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Paris Photography Mini Session

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

What is a mini session?

Typically, a mini session is a short photography session lasting 10-15 minutes. It's like a small bite of a cake so you can get 3-5 professional photographs in a short time.

When should you choose a Paris photography Mini Session

- You like to have some pictures for holiday cards, family announcements or just some professional photos with the Eiffel tower to share with friends.

- Your time to visit Paris is only a few hours. Every minutes in Paris is counted and there are a lot of activities you want to try in the city. Let have a mini session.

- You want to get some experience of having a professional photoshoot in Paris. It will keep you a taste of how it likes when working with our photographer.

What can you expect from a Paris photography mini session:

- 10-15 minutes long. Is that too short? Yes, that's why we call it a mini session photoshoot.

- Location: Eiffel Tower, Place du Trocadero.

- The time and date will be chosen by our Paris photographer.

- Include 3-5 professional photos chose out from a gallery from 10-15 photos. Additional photos are available to buy.

How to book a Paris photography mini-session

- First, please send us a message to tell us about the time you visit in Paris. We suggest you should send inquiry at least a month in advance.

- Our team will check the schedule and find you the best time slot.

- After we agree on the time, you will receive a link to finalize your booking.

- That's it. So simple, right?

Don't hesitate to contact us and schedule for you mini session photoshoot in Paris.


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