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Paris Quinceañera - An Unique Experience For Your Sweet 15

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Why It Is A Good Idea To Have A Quinceañera In Paris

Are you considering Paris for your Quinceañera?

Paris is one of the most dazzling cities in the world. It has the Eiffel tower, a strong fashion scene, and is a top location to have various events, including a Quinceañera. If you've not chosen it already, here's why it is a good idea to have a Quinceañera in Paris. Paris has glamour, elegance, and delicacy; you can visit Paris' museums, eat local dishes, get great photoshoot spots. A Quinceañera in Paris is perfect for family trips, as you could do some family activities.

Paris Quinceañera Eiffel Tower with family
Paris Quinceañera Eiffel Tower

Paris Quinceañera Dresses

Your Quinceañera is a special day, and you need a special dress for it. You can either rent a Quinceañera dress in Paris or bring your own dress.

Renting Or Bringing Your Quinceañera Dress To Paris?

When renting a Quinceañera dress in Paris, it should be elegant, fits you, and matches your Quinceañera's theme.

If you need a place to rent a dress, below are the best vendors to rent a Quinceañera dress in Paris.

Best Vendors To Rent A Quinceañera Dress In Paris From

Promissa has the best gowns, which come in different styles and colors. You can rent your Quinceañera dress from them.

Mabonneamie has a fantastic collection of Quinceañera dresses for you.

Top Bridal Paris is a top Bridal shop where you can also order your Quinceañera dress from.

If you are bringing your Quinceañera dress to Paris, there are few things to do to ensure that the dress isn't ruined on your flight over.

The first thing to do is to call the airline, to enquire how to board with your dress, and if it meets carry-on requirements. You can also place the dress in a garment bag and put it in the plane's overhead compartment.

Best Colour Of Dresses

Quinceañera Dresses Rose Gold

Rose gold is soft, feminine, versatile, compliments any skin color and any jewelry.

Quinceañera Dresses Blue

Blue symbolizes calmness. Wearing a blue Quinceañera dress shows you are calm and trust-worthy.

Quinceañera Dresses Royal Blue

Royal Blue is bold, mature, and sophisticated. This color portrays superiority and readiness to take on the world.

Quinceañera Dresses Pink

A pink dress symbolizes love and compassion. Wear red, gold & silver jewelry.

Quinceañera Dresses Purple

Purple is the color of royalty. It makes you unique and queen-like

paris quinceanera dresses

Paris Quinceañera Theme & Ideas

Here are some Paris Quinceañera themes & ideas to use on your 15th birthday to entertain and astonish your guests.

Eiffel Tower Theme

Pay homage to Paris by using the Eiffel tower theme at your Quinceañera. Hand out invitation cards written entirely in or partly in French. Place tiny Eiffel tower centerpieces on the dinner tables, which light up with changing lights. Each snack served can have their French names written on cards.

Beauty And The Beast Theme

If you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast, you can theme your Quinceañera to it. Deck the halls with gold and blue drapes and tablecloths. Tables should have candlesticks, roses in glass jars, and cards that read "be our guest." You can dance to the original theme song of this cartoon.

1920s Paris Fashion Theme

Take your guests back to the past by having a Quinceañera themed to Paris 1920. Since that year was the height of bolder fashion in Paris, the ladies at your party can wear flappers and bobbed hair, complete with headpieces, pearls, and pump heels. On the other hand, the men can put on suits and wear hats in a proper Paris style.

paris quinceanera girl at eiffel tower

Paris Quinceañera Cakes

When choosing a Paris Quinceañera cake, pick one which matches the event theme and is big enough for the event.

Another cake selection hacks for you to exploit for your Quinceañera are to select based on flavors - strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, pineapple, or raspberry.

For cake frostings - fondant, ganache, and whipped or buttercream. Cake styles to impress your guests - Eiffel and macarons tower, customized, bedazzled, handpainted, chalkboard, multi-layered, metallic, lace, and floral. Shapes - round, heart, layered, square, hexagon.

Decorations - edible gemstones, figurines, name, petals, & age. Pricing determinants - size, flavor, decoration, delivery, customization, flower arrangements, toppings, & displays.

paris quinceanera themes

Style Your Quinceañera

Quinceañera Flowers

After picking out your Quinceañera dress, don't forget to finish your glamorous look with a stylish bouquet. Choose a bouquet that matches your dress and the Quinceañera theme.

There are various options for you to choose from how you want to style your Quinceañera with a bouquet. You can either go for an authentic traditional flower arrangement made with natural flowers - roses, gerbera, tulips, sunflowers, daisies, and peonies or go for artificial flowers you can keep after the event.

You could opt for a modern bouquet made with pearls, lace, beads, feathers, and gemstones.

Quinceañera Shoes

When choosing a shoe to style your Quinceañera with, go for a shoe that matches your dress. However, it should be comfortable. Your Quinceañera shoes can be heels, wedge shoes, or flats.

You can wear your heels for the event, and have a flat shoe you can change into or wear flats then switch to heels during the Changing of Shoe ceremony. Wedges are comfortable and high enough to give your dress an elevated look, and still have the right height for your legs. A pair of stylish flats or bedazzled converse sneakers also goes with your dress.

Quinceañera Makeup

To simply slay the makeup game at your Quinceañera, for your eyes and lips, put on a daring eyeliner, soft pink lipstick, and dark-turquoise eyeshadow or straight eyeliner and rouge cheeks. Pink eyeshadow and lipstick work too.

