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01. Paris 

Is Paris suitable for a getaway wedding like elopement?
The answer is Yes.
Even the city is lack of mountainous area; we still have a lot of iconic landmark of the world, city park or most luxurious hotels for you to have a unique elopement of your life. 
If you look for a place with magic city lights, Paris is one of the best places for elopement you can think about. 
The city of love has European architecture, ancient buildings, exceptional art garden design, historical and artistic inspiration, perfect foods, and locations for your wedding celebration.
One more advantage of eloping to Paris is that going to Paris is so easy. Besides London, Paris is the second popular hub to enter Europe. 

02. Dordogne

Dordogne is a region in Southwest France and locates between Loire Valley and Pyrenees mountains.
The region is famous for its thousand years of history and spectacular series of caves.
What types of elopement can you have in Dordogne?
The region is considered one of the country's most picture-perfect countryside. Therefore, you can dream of eloping to the French countryside.

03. Provence

Provence is a dream come right destination for not only elopement couples but also adventure travellers around the world.

There are many things to explore in the province, such as lavender files, perched villages, dramatic mountains.
You will be amazed by the mysterious beauty of the lavender fields during the golden sunset time.

Everything becomes so magical.
You have to think about Provence when eloping to France.

04. Cote d'Azur

If you are dreaming about an intimate Elopement in the South of France, Cote d'Azur (or French Riviera) is the best place. 
Let me tell you what elopement styles you can have. 
A Mediterranean Elopement besides the deep blue Mediterranean Sea.
Celebrate your lifetime moment in a beautiful wedding venue on a cliff.
Holding each other hands and walk along the narrow streets in the medieval village from the 13th century. 
Your adventure is just about to begin. 

05. Loire Valley

To be honest, when it comes to eloping in France, Loire Valley might be my favourite destination.

Because it is different, and you can so easily find an incredible renaissance château to elope in private.
Loire Valley is an extraordinary heritage with medieval fortresses, remarkable gardens.
You will experience the area for kings, artists, and famous authors. 
I believe you cannot find anywhere in the world the exclusive places for your elopement. 

06. Brittany

Another region for adventure weddings in France is Brittany. 
It is the northwestern-most region of France, which locates at the hilly peninsula. 
You will be amazed by the cliffs beaten by the winds of the Atlantic Ocean.
You can have your elopement on the staggering cliffs with lighthouses of Cap Fréhel.
Or the beach elopement at Côte de Granit Rose. 
How about an elopement at windswept headland Pointe du Raz.
Whatever you imagine about an adventure, you can find it there.  

07. Normandy

Mighty and blue ocean, rocky cliffs make Normandy a place for your elopement.
Landfills with excitement and wonders.
The beautiful landscapes will make your adventure's heart sing.
The best thing about Normandy is it's not so far from Paris, just 2.5 hours driving, then you will have the best landscapes in France.

08. Auvergne

Adventurous couples! This historical region is for you. 
Located in central France and be a part of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, Auvergne is one of the most rural, mountainous in France. 
I know what you're thinking about.
Mountain Hiking on dormant volcanoes or getting lost in vast forests of the area is what you can dream about for a real adventurous elopement. 
Beside Auvergne, Pyrenees is another mountainous location for your elopement in France.

09. Bordeaux

When talking about Bordeaux, most people think about a wine-growing region.
However, there is more than that in this fantastic region.
Couples, believe me, there is no better place than Bordeaux for a chic and relaxed elopement style.
The ambience of the city is so charming.
You even can have a vineyard elopement there.



You will be amazed by the number of chateaux in France. 
The number is between 1000 and 7000.
And if you want to have a unique elopement in a chateau, you have to elope to France.
But how you find the best chateau for an elopement?
We have a list for you.

We used Google Review Rating as one of the criteria. 
We chose the chateaux with a minimum rating of 4.5/5, and for sure, it can provide elopement service for you.

01. The Château de Bonneval 

This castle was built from the 12th century. It's one fo the few in France that still belonged to the Bonneval family since its construction. Located in the commune of Coussac-Bonneval in the Haute-Vienne département of France, the Medieval Château looks so beautiful. It's placed to elope in France.  


Location: Haute-Vienne

Rate: 4.5


02. Château De Carsix

Château De Carsix is described as a perfect and exclusive location for your wedding and elopement. It was built in the 18th century in the heart of a wooded park, provides a very tranquil atmosphere.  


Location: CARSIX (27300) en Haute Normandie
Rate: 4.7

Chateau De Carsix.jpg

03. Chateau Le Mas de Montet

The Château is set in 130 acres of parkland and ancient woodland, bordered by the River Dronne. Chateau Le Mas de Montet is a Gorgeous place to celebrate your elopement and wedding.   


Location: 24600 Petit-Bersac 
Rate: 4.6

chateau le mas de montet.jpg

04. Château Smith Haut Lafitte

Château Smith Haut Lafitte
has a vineyard productive of history with the gorgeous landscape of vines, a 2 Michelin stars restaurant, a spa hotel, and home where global cosmetics brand Caudalie started. It's the right place for your elopement celebration in Bordeaux. 


Location: 33650 Bordeaux Martillac, France
Rate: 4.6

Chateau Smith Haut Lafitte

05. Château du Grand Val

Château du Grand Val is a beautiful little chateau dating back to the 15th century. It is a palace from a fairytale, surrounded by deep woods and eternal fields. There are also many offered activities for you to profit your honeymoon after elopement. 
You can have the chateau to yourselves and up to 15 guests.
It's absolutely a dreamy place for your elopement in France.

