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Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

Almafi coast is one of the most beautiful beaches of Italy and the world. It has a 25km coastline stretching through beautiful coastal cities like Almafi, Positano, Ravello... Of which Positano and Almafi are two the most outstanding city. Almafi is also a world heritage site. This coast is considered a masterpiece of creation which contains the beauty of nature, the cliffs, and the coastal sea. That makes the Amalfi coast is a must considered a destination for your wedding in Italy and Europe.

You can take a flight to Naples or to Sorento, the first place to start the journey for your destination wedding. Starting from Sorento, one of the best ways to travel is to rent a car to go along the coast.

Why the Almafi Coast is one of the best adventure wedding destinations

The feeling of discovery and adventure is extremely unique because it is the harmony between the sky, the sea, and mountains. In addition to the big cities, there are many beautiful scenes along the way with majestic views of nature. Almafi, besides graceful natural beauty, has also roads full of surprises. Under the beautiful golden sun of the Mediterranean sea, you can get the most authentic and unique photos for your elopement or destination wedding.

We returned to Almanfi in 2019 and were really convinced of the beauty here.

Amalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

The best destination wedding photography locations on the Almafi Coast

- Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei): The trekking road is 8km long from Bomerano, of Agerola, and ends at Nocelle. Nocelle is one of the most beautiful villages in Almafi.

- Positano: is a city on the mountainside and one side is the coast. This is one of the places with the most typical and beautiful landscape view on the Almafi coast.

The best time to take wedding destination photos on Almafi Coast

- The most appropriate time is from May to September. However, for me, September is always the best time to shoot destination wedding Almafi coast because the weather is quite pleasant, and not too hot.

Almalfi Coast Wedding Photographer

Thank you for reading this far. We are a wedding photographer based in Paris but we are constantly exploring and having new adventures with couples in Europe like Italy, Spain or Greece. We are also available worldwide.

Our passion is to document the most real and emotional moments of couples in the most important event of their life. For us, the most special thing about each destination wedding is the story of the two of you and we find a lot of inspiration from your love. What makes your wedding photos so special is how we treat each story in a very unique way, through the lens of the camera, those stories will be told in the truest way with both heart and soul.

Although this is our fifth trip to Italy, we still have a strong love for Italy, and especially for Amalfi. With adventures mindset, we always find this destination very fresh and an endless source of inspiration for destination wedding photography. We hope that we will be able to be your companion in your destination wedding in Italy.

Let's be friends. We're so excited to hear more about your story.


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