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What Makes a Perfect Pre Wedding Photoshoot.

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Having pre-wedding photoshoot is always a good idea for couples before getting married. So what makes a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot.

You have lots of comfortable time for the pre-wedding photoshoot

Many think pre-wedding photography is a strenuous and time-consuming activity. Those things don't pay off right. A perfect pre-wedding photoshoot can bring you comfort and freedom, an opportunity for both of you to show affection and have the most natural and intimate photos. To do so, it is needed to take care of the timeline and location for the photoshoot. That means a pre-wedding photographer will help you choose the right time to take photos outside when there are not too many people around. It is essential, especially when you decide to take pre-wedding photos in famous cities like Paris or London. Comfortable time also means you won't have to run after an intensive schedule for pre-wedding photos. A well-divided and reasonable timeline for you to always feel comfortable is a factor for a pre-wedding photoshoot.

Pre-wedding photoshoot covers the beauty of your pre-wedding destination.

You come to Paris for a pre-wedding photoshoot, surely, you want to have not only Eiffel Tower but also other famous places such as Louvre Museum, Montmartre and so on, in your photoshoot. Moreover, Paris is not only beautiful at sunrise, but sunset and night in Paris are also very magnificent. Therefore, covering what is most beautiful at your destination is one of the characteristics of a perfect pre-wedding photoshoot you should looking for.

Check out how Cecilia & Melvin, from Singapore, having their perfect pre wedding photoshoot in Paris with Février Photography.

Couple: Cecilia & Melvin

Location: Trocadéro (Eiffel Tower), Carousel du Trocadéro (for the evening session), Louvre Muséum, Parisian streets

Photographer: Alex Nguyen, our lead photographer

Makeup Artist: Minh Phuong Do

"Thanks Alex for the great service in arranging the makeup artist and driver for us . Alex is very professional in taking the pics and we do not have to worry how to pose . I want to thanks the makeup artist for following me taking my sweater when I’m taking the pics especially in such a cold weather. Definitely recommend fevrier photography for any wedding or couple shoot as it is definitely worth the price :)"


If you’re planning for a pre wedding photoshoot in Paris, don’t forget to check out this list:

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