However, when it comes to couple photoshoot, people tend to notice more about how well the pair’s clothes mix.

Don't forget to check our completed guide ...



Paris is one of the few cities that you can take photos almost every time of the year. However, to get the best session, here are some suggestions for you.



Visiting Paris in the spring will be a very memorable experience because it is a great time. Paris Spring usually lasts from March to May, the whole city will be in bloom, and you will have the opportunity to take photos with beautiful flowers like Sakura, cherry, etc.



This is the best time to enjoy the warm weather when the days are longer. Summer is also probably the most beautiful Paris sunset time. Paris is also quite busy, so you should consider the appropriate time for your Paris photoshoot to avoid crowds and heat.



It is less touristy. The crisp air, sunny weather, and cold weather make fall one of the best seasons to have a photoshoot in Paris.



We can say Paris is enthralling every time of the year. In winter, although it is the quietest season of the year, this is the time of Christmas, traditional markets, festive lights. Although the weather will be quite cold, you will have the opportunity to implement unique ideas for your winter photo shoot.

Find the best time in the day for a Paris photoshoot

Early morning

This is the golden time to take photos in Paris, in addition to the light in the Early Morning is quite gentle and bright, this is also a less touristic time. The best time is between 2-3 hours from sunrise.

paris photoshoot couple with eiffel tower in the early morning sunrise
couple photo at the Louvre at sunset time

Paris Sunset

we can say this is the most romantic photography time in Paris. The golden light makes Paris magical. The golden time is in the 2 hours before sundown. Twilight is also a valuable time to take photos too.

Evening in Paris

The unique thing that makes evening photos in Paris so special is the golden lights throughout the city. Paris, the city of lights, speaks for itself. 

paris couple photo in the evening

Paris photo tip: to determine the time of the early morning, sunset, or evening in Paris, there is nothing more suitable than watching the sun graph here.


Having a favorable Paris photography session is a must activity you should have when visiting Paris. Here are  steps to having a perfect Paris photoshoot with Février Photography.

Step 1: Get To Know Your Paris Photographer

Let's meet Alex, our lead photographer. He is the one who makes sure every photograph we make are EPIC. 

Kind Words



"We have nothing but amazing things to say about Fevrier! We had a wonderful experience with our photographer. He was extremely talented, accommodating and kind. He also helped me plan an incredibly magical surprise proposal in Paris for my fiancé. We were beyond thrilled with the quality of the photos, he truly went the extra mile to make this photoshoot everything we wanted and more !! He truly captured every intimate and candid moment between my fiancé and I, which we absolutely loved. We cannot wait to show all of our loved ones and we would highly recommend Alex to anyone looking to get professional photos done in Paris. We will absolutely be using his services again in the future!"

Step 2: Chose A Paris Photoshoot Packages

We work by the hour. Typically, we will spend about an hour on each photo location in Paris. We offer photography packages from mini sessions to multiple sessions suitable for all your photography needs in Paris.


Nighttime Elegance

• Precious memories stand the test of time
• 1 hour EVENING session
• 1 location in Paris
• A proof gallery to select the photos to edit
• 25 edited photos (full quality for printing)
• Shooting time is in the evening
• Print Release
• No hidden fees


Parisian Dreams

• 2 hours session
• 2 locations
• Precious memories stand the test of time
• Proof gallery to selection photos to edit
• 40 edited photos (full quality for printing)
• Online gallery to share and download the photos
• Shooting time: day-time
• Print Release
• No hidden fees


The Paris Experience

• 3 hours session
• 4-5 locations in Paris
• Able to change multiple outfits
• Proof gallery to select the photos to edit
• 60+ edited photos (full quality for printing)
• Online gallery to share and download the photos
• Private transportation
• Print Release
• No hidden fees


Paris Express

• A quick and efficient package that covers the highlights of the city.
• 1 hour session
• 1 location
• 20 edited photos (full quality for printing)
• Online gallery to share and download the photos
• Shooting time: day-time
• Print Release
• No hidden fees


Romantic Sunset & Evening

• 2 hours session from golden sunset to evening
• 2 location in Paris
• A proof gallery to select the photos to edit
• 50 edited photos (full quality for printing, clients select the photos)
• Shooting time is in the evening
• Print Release
• No hidden fees


Parisian Adventure

• Up to 5 hours (3h day time, 2h sunset & evening)
• Unlimited locations in Paris
• Able to change multiple outfits
• Proof gallery to select the photos to edit
• 120+ edited photos (full quality for printing)
• Online gallery to share and download the photos
• Private transportation
• Print Release
• No hidden fees


Snapshot Session

• 30 minutes
• Precious memories stand the test of time
• 1 location in Paris (Eiffel Tower)
• Online gallery to share and download provided within a day after the session
• 10+ edited photos (full quality for printing)
• Shooting time: day-time after 9 am
• Print Release
• No hidden fees

Step 3: Check availability and reserve for a date

You can take the initiative to view our availability and secure a date on our online booking system. Everything is very convenient and comfortable with just a few clicks. If you have special needs such as weddings, proposals, etc., do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Step 4: Get in touch to prepare for your photoshoot.

After booking, our team will contact you personally to prepare the best for the photoshoot. We always want to hear more about you so we can have the most comfortable and unique Paris photoshoot.

Step 5: D-Day 

We will meet at the destination, and have fun with our Paris photoshoot, and let your Paris photographer great amazing photos

Step 6: Receive your Paris photos and share them.

You will receive the proof within 24 hours. The time for edited photos will be about 2-4 weeks, and we don't want to burn any stage, because post-production is the stage that creates outstanding photos.



Holistic beauty

- Not just the beautiful photos but the pure heart, souls, and passion behind your love story. 
- Precious memories stand the test of time.

Ultimate Guides and planning assistance

- Maybe this is your first time in Paris or Europe, and we want to make things as easy as possible to you. I will help you make a comprehensive plan with locations, timelines, outfits, and more, to make sure we will have a perfect session with magic photos.
- Explore the real Paris or destinations. 

Timeless photos & emotional moments

- Proof of the session
- Fully edited photos in high resolution.
- Print Release
- No hidden fees

paris photographer couple at rue camoen eiffel tower

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