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He asked - She said YES!

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Romantic couple

Romantic Proposal in Paris

Do you still believe in love? You have to read this beautiful story of a romantic Eiffel Tower Proposal.

The perk of being a Paris Photographer gives us the privilege to capture once-in-a-lifetime occasions of lovebirds around the world. One way or another, we believe that our works are expressing the power of love and the belief in magical things still exists in this world. The team of Février is lucky enough to meet Stephan and Lucia in Paris in winter to tell a romantic proposal in Paris.

Wonder how he asked? Keep reading guys!

Coming from Netherland, Stephan met Lucia, an energetic girl, four years ago when they were studying in a master's program. Together, they went through each chapter of their personal and professional life when working in the same company after graduation. Taking one step further by a marriage proposal, Stephan really wants to spend the rest of his life with Lucia. The doorbell of Fevrier's office was ringing continuously when he can not wait to share with us his secret plan to have a perfect Eiffel Tower Proposal.

He asked, and she said YES.

The surprise proposal happened at Trocadéro, where they used to walk down and take pictures together. A secret place is near the Fountain of Trocadéro with the view of the Eiffel Tower that has been set up for the big moment.

Alex, our Paris Photographer was in the role of a paparazzi photographer to capture all the proposal moments. No words can describe our feelings when witnessing their momentous occasion of this romantic Eiffel Tower Proposal under the Parisien skies.

He asked, and she said YES.

Suprised feeling, occasional happy tears rolling down her face, the moment when Lucia said "YES" and their unconcealed happiness are captured quietly by our Paris photographer, followed by their very first engagement frames. Hand in hand, Stephan and Lucia stroll down poetic streets of Paris on a sunny Saturday afternoon when it seems time stands still.

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