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Romantic Pregnancy Couples Photography In Paris

Updated: Jul 3, 2020


Pregnancy Couples Photography In Paris Is a Gift

Considering as a way to reaffirm the love to each other, David decided to give his wife a noteworthy pregnancy photoshoot in Paris to celebrate their seven years of marriage and it is even more memorable when Marry is carrying their child. The love story of this IT engineer and dentist began when they were all bachelor students in the US and to them, the secret of happiness lies in living this life to the fullest and just being together no matter where they go around the world. After graduation, David and Marry settled down in Japan in three years and conquering amazing Asian countries like Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia together. After that, they were excited to start the next chapter in Germany where they can experience the European cultural and artistic exposures. During the photo shoot, what impressed us the most is their gentleness, maturity, understanding, and respect for each other in the long-term relationship.

Pregnancy Photography at Eiffel Tower

In Paris, the Eiffel Tower is probably one of the most beautiful locations for a pregnancy photoshoot. Our journey starts from Pont de Bir Hakeim towards the bank of the Seine river on a sunny Parisien winter day. Standing next to her man, Marry looks happily gorgeous in the beautiful wine red dress, silver hair, and sunny smiles while David, without being picky about his outfit, expresses the way he cares about his lifetime partner inconspicuously. It is a moment to remember when looking at them sitting on the lawn near Eiffel Tower under a glimpse of the last sun rays in Paris. Our Paris photographer was guiding them some couple poses to reveal their true love and emotions Everything was just perfect.

It was one of the most romantic and beautiful couple photoshoots we have taken. Maybe their next journey will be coming back to their motherland in Illinois, the US to settle down and build their own home but as long as they are together, everywhere on earth can be their love nest.

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