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engagement photo ideas with eiffel tower

​Engagement Photo Ideas

Hey, you're going to Paris in the future and plan to have an engagement photoshoot here.

We are so proud to provide the best engagement ideas for you.  

And the good news is, the following comprehensive list works not only for an engagement session but also for a couple photoshoot


engagement photo ideas with eiffel tower

01. Eiffel Tower Engagement Shoot

Who doesn't want some engagement photos in front of the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of love and dream destination of couples around the world? 

Paris engagement photo ideas in chateau

02. Engagement Photos at Château

Sounds incredible, right? France is famous for its private chateau, and some of them are not just for a luxury wedding. You can have access to some castle near Paris to have your magic engagement picture. 

Paris engagement photo ideas at Paris Luxury Hotel

03. Engagement at Paris Luxury Hotel

You want some memorable photos in Paris, let's have some couple photos in most Luxury Hotel in Paris, or I can say, in the world.


A talented photographer will know how you take unique engagement photos for you.

And it's right in Paris. A local photographer will surely help you make these following ideas.

04. Paris Urban rooftop

Paris's iconic rooftop with the chimney is one of the unique photoshoot themes you can imagine. It's not easy to get up to some rooftop because of safety reasons. But there is still some building that allows you to do so. Gallery Lafayette is one of your best options. 

Paris engagement photo ideas at Urban rooftop
Paris engagement photo ideas when Evening Session at the Louvre

05. Evening Session at the Louvre

The beauty Louvre museum in the evening will take your breath away. It probably one of the best options for engagement picture ideas in the evening in Paris. To make it even better, you should learn a little bit about engagement photos poses. And voila, you have the most glamorous photo gallery. 

06. Paris Café

Hey, this idea is popular with Paris couple photography. Having some best coffee at a Parisian café and have some engagement photos. Seriously. You will have your romantic couples' pictures.

Paris engagement photo ideas atParis Café
Paris engagement photo ideas in front of the paris sunset

07. In front of the Paris Sunset

Sunset is the golden time for photography, definitely an excellent idea for your engagement photoshoot. Don't forget to pick the right time for the photo session—1 or 2 hours before the sundown will work best for you.  The two most popular places to have photos with Paris sunset are the bank of the Seine river and the Ile St Louis. Check out more tips for a sunset photoshoot.

08. Early Morning Trolling at Montmartre Hill

You have to do this artsy picture idea. Montmartre would be the perfect spot as it features the old but fabulous parts of Paris. With the remarkable architecture and cobblestone pathways, you will have the most intimate couple photoshoot at Montmartre that you could ever have! And Have you ever wondered how to avoid tourists and crowds in Paris? This idea is your answer. 

Paris engagement photo ideas in the early morning trolling at montmartre hill
Paris engagement photo ideas at paris metro

09. Paris Metro

If you think Paris metro is such chaos, you're right. But beside of that, Paris metro is a source of artistic background for your engagement photos. Some of the most beautiful Metro Station in Paris where you can take pictures are Art de Metier, Louvre Rivoli, Concorde, Pont Neuf, Bastille, or Palais Royal.  

Don't forget to check out this unique engagement photoshoot in Paris at Montmatre


10. Capturing the Falling Leave

If you visit Paris in the fall, you will never regret it. Having your engagement photos taken in the most beautiful time of the year is always a good idea. Famous about artsy gardens around the city, you can quickly find a Paris garden with falling leaves. Jardin du Palais royal or Jardin de plant are the best places for taking photos in Paris in autumn.

Paris engagement photo ideas with the falling leave

11. Golden Tree

Falling Leafs are not enough? Let's go to Jardin du Luxembourg to have some of the most beautiful Golden Tree in Paris. 

12. Morning Sunlight

Another fall photoshoot idea is a morning sunlight session. You can use the sun graph checker to know the best time for sunrise in Paris. Picking a sunny day will help you have the best light in the early morning. This is what we can get for your engagement photos. 

Paris engagement photo ideas withGolden Tree
Paris engagement photo ideas in theMorning Sunlight

13. Golden Hour Glow

Schedule your photoshoot during the golden hour to capture the warm, soft tones of sunset. Our photographers will ensure your love shines as bright as the falling leaves.

Are you ready for a romantic engagement photoshoot?


 14. Indoor Engagement at Home

For a couple who love indoor photoshoot, nowhere is better than an indoor engagement session. Even if you are in Paris, this idea is possible. The place can be in your hotel room. You also can find an Airbnb house with a living, cozy bedroom and kitchen for your engagement photoshoot. 

Paris engagement photo ideas at home

15. Cozy Kitchen Shoot – Cooking Together

An engagement shoot in a cozy kitchen will warm up your love. What about cooking your most favorite dish together.

Paris engagement photo ideas at home

16. Couple Pillow Fight

Tired get old? Let come bake to a childhood game.

17. Romantic Couple Bathtub

Are you ready for a sexy couple of photoshoots? Some candles, music, and Champaign are the best engagement prop for this photo session. 

Paris engagement photo ideas in bed
Paris engagement photo ideas in the winter

18. Intimate Couple in Bed

You are finding the idea of sexiest pictures of couples for your engagement photo shoot. This idea will never get outdated. Depend on how far you want to go for the photoshoot, you can have your most intimate photo with this idea. Some couples even dedicate for nude couple photography. 

19. Winter couple photoshoot

Really? This idea is impossible with a true Paris photographer. Even it's quite cold in Paris in winter, but having a winter photoshoot in Paris is a unique engagement photos idea. 

20. Romantic Outdoor Picnic

Croissant, Paris baguette, Macron cake are three must-have engagement props for a Parisian style picnic. The bank of the Seine river or a Parisian garden is placed you can consider for this engagement photo idea. 

