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If you think that Paris is only appropriate for lovebirds, think again. Celebrate your family with one-of-a-kind portraits in the city of love is always a good idea. Kids will grow up, happy memories stay still. Venetta with her husband and their two lovely children don't miss the chance to commemorate those precious moments in spite of their tight plan in Paris. Voilà, a one-hour session family photoshoot in Paris has been set up quickly by the team of Février Photography under the astonishment of the whole family.

By professionalism and thoroughness, we truly understand the concerns of our clients during the session: whether or not we can create amazing shots under time burden while kids couldn't sit still and adults are camera-shy. For us, not only bringing to our client wonderful albums matters but the foremost important things are sharing with them the memory that they will cherish forever. Without pressure or model posing, Venetta and her family shared naturally comfortable moments next to the Eiffel Tower. Kids were playing around, did things they love while Venetta and her spouse still have their own personal moments in the city of love.

If you are considering your family may have awkward portraits with attempted smiles, our Paris Photographers are here to help you capture the love from within while all of your family members are the feature story.


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