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A Ceremony Worth Waiting for at Paris City Hall

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Mairie du 20ᵉ arrondissement de Paris

One of Paris’s most beautiful public buildings is Mairie du 20ᵉ arrondissement de Paris. It’s part of what makes it the ideal location for couples to have a civil ceremony. The building has all of the storied beauty that Paris is known for while being located in an area that is laid back and trendy making it the perfect combination of historical and modern. The building’s exterior, interior and its grounds make the perfect backdrop for wedding photos that are truly unforgettable. It is the perfect location for young couples who value style, beauty, and history on their wedding day.

Ursula and Vincenzo had a civil ceremony I’ll never forget at Mairie du 20ᵉ in Paris. Their celebration was so vibrant that it rivaled some of the large hundred person receptions I have been a part of. They were the dictionary definition of a couple who brings the party wherever they go. Sometimes, a ceremony at a public location where other couples are also getting wed means waiting, and Ursula and Vincenzo’s joy and fun during that time showed just why they’re the perfect fit for each other. They were giddy as they waited outside for their chance to be wed.

After the ceremony, they danced the afternoon away to live music with their loved ones and other newlyweds that they now share a wedding anniversary with. Their happiness and joy was contagious as public onlookers joined in with the dancing and festivities. The two created a party in a way that I’ve never seen before in all my years as a wedding photographer in Paris. Congratulations to the fun-loving couple and thank you for sharing a wedding celebration that was truly unforgettable. May joy and laughter last you a lifetime.


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