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Snow in Paris 2024

Updated: Jan 29

snow in paris 2021

Well, perhaps this is the most anticipated day by Parisians in winter, it is a snowy day in Paris. My Canadian friends laughed at me when I talked about how happy I was when it snows. But it doesn't matter. Those who live in Paris for a long time will definitely enjoy a few hours of the city under the snow.

Snow in Paris is something I look forward to very much in this winter. These are the images I captured within 2 hours wandering the favorite streets on the first snowy day in Paris in 2024.

snow in paris 2021 montmartre
snow in paris 2021
snow in paris 2021 black and white photo

snow in paris 2021 photo at montmartre

Does It Snow In Paris?

Yes, Paris does snow every year, but extremely little, yes, I repeat extremely little both in quantity and in time.

snow in paris 2021 la maison rose

first snow in paris in 2021 le consulat

When does it snow in Paris?

Usually January and February every year. The last time I saw heavy snowfall was in February 2018. At that time the city was covered in white under the snow and the view of the city at that time was wonderful.

Snow in paris
snow in paris montmartre
snow in paris 2021
snow in paris 2021
snow in paris 2021

How often does it snow in Paris?

Not very often, of course. Whenever the temperature drops to around 0 degrees Celsius, I hang up my phone to check if it snows in the coming days. Chance of snow in Paris, I think, only about 20-30%. Even on very cold days, the likelihood of getting snow is very low, probably because there is a lot of traffic in a city, temperatures are often higher than in the suburbs.

snow in paris eiffel tower 2021
snow at eiffel tower paris
snow in paris eiffel tower black and white photo

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