For another look, match the color of your Quinceañera dress. For your blue dress, apply a brown eyeshadow, a hint of blue to the corner of your eyes, and neutral pink lipstick. Here are some suggestions for the color combination: A purple dress with a brown eyeliner, pink dress matched with a hint of pink eyeshadow blended with black and grey, pink lipstick, and neutral brown eyeshadow.

Quinceañera Hairstyles

In case you don't know what to do to your hair for your birthday, you can just choose from these Quinceañera hairstyles for long or short hair, depending on the length of your hair.

Short hairstyles can be - bouncy glamour shots with your hair falling to the side. You can also go for a center-part, curls below your chin. For the short-haired woman, a classic Bob hairstyle also works.

Some good long Quinceañera hairstyles include - braided easy bun updo, half updo with your front hair tied in a bun, and the rest of your hair let loose.

paris quinceanera

Quinceañera photoshoot in Paris

This trip is one of a lifetime event that you won't want to miss any moments. So we highly recommend you have a Quinceañera photoshoot in Paris.

Paris photographer for your Quinceañera photoshoot

To have a perfect photoshoot, it is essential to have a professional photographer who knows deeply about Paris. He or she will be one help you take the best Quinceañera photos on your trip.

Beautiful & Unique Quinceañera Photos

The photographer can capture the most beautiful photos that you will keep forever.

Friendly & Professional Photographer

An English speaking photographer in Paris who can listen and answer all your questions.

The ultimate guide and plan assistant

Your Quinceañera photoshoot is stress-free with our ultimate consultation. We will recommend you the best vendors, places, and services in Paris

paris quinceanera portrait at eiffel tower

Quinceañera photos ideas

There is no limitation for creativity in Paris; you can have anything you dream about in the city of lights. Don't just make your Quinceañera ordinary; let make something special for your 15, which you can put on your Quinceañera photoshoot list.

Paris Disney Land Quinceañera photos

Disney Land Paris is one of the most attractive locations near the city. You can see a lot of Disney themes for your Quinceañera photos, which girls dream about. Don't forget to enjoy the fireworks at 7 pm, everything to see the magic of Disney Land Paris.

Outdoor Quinceañera photos

Paris is famous for having a lot of monuments, arts, and gardens. Having a photoshoot at one of the landmarks is genuinely remarkable. Don't forget to put Eiffel Tower, Louvre Musem, or Montmartre on your list. You can have more inspiration for locations for taking photos in Paris in our blog here.

Quinceañera photo studio

Besides taking photos outside, you can also have a Quinceañera photo in the studio. At the same time, this idea works well if you want an artistic portrait for you and your family. You won't have to worry much about the weather; with the professional lights set up, you will have a perfect photograph you can hang on your wall. So it's a great idea to have a short Quinceañera photo studio.

Quinceañera photo book

Don't just keep your photos in digital. Your Quinceañera photo worth a frame in the wall or a Haut de gamme album. A Quinceañera photo book is the best way to tell your one in a lifetime story. Have your quince photo book a special place on your bookshelf and share them with your friends and family. or are some of the vendors you can print your photo book online have them delivered at your door.

paris quinceanera black and white photo eiffel tower

Best Quinceañera Accessories

Quinceañera Val

The Quinceañera val dance is one of the memorable moments of your birthday, so the dance floor should be well-decorated.

Some of the Val dance's best décor accessories include a balloon arch that towers over the dancing guests or a cut-out monogram of your name or initials.

Quinceañera Crowns

The best Quinceañera accessories for your beautiful hairdo and dress should be an adorning Quinceañera crown.

While shopping for crowns, you can choose from these options - gold crystal crown, a white crystal crown, a western silver crown, or a rose gold princess crown for your rose gold dress.

Quinceañera Necklaces

A Quinceañera necklace is another of the best Quinceañera accessories to shop for. It highlights your dress' neckline, your neck, and your hairdo too.

Make a bold statement by wearing a chunky necklace on your sweetheart neckline dress or tone it down with a simple silver necklace.

Quinceañera Rings

Rings may be tiny, but they draw attention to your well-manicured nails because of their unique motifs and intricate engravings.

Stun with another one of the best Quinceañera accessories, by wearing a ring with a motif - hearts, crowns, the number 15, or your name, which guests will gush about.

Where To Have Your Quinceañera Party In Paris

For your Quinceañera venue, you need somewhere that is receptive to themes and decorations. A place that can seat your guests and is magical enough to give you a fairy tale birthday.

To ensure your venue meets your expectations, this is where to have your Quinceañera party in Paris. You can host your Quinceañera at Carrousel du Louvre, which is located close to the Louvre Museum & Tuileries Garden. You can use the Hôtel du Collectionneur Paris Arc de Triomphe, or Le Pré Catelan Lenôtre has rented spaces that can accommodate large groups.

paris quinceanera themes eiffel tower

Having Your One In A Lifetime Quinceañera Pictures In Paris

Quinceañera Photoshoot In Paris

Finally, before you leave, Paris has as many photoshoots as you can in as many beautiful locations as possible to commemorate your Paris Quinceañera.

A good Quinceañera photoshoot in Paris comes with a package covering the photoshoot, locations, and a car to take you around.

Quinceañera Background In Paris

Paris already has a stunning aesthetic, and intriguing locations like - the famous Eiffel Tower, the Muses, Champs Elysées, Sacré-Coeur, Louvre museum, Tuileries and Luxembourg Gardens, and the Café du Trocadero, which are practically begging to be used as backgrounds in your memorable Quinceañera photoshoot in Paris.

paris quinceanera themes group photo with gentlement

paris quinceanera dresses
paris quinceanera dancing princess


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