Paris engagement photo ideas with Romantic Outdoor Picnic

21. Dancing Couple

You can dance, why not do that in Paris. The city of love and artist has a lot of perfect places for you to dance with your love in jazz background. Tip: you can find some open dancing ground in front of the Palais royal at around 7 pm in somedays of the week.

Paris engagement photo ideas by dancing ground in front of palais royal

This Paris sunset engagement session will take your breath away!


You want some funny engagement photos. Check out these ideas. 

22. Burger Engagement Photo

This is a fun idea for your engagement photos. Is that cool for Sharing some perfect fait Maison burger in Paris?

23. Paris Disney Land Engagement

Lots of couples go to Paris for Disney land. So why not have your engagement photoshoot there. Don't come back home too early, let's wait until 7 pm for the Disney land firework and make the moment unforgettable. Don't forget to learn some couple photo pose for this one in a lifetime moment. 

24. French Beret

A beret is one of the traditional European hats. And of course, a French beret will become an engagement photo prop for you. Let have some fun with these cute photo props. 

25. Eiffel Tower Photobomb

Have fun with your engagement photos by incorporating playful Eiffel Tower photobombs. Our photographers will capture the laughter and spontaneity that define your relationship.

Paris engagement photo ideas with burger

Check out how Leilani and Joseph had a romantic engagement session in Paris with Eiffel Tower, Pont Alexander III and Parisian streets


You want more, let scroll down for some creative photoshoot ideas.

26. Urban street photos

This is a fun idea for your engagement photos. Is that cool for Sharing some perfect fait Maison burger in Paris?

27. Boho couple

You can pull off a Bohemian style outfit by putting on something lose, lightweight, patterned, and comfortable.  For a man, stay away from the traditional denim jeans. Instead, opt for a rugged and ripped pair of pants.  Match it with a floral shirt or a creatively printed top, and you are all set! As for a woman, you can be a hot Bohemian chic in a Maxi dress or flared jeans with funky prints. And don't forget the accessories!

28. Laundromat Couple Session

I promise it will be enjoyable with this engagement photoshoot. Let find a laundromat nearby and have some cute couple pics over there.

29. Vintage photo shooting

If you like vintage style, which connects to the previous time, you have to try this idea. Let have some inspiration from this couple. 

Paris engagement photo ideas on Urban street
Paris engagement photo ideas by taking throung the glass photo

30. Taking through the glass photo 

If you're looking for creative engagement photo ideas, here's the idea for you. You can take photos through the glass window, doors, etc. This idea sounds simple but to implement it effectively, you should pay attention. It is recommended to take photos of the glass at night, do not forget to turn off the flash on your camera and it is better to shoot in manual mode.

black and white engagement photo on the beach

31. Black and white engagement photos

Black and white engagement photos are timeless because they're a great tool to convey moods and emotions. When you do not pay much attention to color, the focus of the viewer is only on black and white, on light, on reflection, then the emotions are most highly expressed and focused. Best. Don't forget to put this engagement ideas in your list.

32. How to take your own engagement photos

If you just want a private two-person experience, then why not try taking engagement photos yourself. Prepare yourself a camera or phone, a tripods and a camera trigger, so you can take your own engagement photos. However, to get the best engagement shots, we highly recommend hiring an engagement photographer.

33. Secluded Garden Elegance

Create artistic and intimate images in a private spot within a Parisian garden. Our photographers will use the natural surroundings to craft beautifully creative engagement photos.

Besides preparing great ideas, learning some basic basic poses will help you get your engagement perfect shots and help you become a lot more confident during your photoshoot. Don't forget to check out our most comprehensive for couple & engagement poses here.

Engagement photo ideas for spring

Spring is one of the best seasons of the year and spring weather is great for engagement photos too. You can quickly grab some engagement for spring photography ideas below:

  • Wear a floral dress and photographed in the flower field

  • Take pictures with cherry blossoms in full bloom.

  • Take pictures in places that are familiar to you, like in a park near your home.

  • Get away from town to go hiking and get exclusive engagement photos.

  • Rowing with your partner in the afternoon of your marriage.

  • Let's have a picnic at the most beautiful park in the city.

Paris engagement photo ideas under the cherry blossom
Paris engagement photo ideas by hold hand

35. Outdoor winter engagement photos

Imagine engagement pictures shot in the snow. Isn't it wonderful and romantic? So there's no reason not to take outdoor engagement photos in winter wonderlands. This will be a great time to have tight hugs, wrap each other in colorful warm blankets, play in the snow and enjoy the year-end holiday atmosphere.

36. The knot engagement photos

Tie the knot is a symbol when you get married when you decide to tied together to signify your bond. You can use these ideas to get the knot engagement photos.

37. Evening Street

As the sun sets over Paris, let the city lights illuminate your love story. Stroll hand in hand down cobblestone streets adorned with charming cafes, capturing the warmth of your connection against the twinkle of city lights. Candid moments and stolen glances beneath the evening sky will transform your engagement photos into a timeless testament of your love.

engagement photo on evening street

38. In a Bar

Toast to your future together in the heart of Parisian culture—a quaint bar with character. The flicker of candlelight, the clinking of glasses, and the joyous laughter will infuse your photos with an authentic and intimate atmosphere. Raise a glass to your love, creating memories that reflect the spirited energy of your relationship.

engagement photos in a bar

39. In an Elevator

Elevate your engagement photos, quite literally, by capturing the essence of intimacy in an elevator. As the doors close, seize the opportunity for stolen kisses, tender embraces, and playful glances. The confined space will intensify the connection between you two, resulting in captivating images that encapsulate the private world of your love story.

engagement photos in an elevator

Are you ready for an engagement photo shoot in Paris with Février Photography

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