Location: Brittany, France
Rate: 4.5

Château du Grand Val.jpg

06. Chateau Lagorce

The Château Lagorce is a former castle converted into a château. It acquired its name "Lagorce" or "The Great Gorce," from a type of vegetation that appeared at the beginning of the 16th century. It's an excellent venue for your elopement. 


Location: commune of Haux, Gironde, France. 
Rate: 4.8

Chateau Lagorce.jpg

07. Château de Lacoste

Château de Lacoste provides excellent facilities, great location, and view, spacious, park, and versatile premises. The heated infinity pool great unique experience even on hot days! If you're looking for a beautiful French countryside chateau, it should be on your list. 

Location: Castelnaud-la-Chapelle, France
Rate: 4.7

Château de Lacoste.jpg

08. Chateau de Puissentut

Château de Puissentut is a medieval château. Its charm and character are entirely held, and it is remarkably comfortable. The Château is exceptionally inviting. 



Location: 32120 Homps
Rate: 4.9

Chateau de Puissentut.jpg

09. Château Lasfargues

Château Lasfargues offers the culminate setting for an extraordinary event, an exceptional family occasion, a point of interest celebration, or a magnificently romantic elopement. You will be beyond any doubt to take off with recollections to last a lifetime. The Château gloats broad settlement for 15 visitors, and new present-day chic contributes, beautiful grounds, and a variety of occasion settings, all within the heart of the beautiful Lot-et-Garonne and in simple reach of Bordeaux and Toulouse.

Location: Lot-et-Garonne
Rate: 5.0

Château Lasfargues.jpg

10. Chateau de Redon




The history of Chateau de Redon can be followed back to the 15th century, at that time still an invigorated castle and within the ownership of the respectable family de Teyssières. It's a beautiful elopement venue well located in the heart of Dordogne.


Location: Dordogne
Rate: 4.8


11. Château de Maintenon

The Château de Maintenon is arranged within the commune of Maintenon within the Eure-et-Loir département of France. It is best known as being the private home of the Moment companion of Louis XIV, Madame de Maintenon. It's has a gorgeous French garden and a small but charming chateau. Taking elopement photos in the garden and front of the castle is a must on your list. 

Location: Maintenon, just around 2 hours driving from Paris. It's perfect for a quick elopement ceremony. 
Rate: 4.6


13. Château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

This chateau has over 5 thousand reviews, with an average rate of 4.6. We don't have to say much about how popular it is. Its beauty heart-stopper! 

Location: 77950 Maincy
Rate: 4.6


15. Château de Montfort

Cingle de Montfort (Montfort Meander) on the Dordogne River. Renovation work was carried out in the 19th century and gave the castle a "whimsical look of a stage setting for light opera.

Location: Dordogne
Rate: 4.8


17. Château Saint-Martin



The Château is operated as a hotel. It has one of the best terraces in the cored'Azurr with fabulous, one Michelin star restaurant. 

Location: 2490 Avenue des Templiers, 06140 Vence
Rate: 4.7


12. Château de Fontainebleau

It is one of the largest French royal châteaux. Château de Fontainebleau has medieval style, Renaissance architecture, and subsequent palace served as a residence for the French monarchs from Louis VII to Napoleon III. The chateau provides private service for a photoshoot inside some of its charming rooms where you can have unique elopement photos. 

Location: 77300 Fontainebleau it takes around 1.5 hours' drive from Paris. 
Rate: 4.5


14. Chateau du Pin

This is one of my most favorite chateau in France for elopement. It's beautiful and charming. The garden which has nationally recognized award,
 is a highlight of this "Monument Historique."

Location: Champtocé-sur-Loire, France
Rate: 4.8


16. Chateau Challain

Even it has the lowest rating on the list, but this Gothic Revival chateau is comfortable and suitable for a wedding. The cosy atmosphere and luxurious romance suite bring an exceptional experience for your elopement. 

Location: Challain-la-Potherie
Rate: 4.4


18. Chateau de Villette

The Château de Villette is a château located 40 minutes away from Paris in Condécourt, France. It is known at « Le Petit Versailles » and is one of the most significant historical chateaux in France 
There are numerous outbuilding,s including a chapel and adjacent reception room, horse stable, and greenhouse.
This is a favorite location for an elopement photographer in France. 

Location: Condécourt
Rate: 4.5


19. Château de La Chèvre d'Or

If you want the most beautiful views in the South of France for your elopement, this chateau is a perfect option. It offers a superb atmosphere, food, and staff spectacular! An adventurous elopement with the sea and the sky is what you can have when celebrating your wedding here.

Location: Èze, France
Rate: 4.7


20. Castle Baronville

The Château de Baronville is found between Paris and Chartres in France close to the town of Béville-le-Comte, Eure-et-Loir. It rises within the center of a tremendous stop secured with a few lakes. The château was built for amazing gatherings amid the Moment Domain and facilitated numerous prestigious visitors. It isn't well known by the open but usually an excellent area for a private elopement ceremony.

Location: Béville-le-Comte, Eure-et-Loir
Rate: 4.7




01. Mont Blanc


03. Montagne Sainte Victoire


02. Aiguille Verte

Aiguille Verte.jpg

04. Cirque de Gavarnie


05. Hohneck


06. Puy de Sancy


You're so ready for your elopement in Paris.

We can't wait to hear more about your love story and be your elopement photographer in Paris.

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