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When you decide to propose to her in Paris, then surely the Eiffel tower is the best option.  As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the city, the tower is often crowded with tourists.  Therefore, to have a perfect Eiffel tower proposal, you need to prepare a little. We are so happy to make this complete guide to Eiffel Tower Proposal for gentlemen. Let's scroll for the best tips for your Eiffel Tower proposal.


There are many beautiful spots around the Eiffel Tower which you can choose to propose to her. Each place has a different view of the tower.  The following are the nine best locations for the Eiffel tower proposal.  In addition to detailed directions on how to get to the venue, we will give you tips on the best time to propose at the Eiffel Tower.

1.    Place du Trocadéro

Trocadéro is one of the most popular spots in Paris to see the Eiffel Tower. Therefore, it is one of the best places for your Eiffel Tower proposal.

Pro tips: To have a meaningful and private Eiffel Tower proposal, you should avoid proposing to her at a time when there are too many tourists here.  The best time to propose is in the early morning when dawn starts up.  It was also the best time to have an Eiffel Tower photoshoot.

However, finding a perfect spot at Trocadéro to propose her in Paris, you should research the location a little bit. The most beautiful spot is probably near the stairs and balcony. You can get one of the best photos with the Eiffel Tower here. To make it easy to imagine how to get to this place, you can find our following guide map.


02. Fountain near Trocadéro Gardens

The second spot for the Eiffel Tower proposal is Fontaine du Trocadero.  It is usually the second-best option if you want to propose to her in Trocadero.  To get to the measurement, you just need to go down to Fontaine, which has the statue shown in the picture.  If the first place is crowded, you should move to this location.
Pro tips: the morning will be a good time for your Eiffel Tower proposal here.  Besides, summer is also the time when Fontaine is active. You will have breathtaking scenery when proposing to her.


03. Port Debilly

This spot stay is one of the most private spots with a beautiful view of the Eiffel Tower and is also one of the best places for the Eiffel tower proposal. It is also one of the most favorite places for photographers to photograph the Eiffel Tower.
Pro tips: because it’s quiet and obscure, you can have the Eiffel Tower proposal most of the day.

To get here will be a bit tricky. You can navigate the spot with this code on google map or follow our instructions below.


04. Avenue de Camoen

This spot is an unknown location and one of the most romantic places for your Eiffel Tower proposal. A small spectral corner near the Trocadero, Avenue de Camoen offers a very Parisian view. You can get a unique Eiffel Tower Proposal here. Another advantage is that besides photographers who come here to take photos, there are quite a few tourists in this area. The highlight here is the buildings with Haussman architecture around, and the greenery area gives the street a very unique and romantic feature.
Pro tips: to get to this spot, you can walk about 5 minutes from Trocadero. You can find the location number 01 Avenue de Camoen on google map here.


05. Champ de Mars

Champ de Mars is a green space right next to the Eiffel Tower. Besides Trocadero, this is where you can have a direct view of the Eiffel Tower.
This is where Parisians and tourists often go to a picnic. So to have a meaningful proposal, you can choose a time as few people as early in the morning.



06. Passerelle Debilly

Passerelle Debilly is a footbridge that connects the straps de New York to the straps Branly, and it has a magnificent view of the Eiffel Tower. This is a pedestrian area and not too crowded.

07. Pont de Bir Hakeim

Pont de Bir Hakeim is one of the bridges across the Seine River with the best view to the Eiffel Tower. You can have a perfect Eiffel Tower proposal here.
Pro tips: this is a place where you can propose to her at different times of the day. However, you should also note a few points.
On this board, the best spot for Eiffel Tower proposal at Pont de Bir Hakeim is near the statue of La France renaissante. You will have a beautiful Paris picture with the Seine and the Eiffel Tower.
In the evening, you may have a surprise proposal at the time of the Eiffel Tower with sparkling lights at even time. The best place to have the Eiffel Tower proposal at night is under the bridge, the road for bicycles and pedestrians.


08. Rue de l’Université

This is the second most beautiful street corner you can think of when proposing at the Eiffel Tower. Strictly speaking, 225-223 Rue de l’ Université, 75007 Paris is the place you need to go to. You will have a very close view of the Eiffel Tower, with the surrounding Paris architectural buildings, which will be an excellent place to propose.
Pro tips: Despite being a small street corner, this is a touristic location. So you should propose here in the early morning. Besides, this corner often has cars parked on both sides of the road, so sometimes you need to choose a suitable spot to propose. 


