• Alex Nguyen

Romantic Engagement Photoshoot In Paris

Updated: Feb 11

It's an absolute honor and privilege to capture the love moments of Leilani and Joseph. We had a range of emotions and experiences in just 2 hours Paris photoshoot.

Check out these special moments.⁠

- Best locations in Paris: This time is the combination of iconic locations and local streets for a Paris engagement photoshoot. We started at Place du Trocadero, 75016 Paris. Alexander III bridge is our second place and we finished the session near Chatelet. We had a lot of great moments at Rue Montorgueil which is a vibrant pedestrian area in the center of Paris.

- Best time for taking Paris engagement photos: it was the end of September and we started early in the morning to catch up with the sunrise and avoid crowds. It was around 8 am.

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