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Best Locations To Taking Photos In Paris If It Rains

Updated: Jan 29

Paris is an exquisite city full of beauty and culture, but it can be hard to capture the best photos in rainy weather. It doesn’t have to dampen your spirits though – there are still plenty of stunning locations that make for great photographs even when it’s wet outside! Here is a guide to capturing the beauty of Paris in the rain, featuring some of the best places to take photos in Paris if you get caught in a downpour or light shower.

The City of Lights has its own unique charm on a rainy day. The glistening cobblestones, the cozy cafes, and the vibrant storefronts all come alive with a different kind of beauty under gray skies. Whether you’re looking for classic monuments or hidden gems, these photographic spots will help you uncover the romanticism that only comes out during rain showers in Paris.

From iconic bridges to secret gardens, we’ve rounded up our favorite photo-worthy destinations so that you don’t miss out on capturing those special moments despite Mother Nature's mood swings. Keep reading for our ultimate list of must-see locations for taking breathtaking pictures in Paris when it rains!

Pont De Bir Hakeim (Eiffel Tower View)

paris in the rain at pont bir hakeim

When it's raining in Paris, you still have plenty of options for capturing stunning photographs. One of the best locations is Pont de Bir Hakeim. Located across the River Seine from the Eiffel Tower, this bridge offers a unique view that can be made even more beautiful when raindrops give the scene a touch of romance!

The views here are especially breathtaking at night. The lights and reflections on the river combine to create an atmosphere like no other. Embracing the magic of Paris in the rain, you can also capture some truly magical photos with your smartphone or camera if you're willing to brave the elements. Whether you choose to go during the day or night, there's something special about taking pictures while it's raining in Paris - so don't let bad weather stop you from capturing unforgettable memories!

Palais Galliera (Eiffel Tower View)

Paris location for taking photos in the rain at Palais Galliera

If it's Paris in the rain and you're on the hunt for the perfect spot to capture unforgettable photos, look no further than the Palais Galliera. It offers a breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower from its terrace balcony, giving you one-of-a-kind photo opportunities that'll make your friends jealous!

You'll find plenty of interesting sights here - both inside and outside. The interior is filled with gorgeous period pieces, like antique furniture and sculptures, while the exterior boasts intricate architecture that will delight any photographer or tourist. Plus, if you want to capture some unique angles on the iconic monument without too many people around (which can definitely be hard to do when it rains), this is an ideal location.

For those who'd rather stay indoors during their sightseeing escapades, there are also galleries available within the palace itself that provide insight into French art and culture over time. So whether you want a classic shot of the Eiffel Tower or something more creative, head to Palais Galliera - it won't disappoint especially in the romantic ambiance of Paris in the rain.

Palais Royal

Paris location for taking photos in the rain at Palais royal

Ah, the enchanting allure of Paris in the rain at Palais Royal! Located in the heart of Paris' 1st arrondissement, this stunning palace is not only a great destination for taking photos on rainy days - it's an architectural wonder.

The palace itself was originally constructed in 1629 by Cardinal Richelieu and has since been home to several monarchs throughout French history. The building’s ornate facade features Corinthian columns and symmetrical arches that create a truly grandiose atmosphere. Inside, visitors will find lush gardens, grand courtyards, and delicate sculptures – all perfect subjects for photography enthusiasts looking to capture unique images regardless of weather conditions.

Palais Royal also offers plenty of opportunities to explore beyond its walls. Stroll through the nearby Louvre Museum or wander along Rue de Rivoli before stopping at Place des Victoires for some breathtaking views of the city skyline. With so much to see and do here, you're sure to come away with amazing photographs no matter what mother nature throws your way!

