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The best photograph spots with the Eiffel Tower

Eiffel is definitely the most iconic spot of Paris. You can easily find a huge number of Eiffel photos on the Internet because photographing Paris is such a long journey through time. Today Février will show you some great spots to take photo with The Iron Lady and how to pose with her.

Trocadéro Square

Trocadéro is surely the most photographed view of the Eiffel Tower. You can easily search this place by the word "Trocadéro square" or "Place du Trocadéro" on Google map. Let's see some posing at this place.

The basic pose

The simplest way is turning your back to the Iron Lady and the best place to take this pose is the center of large square.

A wedding anniversary session

On the edge pose

One of the most favourite pose is sitting on the edge of the balcony of Trocadero square. If you take picture at daytime, some guardians may warn you and may not allow you to sit on that edge. Just be kindly and gentlely ask them, they may allow you to sit and take pictures in few minutes.

The closer pose on the balcony

Change your pose a little bit by sitting on the balcony and take a closer angle.


Halfway on the stair pose

If you want to get a shot with nobody in the background, this spot is a good idea. The stairs are on the both side of platform.

The Under Iron Lady pose

From Trocadero platform, you go towards Eiffel tower and stop in the middle of the bridge across the Seine river. This shot will capture full of The Iron Lady.

The Over flower pose

When you finish the Under Iron Lady pose, go towards Eiffel tower and turn right. You will see a small rose garden.

You just need to take photo from bottom up of roses.

Pont de Bir Hakeim area

The second best view to Eiffel tower is around Bir Hakeim bridge where filmed Inception movie. Type "Pont de Bir-Hakeim" on google map, you can easily find it.

Rock arch pose

Standing under the bridge, looking into the view through the rock arch. It is better if you can stand here and hold your lover's hand.

The quai of Seine river

This is really one of the best spot to capture with the Iron Lady. She is behind you and there's usually some gorgeous houseboats moored along the Seine river.

The Metro line 6 pose

Taking photos with the Eiffel tower from the view of Metro line 6 is really a good idea that you should try. The best stop to take this one is Passy.

These are some our suggestions for everyone to photograph with the Iron Lady. If you want to have professional photos in Paris to save your memories with the city of love, you can take a look at our Paris Photoshoot here.

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