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How To Secretly Get Photographer For Proposal

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Having your proposal in Paris is an amazing plan to get a "Yes" from her. It’s will be an unforgettable memory for two of you and you want all of these moments last forever. Hiring a Paris photographer for your proposal is an excellent idea. These are 5 things you should consider proposing in Paris with a professional photographer.

1. Chose the best places to propose in Paris at the best time

This is the most asked question for every gentleman who wants to do propose in Paris. There’re many choices in Paris. However, an open area, with fewer objects which can cover the vision of the proposal photographer, will be a good area. Here are some best places to propose in Paris that suitable best for Paris proposal.

Montmartre at sunrise

This is one of the best places to propose in Paris. The fresh air and romantic streets without people in the early morning will be a great option for you. What is better than a morning walk with her? And she will never know you have a surprise for her. Maison Rose is a good spot to do the proposal.


Place du Trocadero – before 10 am

This is the second-best place. We don’t have to say much. Eiffel speaks for herself.

A proposal at Eiffle Tower

Luxembourg Garden – avoid weekend

This is one of the most beautiful gardens in Paris with lots of spots covered by nature. The top choice should be Marie De Medicis Fountain. There is a long story behind this place that you don't want to miss. That's why this is a romantic place to do your proposal. is a romantic spot you should consider.

2. Chose the best Paris photographer for paparazzi-style

The next consideration is how to choose a suitable Paris photographer. It is important to have an experienced and well-equipped photographer to have your paparazzi style. Whatever camera the photographer has, a long focal lens, such as 70-200 mm, is a must. Because it needs to capture the moment from far away.

3. Map out the proposal spot and the paths for the day

The more you understand the area, the better the photographer can catch up with you. It's more important this is your first time in Paris. Google maps provide My Maps function which you can easily create your own map here. It’s is a good tool for you to map out the routine in the day. Don’t forget to pin your proposal spot.

4. Communicate effectively with your Paris proposal photographer

To prepare the best for the day. This is some highlight you should communicate with the photographer.

  • Knowing each other beforehand. The best way is by sending some photos of your faces so he will recognize you easily.

  • Send the map to the photographer so he will know how to catch you with you and have a plan to hideaway.

  • Chose the best way to communicate. A phone call is not a good idea for this mission. WhatsApp or iMessage for a quick response and sharing location function is a better and secretive way.

4. Keep things in secret

I know this is the best part but the most difficult part. Girls pick up on things really quickly. If you don’t want her to know about the plan, consider the following things.

  • The proposal ring: having your jacket with you is the best way to hide the ring.

  • The speech: learned it by heart or write on your phone note, don’t use paper.

  • The information: make sure you chose the best way to contact the photographer. Try to contact the photographer before your departure to Paris because you won’t have much time alone.

  • Act as nothing happens when being with her: take a deep breath, hug her, kiss her, and talk to her like you do every day.

You wonder how a paparazzi photoshoot looks like. Check the following album.

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