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Paris Wedding Photos Oki & Quentin

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

It is truly a joy to work with couples whose love transcends adversity. LGBT couples are a reminder to me that love is love, that it is worth fighting for, and that it is beautiful in every way that it shows up. It is a privilege to work with couples of all kinds as it is always a reminder of how important it is to be there for our loved ones. This is one of the many things that makes being a wedding photographer so rewarding.

An intimate wedding ceremony is ideal for some engaged couples. That was the case with Oki and Quantin, a same sex couple from Paris. The two wed with a small group of their closest loved ones in attendance at city hall. The grooms and their guests were perfectly coolly coordinated. The grooms wore complimentary shades of blue while guests were adorned in whites, creams, grays, greens, and blues creating a subdued but noticeable color palette for their day. Their civil ceremony was a touching and cheerful celebration of their love.

To go along with images of their official union, the couple requested a reception shoot at the Louvre and Tuileries Garden, two Parisian icons that are world renowned for their beauty. The Louvre is the world’s most-visited museum as well as a historic landmark and the Tuileries Garden is located between the magnificent museum and the Place de la Concorde. Some of my favorite shots of the day are the group photos of the newlyweds with their wedding attendants, 4 couples themselves. With a support system like this, Oki and Quentin’s union is sure to last the test of time. Congratulations you two! Thank you and your guests for being such a brilliant display of love and support to one another. It was a pleasure to be your wedding day photographer.


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