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How a Paris honey moon session become the sweetest proposal?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020


Plan for the sweetest proposal in Paris

"I will do it!" Tuan talked about his decision to propose to Trinh when he prepared to go to Paris. But he wanted something special for her. Therefore, Tuan and his friends planned a surprise Paris proposal. Tuan's two friends, Dean and My, came out to play the roles. They pretended to have a honeymoon photoshoot with the help of Février Photography.

How did he ask?

During the photoshoot, each couple took pictures together, and while Trinh did not pay the most attention, Tuan made the sweetest proposal under the witness of the love symbol, the Eiffel Tower. On his knee and the proposal ring on his hand, Tuan told Trinh the speech he prepared for days. Trinh was very surprised and she seemed to be quiet for a while because of happiness and then tears were on her eyes. When she said "yes" and Tuan handed the gorgeous proposal ring to her hand. They hugged each other in happiness. He did it.

The couple received appreciation and congratulation not only from their traveling friends but also from many travelers from all over the world who were present at Trocadero. The cold morning of Paris became so warm with their love.

The following photos are from their engagement session afterward.

Couple: Tuan & Trinh from Melbourne, Australia

Photo: Alex – A Paris Photographer

Produced by: Février Photography

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