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It has been a while since the wedding of Pauline and Paul in the US but the rhythm of love stay still. When planning to visit Paris, the idea of making a collection of wedding photos again in the city of love keeps Pauline waking up during the night even if her friends thought she lost her mind. Life is a series of unexpected things and when receiving the call from her, Février Photography believes that sometimes kooky and sudden ideas can bring the most memorable frame and experiences. Pauline looks so elegant and noble, wowing us all in a white dress which is featured by exquisite floral motifs and lace sleeves while Paul is a true gentleman in love dressed by a tailor-made suit.

Crisp cool sunny days, crunchy leaves underfoot, the breath of the autumn leads them walking down the streets and sharing the best memories together while Alex, our Paris photographer silently captures their peaceful moments. More than just a normal photo shoot, right from the time this couple was asked to perform again the first dance at their wedding in the theme of Ed Sheeran's " Perfect" song, everything becomes perfectly matched with the combination of emotional melody, romantic scenes of Paris backdropped by Eiffel tower and rhythmic dance of Pauline & Paul. What could be better when the couple can live their big moment again, no worries, no stresses, just two of them sharing the passion, emotions, and happiness.

I found a love for me

Darling just dive right in

And follow my lead

Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet

I never knew you were the someone waiting for me

Fun Fact: after the photoshoot, the happiness and the love of Paul and Pauline inspired the team of Fevrier Photography and our photographer proposed the idea of shooting on the Metro Line 6 with the unique view of Eiffel Tower behind as they deserve to have one-of-a-kind frames in Paris.







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