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Home wedding ideas form the backyard wedding of Emily & Eddy

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Home wedding in Paris

Having your wedding at home provides you with endless opportunities to customize your wedding to your preferences. Here are some home wedding ideas you can use to plan your special day.

Wedding at home – why not?

Having your wedding at home can be a wonderful experience. While having an at-home wedding does reduce wedding costs because you don’t need to pay for a venue, there are many other reasons to have a wedding at home. A home wedding is fully customizable to your preferences. You can make the decorations and flowers bouquets yourself or with friends to save extra money and add a personal touch. You can choose any theme, and your wedding can be as casual or formal as you chose it to be. If you have pets, you can easily include them in your wedding, unlike at a venue. Another benefit to having a home wedding is that you get to create your wedding memories in your own space, where you already have special memories. So, why not have your wedding at home!

How to host a wedding at home

Hosting a wedding at home may seem like an easy task, but there is still a lot of planning that needs to be done. First, you need to decide whether you want to host your wedding inside your home or in the backyard. Then, you will need to plan your guest list. Be realistic about how many guests you can comfortably fit into your wedding space and plan the logistics for where people will be seated or stand or where they will use the restroom. As a courtesy, let your neighbors know that you will have your wedding at home and that there will be some extra noise and more cars parked on the street.

Home wedding ideas

Since at-home weddings are fully customizable, home wedding ideas are endless. You can make your wedding decorations at home. If you are having a casual wedding, you don’t need your decorations to be high-end. If you are hosting a reception, you will need food. For an at-home wedding, you could have food catered, hire a food truck, make it a potluck, or even cook your own food to serve ahead of time. The options are endless. Also, make sure to have a dessert or candy table to satisfy your guests' sweet tooths. If you need music, you can hire a DJ or even make a wedding playlist yourself. Your guests will also need a place to sit and eat if you will serve food. You can rent tables, chairs, and tablecloths easily through local party stores. Or, you can collect secondhand unique chairs and tablecloths.

Backyard wedding at home

If you chose to have a backyard wedding, a little more preparation might be needed. Depending on the weather, you may need to purchase portable heaters if it is cold or fans and pop-up shade if it is hot. Your backyard might provide a garden, trees, or back into a forest, so you do not need to have as many wedding decorations. Some fun entertainment options for a backyard wedding can be having a lawn game, renting a photo booth, or even building a dance floor.

Let's check out how Emily & Mark have their backyard wedding at home.


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