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Updated: Jun 11, 2021


Photos are valuable family treasures. When your family spend holiday together or there is an important event, having a family photoshoot will always be a good idea. And to achieve the best outcome that would remind you of those sweet memories with your loved ones, professional photography is highly recommended. This article gives you the most useful tips to have a perfect family photoshoot.


To Create Memories

Time flies fast. It would be nice if you can create memories with your family members whenever you get a chance. When you do, be sure to capture those special moments by having a professional photoshoot. This will help you capture the changes as well as to create a timeline of important events.

To Document Growth

Raising a family is the dream of many people. It is fun, and it would be more fun if you get to document the growth of your family. Remember that kids grow really fast, and you would want to document their progress through a family photoshoot.

To Have Something to Show to Future Generations

During holidays, families and friends get together. Now, if you have been having family photoshoot, you will have something to show to your future generations. You can look back on past sweet memories. This will surely provide heartwarming feelings in the years to come.



Outdoor family photoshoot

Powerful Natural Light

In the world of photography, light is one of the most important elements. If you do an outdoor family photoshoot, you will be able to take advantage of the sunlight and enjoy all the natural light. You won't have to worry about low lighting since natural light provides sterile illumination, not to mention the contrast, texture, and atmosphere.

Unlimited Background Options

Needless to say, the outdoors offer unlimited background options, plus they are all-natural! You can go to the beach if you want the calm and blue waters in the background. You can also go to a park if you want to highlight the green grasses. The list can go on and on when it comes to the location.

Great Opportunity for Fun Family Events

While doing the outdoor family photoshoot, you and your loved ones can enjoy the beauty of nature, which is definitely fun and exciting. It would make an unforgettable excursion!

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Family photoshoot in studio

No Need to Worry About the Weather

One of the biggest advantages of indoor photography, or family photoshoot in studio is that there is no need to worry about the weather. You won't have to stress yourself out about the heavy rain or the scourging heat of the sun outside. The bottom line is, you are much safer doing a family photoshoot in a studio, especially if there are little kids involved. You can pull a great family photoshoot together no matter what the weather is.

Comfortable and Convenient

When doing a family photoshoot, it is important that you are comfortable, and this can easily be achieved in a studio. Why? Because you won't have to worry about the public watching you as you pose in front of the camera.

Studios are also equipped with air conditioning, bathrooms, dressing rooms, and other amenities that will certainly make everything more comfortable and convenient for you.

Controlled Environment

In a studio, you can definitely control important elements. For one, you won't have to deal with harsh weather. The photographer can also easily control the amount of lighting.



Find a Family photographer

This is the first and very important step. A professional family photographer is someone who not only has the ability to create amazing photos but also has good communication skills to give your family, especially the kids, a relaxed atmosphere during the shoot. They are the people who will make it easy for you to work with as a friend.

Pick a Great Location

The location matters a lot since it would be the backdrop of your family photoshoot. Decide whether you want to have it in the studio or outdoors. If you prefer doing it outside, look for a place with stunning scenery. It could also be a memorable spot.

Carefully Choose Your Outfits

The main thing when talking about outfits is that you should avoid being overly ‘matchy’. Pick a couple of colors and just have fun with the patterns and styles.

Rehearse If Needed

If you have time, rehearsing your poses would help a lot as well in achieving wonderful family portraits. You can make a list of all the stunts that you wish to do, too.

Brief Everyone

Since we are talking about a family photoshoot, children and babies will be involved, and like what we have said earlier, they could be the most challenging subject of a photo session. Teach them how to behave, especially the toddlers. But at the same time, allow them to be 'kids' as that would make great candid photos.

Rest Well

Depending on the location and the length of the session, a family photoshoot can be tiring, too. So before the big day, be sure to get enough rest. Have a full tummy and bring something to drink.


5 Tips for Family Portraits

Look Good

Family pictures, or any portraits for that matter, are meant to relive memories. Therefore, you would want to look as good as you can. Before you go to the studio, make sure that you take some touch up necessities with you. You can even hire a makeup artist if you wish to. How about the outfits? Check out this guide about What To Wear For A Family Photoshoot.

Relax and Be Comfortable

When doing a family photoshoot, especially for the very first time, you might feel anxious, or you might not know what to do. But you don't have to worry because your photographer will surely help you out. You have to loosen up, as that is the key to capturing the most wonderful family portraits.

