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The types of wedding photo shots you need to get taken on your big day

It's here! Your wedding day has arrived and you can't wait to mingle with your guests, cut the cake and, most of all, marry the love of your life! But once your day has come and gone, you'll only have one thing left to remember it by: the photos (and the spouse, of course!).

Wedding photos are incredibly important and it's essential that you hire a professional photographer to capture all of your special moments. While your photographer will have an idea of which shots to get, it is worth thinking about what kind of photos you want before the big day.

1. The bride

There is so much that goes into bridal preparations: makeup, hair, dress, accessories, veil, shoes and so much more. A full-length portrait will highlight every detail.

2. Walking down the aisle

One of the pinnacles of every wedding, the bridal entrance makes for an amazing photo.

3. The groom's face

Although most people are looking out for the bride as she walks down the aisle, watching the groom's expression as he sees his beautiful bride for the first time is not to be missed.

The first kiss is an incredible moment of the ceremony for every couple and their guests. Whether you prefer a peck or a full-on French kiss, this one needs to be framed!

5. Getting ready

The anticipation as you get ready for your big day is like nothing else. Capture all your nerves and excitement by having your photographer take your photo in the morning before the ceremony.

6. The bridal party

The people you have chosen to be part of your bridal party hold a special place in your life. Posing with your pals on the big day is one of the best moments as you and your friends celebrate your new marriage.

7. The cake

A party without cake is just a meeting, so a shot of the wedding cake is an absolute must! For a truly memorable photo, you could even choose a wedding cake alternative – some options include mini cupcakes or even a tower of doughnuts!

8. The groom

The groom deserves his moment just as much as the bride – after all, it's not every day he wears such a stunning suit! Just as its important to get a shot of the bride in her fabulous dress, you’ll want to capture the groom in all his suited glory too.

9. The exit

Whether you've opted for confetti, sparklers, or a simple exit, this is a beautiful shot that is not to be missed. If you want something a bit different, this list will give you some inspiration.

10. The guests

No wedding is complete without guests, and it's a lovely thing for the newly married couple to look back on these photos and remember all the people they shared their special day with.

11. The venue

After devoting so much time and money to it, you definitely need a shot of your wedding venue, decorations and flowers to add to your album. Make sure you catch it from every angle!

12. The first dance

Nothing beats holding your new spouse's hand and slow dancing to your favourite song. If you're struggling to pick one, check out the most popular songs according to Spotify for some inspiration.

There are many other kinds of wedding photos you might want to be taken, of course – this is only a taster. Why not get your creative juices flowing and try to think of even more possibilities? Picture your future wedding album, and try to imagine the photos you’d love to see in there for posterity.


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