The Louvre Museum (Passage Richelieu/ Passage Near Galeries Du Carousel Or Sully Wing)

Paris location for taking photos in the rain at  Louvre museum

When the skies weep over Paris, the Louvre Museum transforms into an even more captivating canvas for photography enthusiasts seeking the beauty of Paris in the rain

When it rains in Paris, the Louvre Museum is a great place to take photos. Located on the Right Bank of the River Seine, this iconic museum features two wings – the Sully Wing and the Richelieu Wing - that provide plenty of opportunities for capturing amazing shots. The Passage du Carousel near Galeries du Carrousel or the Passage Richelieu near Sully Wing is especially photogenic spots, with their beautiful statues and historic architecture.

The Louvre offers something special when it rains; its open galleries have an almost ethereal feel as they reflect off the wet pavement outside. Inside, you can get up close and personal with some of the world's greatest works of art. From intricate sculptures to breathtaking paintings, each piece adds to your photographic journey through history and culture. Plus, taking pictures at night gives you a unique perspective on some of these masterpieces! No matter what type of photographs you're looking to capture during your visit to Paris, don't forget to include a few snapshots from inside the Louvre Museum – even if it's raining outside!

A Parisian Cafe

Paris location for taking photos in the rain at Parisian Cafe

Ah, the classic Parisian cafe; one of the most iconic symbols of romance and culture in all of France. There's something captivating about a cozy little bistro where you can lose yourself in conversation or simply get lost in thought while sipping your favorite coffee or tea. On rainy days, these cafes become even more inviting with their warm atmosphere and comfortable seating that transports us to another time and place, creating the perfect setting for capturing the perfect of Paris in the rain.

What better way to take stunning photos than from inside a quaint cafe looking out at the streets of Paris? Here, one can capture glimpses of everyday life as passersby meander through the cityscape - umbrellas up against gray skies, people running for shelter beneath balconies lined with flower boxes, cobblestone alleys glimmering under footpaths lit by streetlamps. Whether it’s an image of two lovers sharing intimate moments over dinner or just getting creative snaps of locals going about their day-to-day routines, snapping pictures from within a cafe is guaranteed to add an extra layer of charm to any photo album!

Paris Metro Station

Paris location for taking photos in the rain at Paris Metro Station

Paris metro stations are a unique blend of art and architecture. The city boasts several stations that are popular for their stunning design and visually appealing atmosphere. Arts et Métiers is a steampunk-inspired station with copper walls and vintage clock faces that offer a journey through time. Opéra is an example of Art Nouveau with ornate glasswork and curved metalwork, creating a luxurious atmosphere. Palais Royal-Musée du Louvre is a modern station known for its long gallery of black-and-white marble and clean lines. Saint-Michel Notre-Dame is another example of the Art Nouveau style with intricate mosaics, stained glass windows, and curved metalwork. Abbesses is a beautiful station with a circular platform and a large mural by artist Stingel, creating a unique and colorful atmosphere. Paris metro stations offer travelers a unique and unforgettable experience, making each station a visual treat for visitors.

Covered Passages At 2nd Arrondissement

Paris has a wealth of photographic locations, even when it rains. One spot that stands out is the covered passages at the 2nd arrondissement. These arcades are like secret doorways to another world. They offer plenty of shelter from the rain and also fill your lens with beautiful sights you won't find anywhere else in Paris.

The city's famous wrought iron-clad galleries date back to early 19th century Paris but were almost destroyed in the 1940s. Despite this, they've been preserved and now provide an interesting backdrop for all kinds of photos - whether you're capturing street scenes or shooting portraits indoors. Plus, each passage is unique; some feature stunning glass ceilings while others have intricate details along their walls and columns. You'll never run out of new opportunities to snap breathtaking shots here! There are 3 most popular passages you may want to check out.

Galerie Vivienne

Paris location for taking photos in the rain at Galerie Vivienne

Galerie Vivienne is an absolute must-visit if you find yourself in Paris on a rainy day. This stunning covered passage is located in the 2nd arrondissement, and it's the perfect spot for taking amazing photos even when the weather isn't cooperating. Here are some of its best features:

1) It has been around since 1823, so there's plenty of history to explore! You'll feel like you're walking through time as you take in all the unique architecture and artworks that adorn the walls.

