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What to wear for a photo shoot in Paris?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

Paris is a beautiful city. It’s a city of love, light, where romantic feature mixes with medieval, gothic and modern architecture. Anyone setting their foot on Paris would want to preserve their memory in this city through pictures. But how to make sure this is the best photo of your life, what should you wear and how should you wear it. Here is some idea for your outfit for a photoshoot in Paris.

First of all, pay attention to the weather the day you do your photoshoot. What season is it? Is it winter-autumn or summer-spring? Your health is important, and protecting it will assure an enjoyable experience. Make sure to wear the right clothes, and no one wants to cover their suffering face on photo. Of course, we will give you some idea for an outfit that is not only suitable but also looks good in a picture. For example, Pea coat is a popular choice for both sexes, and it’s classic, simple but also elegant. Paris people love pea coat, and you’ll see pea coat everywhere in Paris, wearing it helps you blend in with the scene of Paris as if you were a “Parisien(ne)”. You can get a little bit creative by putting on a trench coat, fur collar coat, cape, etc. For women, if you want to be more dramatic, wear a whole fur coat. It’s warm, and it gives you a luxurious vibe, so why not? Otherwise, the cape coat is a great idea. It’s also warm and has become pretty trendy recently. As for men, an elegant, small button cardigan is beautiful, cozy, and warm. It would give you a warm, friendly vibe; it is a lovely fall/autumn item.

If it’s summer-spring time, we need to talk more about your body type. For short women, short dresses or dresses with high waist will compliment your curve. If you’re skinny with no shape, avoid wearing tight dresses, instead, try flared skirt/dresses. You’re lucky if you’re tall. However, avoid wearing ¾ long dresses. No matter how tall you’re, high-heel will always work. It brings out the femininity and compliments your booty. For a fresh summery vibe, the sandal is an excellent choice for being a comfortable and free spirit. Of course, you can put on sandal if you’re already tall. Beside, sandal goes along well with nature scene and so do flat shoes.

The one thing that will always work for men is suit, no matter what season it is, what kind of body type or event, the suit perfectly shape your body. For more creative choice, try waistcoat – the perfectly elegant way of dressing for men, not boring but classy. In case the weather is too hot, simple collar shirt is the answer. You can use accessories like a bow tie or polo tie for a fresher look. You can pair your sweater with suit trouser or even dark color jean or classic Bermuda pants – very summery vibe for younger men. Of course, you can wear these with or without a belt. I would highly recommend putting on a belt. If it’s hot and you don’t carry any vest or coat, the belt would be an excellent highlight on your outfit. Leather shoes will go well with whichever, a classic choice and a best friend with a suit. Slip-on shoes are also beneficial for younger men, and it matches with Bermuda pants.

Now that you know about the type of clothes you should wear to a photoshoot, you would wonder: what color should it be? There are three factors to decide it: your age, again your body type and the number of people on that photoshoot. Usually, young women can experience with print dresses with bright colors and dramatic print. It would be ideal for a chubby girl to pick exciting print since it creates an illusion about your body and also hides the part you don’t want to show. Dark color clothes will do the same thing. For women over 50, you can still wear bright color outfit but should stick with other simple yet elegant options such as no-print dresses or simple print such as thin striped print and small dots print. The same goes for men of any age, and men clothes should stay simple with accessories like a hat, belt, watch, bow, etc.

One necessary thing about doing a photoshoot is matching colors is a must. If it is just a couple photoshoot, then the pairs have a wider range of choice, but when it comes to family picture or picture with more than three people, lack of matching colors could be a disaster. Whether it is a family picture, couple pictures, friend group picture, we highly recommend wearing clothes if not the same color then colors that relate to each other. For example: yellow, orange, red, green, light are warm tone colors; blue, pink, purple are cold tone ones while peach, beige, grey (can be both cold and warm), brown (can be both cold and warm), black, white are a neutral color.

Besides matching color, matching style is needed in a couple photoshoot. I would not say it’s necessary for a family photo or group photo because people can have a different style and clothing choices. When there are more than three people in a photo, the detail will not be spotted out too much. However, when it comes to couple photo, people tend to notice more about how well the pair’s clothes mix. For example: If she was an elegant lady with a gothic dress and you wear a denim jacket, or you have a fresh summer vibe with Bermuda pant and slip-on shoes, but she wears a super sexy tight dress, it doesn’t sound right. So, if she’s an elegant woman, always pack your suit; if he’s a free spirit man with a casual look, wear a cute skirt or midi dresses.

So here are our small tips for a photoshoot in Paris, we hope you will enjoy your time in the city of love and will be able to reserve the best moment of your life in a photo, of course!

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