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Paris Wedding Photographer

Paris is one of the most romantic cities in the world, and there’s no better way to celebrate your wedding in the City of Love. Whether you’re having an intimate outdoor ceremony or a grand ballroom affair, hiring a dedicated Paris wedding photographer can help ensure that your special day is remembered for years to come.

paris pre wedding photo at Shangrila Paris

Capturing Your
Love Story

Your wedding day is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and we're here to make sure it's captured in all its beauty. Let us help you tell your love story through stunning photography.


Nothing is more special than celebrating the love between two people. That's why, as a Paris wedding photographer, I'm passionate about capturing your unique story and all of its little moments that make it so unforgettable.


From exchanging vows to dancing the night away with loved ones, every second of your day will be cherished for years to come. I'll document all of these memories so you can look back on them fondly - from the romantic shots taken in front of stunning monuments to the candid snaps that encapsulate your joyous celebration.


It's our mission to ensure you have photographs that express what makes your union so special and meaningful; an everlasting reminder of how deeply in love you are and how truly blessed you feel. In this way, we strive to provide timeless visuals which reflect who you are as individuals and as a couple.


Galleries to spark your inspiration

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Our Wedding Photography Style

At Février Photography, our approach to capturing your wedding day is deeply rooted in the art of storytelling, with a keen eye for the moments that truly matter. Our style is a harmonious blend of techniques and aesthetics, designed to tell the story of your love in the most beautiful way possible. 

Storytelling Aspect of Capturing Love Stories as a Paris Wedding Photographer

Our photography is not just about capturing images; it's about telling stories. Each photograph is a narrative piece, a frozen moment that speaks volumes. We focus on the emotions, the unspoken bonds, and the joyous celebrations that unfold throughout your special day. Our goal is to document your love story as it naturally unfolds, capturing the laughter, tears, and everything in between with authenticity and depth. This storytelling approach ensures that when you look back at your photographs, you'll be able to relive your wedding day with the same intensity and emotion as if you were there again.

Careful Balance Between Timelessness and Modernity

We strive to strike a perfect balance between timeless elegance and contemporary flair as a Paris wedding photographer. Our photography is designed to be as relevant and moving decades from now as it is today. By focusing on the timeless aspect of your love and the modern details that make your wedding unique, we create a visual narrative that is both classic and contemporary. This balance ensures that your wedding photos are not just snapshots in time but enduring symbols of your love that will be cherished by generations to come.

paris wedding photo bride at Kimpton hotel Paris

Unique Aesthetic: Sensual Composition and Architectural Use of Light

Our aesthetic is characterized by a sensual composition and a sophisticated architectural use of light, making us stand out among Paris wedding photographers. We believe that light is the essence of photography, and we skillfully use it to sculpt images that are rich in texture and depth. Our compositions are carefully crafted to evoke emotions, with a focus on the sensual interplay between shadows and light. This unique aesthetic approach allows us to capture the essence of your love story in a way that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

Combination of Digital & Film Photography for Weddings

In our quest to capture the perfect essence of your wedding day, we employ a combination of digital and film photography. This blend allows us to take advantage of the immediacy and versatility of digital photography, while also embracing the timeless quality and unique character of film. Film photography offers a level of depth, warmth, and texture that is unparalleled, adding a vintage charm and an organic feel to your wedding photos. By combining these two mediums, we ensure that your wedding album is a diverse and beautiful collection of images that truly captures the spirit of your day.

Alex Nguyen Founder of Fevrier Photography Paris photographer


Hi there, it's me, Alex.

In the heart of Paris, a city that dances to the rhythm of love and timeless beauty, I discovered my true calling. My journey wasn't just about founding Fevrier Photography; it was about finding myself amidst the enchanting streets and romantic vistas of Paris. With a background in Marketing and Business Management, I ventured to Paris in 2017 for an MBA, only to fall irrevocably in love with the city and photography.


Photography, for me, is not just capturing moments; it's about weaving stories of love, dreams, and timeless elegance into visual narratives. Since 2010, my passion for photography has been a constant companion, but it was in Paris that this passion ignited into a serious pursuit. Fevrier Photography was born in 2019, a testament to my journey of blending art with my business acumen to create unforgettable experiences.

My mission is to capture the essence of moments that are as eternal as Paris itself, creating art that belongs not just in albums, but on the walls of generations to come.This dedication ensures that each photograph taken by Février Photography, your Paris wedding photographer, is a piece of timeless art, embodying the spirit of Paris and the unique stories of love it witnesses.


To us, the most important element of a great wedding photo is the ability to communicate with the viewer. It should have the ability to tell a story, evoke emotion with its composition, lighting, and, most significantly, its subject matter.

Detail shot for a wedding in paris

Personalized And Tailored Services

We understand that you want something special and truly unique for your big day. That's why we, as your chosen Paris wedding photographer, offer personalized and tailored services to each of our clients – no two weddings are ever the same! WE take pride in being able to capture moments from a distance, while still making sure every couple gets the attention they deserve.

Our goal is always to create memories that will last a lifetime; memories that can be shared, cherished, and looked back on fondly by everyone involved.


Your Paris wedding has an unique style, and it's evident in the fine details you've chosen (we absolutely adore it, by the way). But most importantly, you want to cherish every moment of your special day. You seek photographs that reflect that happiness and love you felt while surrounded by your loved ones. To help make this happen, we offer:

  • 8 to 12 hours of coverage on your big day

  • The option of complimentary engagement session

  • The option of a second photographer

  • Customized schedules and assistance

  • Careful in-house professional editing 

  • High-resolution images in a secure online gallery

  • A sneak peek gallery within a week of your wedding

  • The option of a custom-designed fine art album

  • A personalized online store for your images.

Weddings start at €3,500

paris elopement at chateau bouffemont

How We Work Together 


Our process starts with open communication and establishing a connection. You will share your wedding plans and I will listen attentively to understand how you want to preserve those memories. Based on our discussion, I will create a comprehensive plan to capture those moments.


We will go over your vision for your big day, with my insights as a Paris wedding photographer guiding us and I will suggest trusted vendors who can bring it to life. I will then plan and visualize the day's events to reflect your personalities and surroundings.


On your wedding day, that's when I capture the timeless moments and important frames that we planned. You just need to really focus on enjoying your big day.




We are very lucky to meet this wonderful photographer Alex who captured the most beautiful moments of our wedding. Communication with him was perfect both before the wedding and during the photographic season (the wedding day). When we received the photos we were very moved. It's like reliving the same emotions we felt during our marriage. Alex has perfectly shown our emotions, our happiness and our love through his photos. The photos are gorgeous and perfectly match what we expected.

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Dancing With Her / French Wedding / Beloved Stories / How They Asked / Equally Wed


If you see beauty the way I do, let's work together!

Photographs are tangible memories of the life we've lived, the people we've loved, the places we've visited. They are little relics from the past, that help us relive the happiest, most important life moments. Each client that I work with is unique and very different. There are no two stories alike. I love investing time in getting to know you and what's important for you. Click below, message me and let's start planning your big day with a Paris wedding photographer !

elegant Paris wedding photo


paris wedding couple at hotel de crillon


I can't wait to hear more about your wedding.

Please add your international calling code before phone number like +1, +33...

Leave a message by Whatsapp to

+33 7 55 73 53 73  (Alex),

if you don't receive the response in 24 hours.

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