09. Proposal on top of the Eiffel Tower

If you want to have a unique proposal, then you should think of this Proposal. The top of the Eiffel Tower is the highest place to see the city of Paris.
After proposing to her at the Eiffel Tower, you can celebrate at one of the best restaurants with a view in Paris, Jules Verne, and 58 Tour Eiffel.
Pro tips: this is a crowded place, so you should make sure that you and your lover feel comfortable in public and crowded.

10.    Pont de alexander III

The last place on the list is Alexander III Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in Paris. Here you can also get views of the Eiffel Tower and the Seine River. This spot is also one of the most popular places for the Eiffel Tower proposal because of the splendid and majestic beauty of the bridge.
Pro Tips: the best time to propose to her at Pont de Alexandre III is early morning when the bridge is not overcrowded.


There is a celebration party after your proposal is a must. And French cuisine will not let you down. Here are a few suggestions for the most romantic restaurant in Paris to celebrate your engagement.

eiffel tower proposal.jpg


For a perfect Eiffel Tower proposal, you should be well prepared and ready for any situation. So that the preparation does not take too much time and you can still enjoy the sweet moment of your marriage proposal, let’s take a look at the most useful tips to propose at the Eiffel Tower.

01. Should your Eiffel Tower proposal be public or private?

Public and private Eiffel Tower proposals each have their pros and cons, and the question of “which is better” really comes down to personal taste.
A public Eiffel Tower proposal is also a fantastic choice if you want to show your partner just how much he or she means to you. However, because Eiffel Tower is always a very touristic place during the day, it will be a little bit difficult to control the environment when you make your Eiffel Tower Proposal.
On the other side, a private Eiffel tower proposal will bring you and your partner more personal gain. You will not have to worry much about the surrounding space. And more, you are free to implement your unique proposal ideas. The best time to implement a private Eiffel tower proposal is early in the morning or private and less crowded locations.
So, would you choose private or public Eiffel Tower proposal?

02. How to have a perfect decoy story for your Eiffel Tower proposal?

If you are preparing a surprise proposal at the Eiffel Tower, here are some pretty essential tips. Of course, you want to make each step carefully and keep your partner in the dark until the last minute. You should be prepared for a few weeks in advance for this surprise proposal.
One of the tips is to get her in place with an activity that she can’t say no. Maybe a couple photoshoot is not a bad idea, because it's reasonable that you two should have a few photos with the Eiffel tower on a trip to Paris. Besides, try to think of a reason for her to dress up well when going out without making her suspicious. To prevent her from thinking that something is happening, try to share the plan with as few people as possible.

03. Which hand do you put the proposal ring on?

Usually, You should wear the engagement ring on the fourth finger of your partner’s left hand.

04. Which knee should you propose on?

This is a seemingly simple but very noticeable question.

When it comes to marriage proposals, it’s common to get on one knee instead of one.
The choice of the left or right knee is not clearly defined.

Traditionally, you should kneel on your left when proposing, because, in the past, the knights did so to show respect and loyalty.

05. Have a backup plan for your Eiffel Tower Proposal

Another issue that you should keep in mind when planning an Eiffel Tower proposal is that there is always a plan B.

There will be a few issues that may arise or unexpected.

For example, the weather is not good enough for you to have a perfect Eiffel Tower proposal.

If you have vendors such as Paris photographer, the musician for your Paris proposal, then you should discuss a backup plan in advance if possible.

06. Do share your Eiffel Tower Proposal

After you successfully propose, the right thing to do is share that joy with your loved ones.

You can share some pictures of her with the marriage ring.

One of the best ways to get those beautiful proposition photos is to hire a Paris photographer to capture your meaningful moments.

What could be more romantic and memorable than being proposed in Paris. She will never forget this one of the best moments of her life. These real proposalstories will make you want to bring her to Paris and propose to her.


Having an Eiffel Tower proposal is a dream.

This Eiffel Tower proposal package is created to save your unforgettable moments in Paris.

What can you get from the Eiffel Tower Proposal Package?

-    Eiffel Tower proposal consultation 
-    Vendor reference for a perfect Eifel Tower Proposal
-     60 mins Paris proposal photoshoot
-    Sneak peek photos
-    Professionally edited photo


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