Coordinate Colors

Sure, matching outfits are okay. But you know what's a lot better? Color coordinating! Let everybody in your family have their own style as long as they follow the color scheme.

Use Props

Props are a fantastic way to bring more fun to any photoshoot. You can bring your child's favorite toys or perhaps those pillows with your names on them. As much as possible, bring items that will help you and your family members interact and have fun, especially when aiming for candid shots.

Have Fun

Having fun plays a vital role when it comes to creating natural family portraits. Don't be afraid to laugh or let your kids be kids.


Tips for Family photoshoot with baby & newborn

Find a time to shoot that fits with your baby’s schedule

Doing a family photoshoot with a baby or newborn would definitely make the portraits look cuter. It highlights the new addition to the family. However, little kids can prove to be a challenging subject as well. It is essential that you know the best time of the day when your child is at its best.

The best time depends on the baby's age. But in general, the morning time is more favorable because babies tend to be a little fussy in the afternoon.

Be baby-ready before you start shooting

Babies and newborns will need feeding breaks throughout the session so be sure to pack some milk. You also need to bring some wipes and diapers, plus blankets and trash bags just in case. Remember, a full tummy and being cozy equals a successful photo session with babies.

Use toys or songs to catch your baby’s eye

When photo shooting with a baby or newborn, using toys to attract their attention would be a good idea. Don't hesitate to play silly behind the photographer so that you can catch your baby's eye, especially if you have a toy that is really attached to the child. Playing children's song in the background would be good, too. In fact, you can even sing yourself.

Don’t make the photoshoot too long

Family photoshoot involving babies usually last from 1 to 2 hours, depending on the number of participants. But you should not make it too long if you have a little child, because they can easily get fussy or irritated with the lights and flashes.


Outdoor family photoshoot ideas

Family photoshoot with dog

Dogs are one of the most popular pets in the world. So if you are doing a photoshoot, do not hesitate to include that fluffy member of your family. You can have candid photos like walking in the park with your dog, or perhaps your child petting your pup. You can bring props for the dog too like shades, hats, and other accessories.

Family photoshoot on bed

For natural and relaxed family photos, posing on the bed would be a great option. Each of you can lay on your stomach while giving your biggest smile. You can also lay next to each other, cuddle, or even act like you are having a pillow fight. That would be so much fun!

Family photoshoot in the rain

Although rain can bring panic to some people, great photos can actually be taken in the rain. It would be cute if you guys are wearing matching raincoats. You can also mix and match if you want to. Having umbrellas as props would be nice as well. Everybody can have fun playing in the rain while the photographer takes candid photos.

Family photoshoot at the park

Parks offer a unique backdrop, depending on the season. This is why they are the most popular location all year round. When doing a family photoshoot, this is the perfect place where you can just have your kids run around and be themselves while enjoying the surroundings. The photographer can then take this opportunity to take snap shots.

You can act as if you were walking side by side holding each other's hands. You can also simply sit comfortably on the grass or perhaps on a bench.

Family photoshoot at Disney world

Thinking about going to Disney World for a family vacation? You should take this opportunity to do a family photoshoot as well. Oh, that would really fun! With the castle and characters everywhere, you'd have the most magical backdrop.

Do you know what else would be cool? Have the kids look at Cinderella’s castle in awe while the photographer takes pictures from the back or on the side. All of you can also pose by the train station balcony overlooking Main Street.

Family photoshoot in fall

Fall is a great time to do an outdoor family photoshoot because of the vibrant colors. The weather is also perfect to take group pictures. You can probably have your photos taken at the corn maze or orchard. Just be yourself while your photographer takes a mixture of posed as well as candid photos.

Family photoshoot for Christmas

Everybody looks forward to the holiday season. Since it is winter, the snow would be the main backdrop, so don't hesitate to dress up in bright colors like green and red. If there's a giant Christmas tree somewhere, you guys can pose in front of it, too. You can also dress your son like a little Santa and have him walk on the streets.

Family photoshoot funny

Family portraits are not all about being too serious or doing the usual poses. You can act silly, too, and be funny. Try to do the jump shot while making funny faces as well. Or if you have two kids, one of them can hold a chalkboard that says "I love my sister.", while the other one says, "My brother is for sale.".

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