2) There are numerous shops and cafes inside, which gives visitors plenty of options for shopping or having a bite to eat while they stroll down this romantic passageway. Plus, it's sheltered from the rain, making it ideal for those days when Mother Nature isn't playing nice outside.

3) The gallery also hosts many events throughout the year including art exhibitions and concerts - so don't forget to check out their website before your visit to see what's going on during your stay!

When looking for good photo opportunities in Paris during wet weather conditions, Galerie Vivienne should definitely be high on your list. The combination of historical charm with modern amenities makes this one of the city's premier attractions regardless of whether it's raining or not. If photography is your passion then make sure you pay a visit here – you won’t regret it!

Passage Choiseuil

Paris location for taking photos in the rain at Passage Choiseuil

Passage Choiseuil is a great spot to get some amazing shots in Paris during a rain shower. It's the perfect combination of indoor and outdoor elements, with beautiful architecture that offers plenty of creative opportunities. Here are four reasons why Passage Choiseuil should be at the top of your list for taking photos if it rains in Paris:

1) The unique atmosphere: As soon as you enter this historic passage, you'll find yourself surrounded by traditional French elegance. Its glass roof creates an interesting contrast between light and dark, making it ideal for capturing moody images.

2) Creative perspectives: Being indoors will give you access to angles which can’t be found outside – You'll have to look up to capture all the intricate details on the ceiling or down onto the pavement below for something different.

3) Plenty of options: There are numerous shops inside Passage Choiseuil so you won't run out of ideas when shooting there! From luxury stores selling high-end clothing items, to vintage bookstores filled with old books and antiques - whatever aesthetic you're going for, this place has it.

4) An escape from the rain: If you want to take a break from being outside in rainy weather, then this is definitely the right spot! With its warm lighting and cozy atmosphere, it will make any photo session extremely enjoyable even while raining outside.

Passage Choiseul has been around since 1826 and remains one of the most charming spots in Paris today - so why not explore what this incredible place has to offer? Whether exploring alone or bringing along friends, time spent here is sure to result in some memorable captures that you'll cherish forever.

Passage Des Panoramas

Paris location for taking photos in the rain at Passage Des Panoramas

The Passage des Panoramas is a unique and beautiful place for capturing the essence of Paris in the rain. It's one of the oldest commercial passageways in Paris, with its roots tracing back as far as 1799! Its iconic glass-covered ceiling makes for an amazing backdrop against whatever weather might be happening outside.

You can find all sorts of quaint shops and eateries here, so you’ll never run out of interesting things to explore while taking your photographs. Whether it’s a cozy cafe or a vintage bookstore that catches your eye, you'll certainly have plenty of photogenic scenes available to choose from. Plus, don't forget about the charming street art which helps bring this historic passage to life.

Overall, the Passage des Panoramas provides an ideal spot to take pictures on even the rainiest days in Paris. With its fascinating history and abundance of photo opportunities, it's truly one destination not to miss when visiting the City of Lights!


The Parisian rain can be a blessing in disguise for photographers, especially if you're seeking inspiration for capturing the enchanting moments of Paris in the rain. With the right locations, you have the opportunity to capture the city's beauty and atmosphere even when it rains. From taking photos of stunning views from Pont de Bir Hakeim or Palais Galliera to capturing candid moments at cafes or covered passages, there are plenty of great options available. Even though the Louvre Museum may not seem like an obvious choice during rainy weather, there are still opportunities to take unique shots indoors with its many passageways and galleries.

No matter what kind of photography style you prefer, whether it’s outdoor landscapes or indoor portraits, Paris has something special to offer even on days that aren't sunny. The next time you find yourself stuck inside due to bad weather, don’t despair—just grab your camera and head out into this beautiful city! Who knows? You might just come away with some amazing photographs that wouldn’t have been possible without the rain!

Whether you're a professional photographer or amateur enthusiast, these best locations for taking photos in Paris if it rains will give you plenty of inspiration and photographic possibilities no matter what type of images you want to create! So why wait until the sun comes out? Get creative and enjoy all that Paris has to offer – rain or shine!


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