Paris Family Photoshoot

Why is always a good idea?

Photos are valuable family treasures. When your family spend holiday in Paris, having a family photoshoot will always be a good idea. And to achieve the best outcome that would remind you of those sweet memories with your loved ones, professional photography is highly recommended.


3 reasons you should have a Family Photoshoot in Paris

To Create Memories

Time flies fast. You won't want to miss any chance to create memories with your family members. Those are pictures of the places the family has visited, the important events of the members.

To Document the change over the years

The children will grow up very quickly and we will also get old. One of the best things about parents is watching our kids grow up. The annual family photo is how we see that process.

To Keep Heirdom For Future Generations

Family photos, in Paris or anywhere associated with your family, will last not just a few years, but decades across generations. They are the heirdom of your family.


A suitable family photo spot is not only the famous one with the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre, but also places that must be safe, spacious and natural for the kids to have fun and enjoy. feel comfortable during the shoot. Here are some suggestions:

Louvre Museum and Tuileries Garden


There's nothing better than taking pictures with the world's largest museum and one of the most famous royal gardens. These two locations very close together will be worth your 2 to 3 hours for that family photo shoot in Paris.

Place du Trocadéro


This is the location where you can find one of the best view to the Eiffel Tower, fountain, garden and even carousels for the kids. There is a small note that this area is often crowded with people, so you should choose the morning time to take family photos.

Palais Royal and Jardin du Palais Royal


If you are looking for a quieter space for your Paris family photo, this is the choice. You will find both typical Parisian architecture at the Domaine National du Palais-Royal and beautiful natural surroundings at the Jardin du Palais Royal.

Le Jardin du Luxembourg


This is one of the largest parks in Paris. This is the right space for the kids to play comfortably during the photo shoot. The Luxembourg Palace, Medici Fountain or Fountain of the Observatory are very nice spots for you Paris family photoshoot.

For more locations for take photos in Paris, check out the link below.

What Is The Best Time For A Family Photoshoot In Paris?

If your family has a newborn baby, we always suggest choosing the right time for the child. Usually when your little angel has just woken up and is full. For the rest, the morning time is always suggested when taking photos in Paris. Depending on the season, the time may vary, but in general, before 10 am will be the most suitable time.

How much time should you spend for your Paris Family Photoshoot?

Usually, more shooting time means more shooting locations. But not so that you choose a shoot that is too long, it will easily make the younger members or your parents tired. Sessions from 1 to 2 hours will be most suitable for families. If your family has babies, a mini session of about half an hour at Eiffel Tower will be the right choice.




Paris Family Photoshoot Package



30 minutes

1 location

10 edited photos

Around 50 original photos

2 adults maximum



01 hour

1 location

20 edited photos

Around 100 original photos

2 adults & 2 children 



02 hours

2-3 locations

40 edited photos

Around 200 original photos

Unlimited people



Say yes to layer & accessories

Don't hesitate to layer up also, especially during the fall or winter season. Those coats, jackets, shawls, or scarves will surely add more texture, making your family photos more appealing. The options are endless, really, so you should not hesitate to welcome accessories and layers when preparing for a family photo session.

Prepare for the best looks

Allow each member of your family to showcase their personal style as long as they still jive with the color scheme. Feel free to choose different patterns, but pick colors that fit the color scheme. This would make your family portrait shine even more. 

So what are the steps to prepare for a perfect family photoshoot, check out the link below.

Frequently asked questions

How will you delivery the photos?

We take around 200 to 300 photographs per hour. After culling the photos, we will send you the proof through an online gallery. Depend on package, you will receive final and ready to printed photographs within 3 weeks.

Is it difficult to take photo shoot?

With us, it becomes effortless. We combine a lot of fun activities and you will feel really comfortable and enjoyable.

What kind of editing do you apply for the photographs?

In general service like travel photography, we do basic retouching like balancing light, color and crop for you photographs without remove objects. We can add retouching service depends on your requirement. Portraiture package, we include intensive post-production like skin retouching, color grading and balancing tone.

What is about cancellation policy?

Normally, we do not accept cancellation but we will help you the arrange to another day for your shooting.

What can I expect when booking your services?

You can easily book our services here. We require a small deposit to reserve the date. After booking on our website, you will receive a confirmation letter about the package, date and assigned photographer. A day before your session, we will send you a friendly remind email and our photographer will contact you personally to prepare for the session.

How to travel when shooting?

If our next location is not so far, we can easily walk there on foot. It can be a great experience when walking on the street of Paris and enjoy the view, we may have some candid shoot on the way. If walking is a little bit un-convenient we can take either metro or Uber/Taxi. There is another option like renting a public bike or electric car for transportation if you are adventurous enough.

How can I receive and download the photos?

You will receive an online gallery where you will find all your proofs and edited photograph. You can not only review and download all the photographs but also share it with your friends and family. And, for sure, it’s private.

Can I have a makeup artist on the shooting day?

To have an MUA to take care of your beauty with you is the best idea. We can help you hire an MUA.

Where can I buy some props for unique photographs?

A lot of customers ask us for preparing some props to have more creative photographs. Some of the ideas can be helium balloon, flowers, champagne or even a vintage bicycle. We will be happy to help you with that.


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