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How does a 2-hour Paris pre wedding photography package look like?

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Having a pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris is a dream of couples around the world. Obviously, finding a pre-wedding photography package is one of the things the bride and groom are very interested in. To find a pre-wedding photography package, the couple should pay attention to the following.

What is included pre-wedding photography package

The suitable pre-wedding package is the package that contains the most essential for couples to take pre-wedding photos in Paris. You should look for pre-wedding photography packages, in addition to photography services, there should also be wedding dresses, makeup, hairstylist. Thus, you will save a lot of effort and time to find vendors in Paris.

The time the couple wants for pre-wedding photoshoot

The fact is that the time of a photoshoot pre-wedding will depend on the number of locations the couple wants for the photoshoot. More time means more places to take photos. One of the tips when you intend to have a pre-wedding photoshoot Paris is to choose pre-wedding photoshoot from a minimum of 2 hours. Paris Pre-wedding photos are very valuable, so you should have at least two locations in your pre-wedding shoot.

Simple Pre Wedding Photography Package

This is the package designed by Février Photography, suitable for couples who do not have much time for pre-wedding photoshoot in Paris. It is very convenient that you still get the best pre-wedding photos in Paris.


  • Pre-wedding photography service by professional Paris photographer

  • Pre-wedding makeup & hairstylist service

  • Free rental of 1 wedding gowns for bride for photoshoot

  • 2 outdoor photoshoot locations

  • 20 professional edited photos

Let check out the following inspiring stories of TA & AN with their simple Pre Wedding Photography Package.

Couple: Truc Anh & An Nghia from Vietnam.

Collection: Pre-wedding – 2 hours session


Photo: Alex – Our Paris Photographer

Produced by: Février Photography

Location: Pont de Bir Hakeim – Montmartre

Time: Golden sunset

It's a chilly afternoon in March when the first Sakura flowers bloomed in Paris announcing Spring is coming. It was also when Truc Anh and An Nghia walking together on the romantic streets of Paris. Two hours of shooting with them passed quickly, but it was an unforgettable experience. The couple from Hanoi, Vietnam chose for themselves 2 outfits in two hours of shooting. Paris became even more romantic in the afternoon sunset.

They hold hands, embraced and kissed in the romance of the early spring. We went with them through the Parisian streets in the 4th district, to Hotel de Ville, and immersed in the peace of Montmartre.

Our journey continued to Pont de Bir Hakeim at around 6 pm and the atmosphere was so beautiful under the sunset of Paris.

We wish Truc Anh and An Nghia for endless happiness.

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