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Love is here and now

Updated: Nov 27, 2020


Couple Photoshoot in Paris

Victoria and Michelle are a Malaysian couple that we happily work with as we fly off into the New Year of 2019. Currently living in Dubai, they went through a difficult time to come together as a same-sex couple. A mission of creating lovey-dovey moments for Victoria and Michelle in the city of love is our ambition as we believe they deserve romantic lesbian photoshoot in Paris.

It is even more special as our Paris Photographer first met them on New Year's Eve ar Pont de Bir Hakeim. During that night, the couple expressed their surprise right after our Paris photographer leads them to the edge of the bridge with the view of Eiffel Tower behind and the refection of the lights on the Seine river. Side by side, they got an eyeful of the Iron Lady with its golden covering and sparkling lights when the clock turned into 7.00 pm.

Everything surroundings them was just background noise when Victoria and Michelle were quietly holding hands and admiring the golden symbol of love illuminating in the night. No rush, no setup or obtruding, Fevrier's photographer gently captured that lively occasion they shared. To live this here-and-now moment to the fullest is our real yet promising dream that we want to deliver to our beloved couples in Paris.

Celebrate the love

After the couple photoshoot session, Victoria left us a note embracing our works: "Me and my partner Michelle really enjoyed the Paris photoshoot. We are very satisfied with all the pictures that you have taken. Every picture is amazing with a spectacular view. We are so lucky to meet you both and so much comfortable during the photoshoot. Your photographer is creative to guide us on how to pose, we so happy about it because we are not photogenic. We are even happy with the places that you suggested. Thank you for capturing all the beautiful moments and memories. We really appreciate your sincere work and your credibility".

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