Dancing with her - Bim & Vy's Wedding

It takes 10 years to start real life. Not every LGBT couple can easily get together and have a legal wedding in their home country. Bim & Vy is a couple from Vietnam, where the same sex wedding is not yet accepted by the law. It took Bim & Vy 10 years to have a simple but meaningful wedding in France. It took up to 10 years for them to have the day they always dreamed of. About the couple, Vy and Bim knew each other while they were still living in Vietnam. Due to cultural and legal conditions, they wanted to find a place where they were welcome and had a better life.

Bim and Vy later lived apart temporarily when Vy left Vietnam and went to Paris, France to look for a job. She chose France because it is one of the countries open to the LGBT community. Vy travels back and forth between France and Vietnam to meet her lover every year. After years of work, Vy gains French citizenship and may be able to bring her other half to France and have a proper and legally accepted wedding in Paris. And moreover, they can start a new life in France, a new chapter more colorful and meaningful to them.

I feel so lucky to take wedding photos for that Bim & Vy, the event they've been waiting for for 10 years. And what makes me most admired is their love, because it is the great love, loyal to help them overcome all difficulties to get together.

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